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Basketball Team

I'm here to throw a curveball at everybody. Kind of like the first alley-oop I guess I should say. Every year we support our Chiefs. They impress sometimes and lose the rest of the season. We still...


Let's Get This Right

To start this off I am sorry of crushing any and everybodies dreams, but the Chiefs will not draft a QB at all in this draft. We just traded for Alex Smith. Got Chase Daniel as a back up and let's...


And Then There Were 3

And then there were 3. Well that means there is really only 3 draft options if we decide to keep the #1 overall pick. Well who are they you ask. Sharrif Floyd, Star Loutelelei, and of course the...


What Will We Do Now?

The Chiefs have pulled a "Stunner". (Cough Cough). Now the next are moves are very questionable. Do we resign Bowe and tag Albert. Branden Albert actually wants to be in KC. So why wouldn't we...


The Greatest Part About The OFFSEASON!

Guys please don't get mad because of somebody else's speculations and opinions. The greatest part about the offseason is being a fan and having debates about what should happen in the draft. I...


The Case for Chase Daniel

I know that the guy has only thrown 9 passes with 7 completions. This guy has been sitting behind one of the best Quarterbacks we have ever seen. He has neither thrown a pick or a touchdown in an...


No Foles, No Alex Smith, And No Matt Flynn So Now What?

Now that we basically have some confirmation that Nick Foles is staying in Philly with Chip Kelly. Chip Kelly was asked today about what he plans on doing with Nick Foles and he said he wants to...


Remember These Things About Ge(NO) Smith

I am a die heart Chiefs fan. I also watch a LOT!! of college football. Now lets all remember these things about Geno Smith. The New Era Pinstripe bowl game versus Syracuse. He threw 19 for 28 201...


Possibility Of Having 2 1st Round Picks

The chiefs might actually have a chance of having two first round picks. They could suffer though losing the first pick of the 2nd round. It would be worth it if they have there second pick in...


Let's talk About the potential QB draft

Let's start off with there is obviously a number 1 QB out there. For those who don't agree let me put it this way the number 1 QB out there is the one who will mesh with our team better, and who...


What Chiefs Should Do This Offseason!!!

http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=nfl+draft+2013&FORM=HDRSC2#view=detail&id=42FF0A836B792BF49207467CBA00C3BCE3030364&selectedIndex=0 First off I'm going to name the chiefs needs as if...

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