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The NFL's new underclassmen immigration policy

Why would the NFL want fewer underclassmen?

NFL Top-100 List: The joys of ranking players

Players and fans have weighed in on the NFL's very best. What do the results suggest?

Picks versus Picks

The most ridiculously delicious styles-make-fights matchup I've seen since I started paying real attention to football.

Reviewing the 49ers, previewing the Seahawks

Can anything be learned from San Francisco's victory over Carolina?

The All-22: Saints Review & Seahawks Preview

A few things reviewing the Saints' victory over the Eagles...

All-22 Offense Review: What happened?

Some notes on Seattle's offensive struggles and Arizona's defensive performance. A subtle tale of two halves despite no disparate statistical results.

49ers Billboard Near Clink Funded


If I told you a group of 49er fans crowdsourced funding for a billboard near CenturyLink Field in Seattle, and you immediately were compelled to make a joke about it by coming up with the most pathetic content you could conceive, you are correct. Yep. Really.

Building around a quarterback

Mike Sando posed an interesting scenario last week that asked you to pick five players to build an NFL franchise around. Then Cian Fahey reframed it as an even more interesting discussion: take a...

Potential Playbook Installments: Quinn's Monster

This defense will be different. But nothing we haven't seen before. The Modern Prometheus, if you will.

Potential Playbook Installments-Mitigating JJ Watt

Seattle enters training camp with a competition at Right Guard, and a road game to Houston a month later. What might they do?


Predraft Writeup on Justin Hunter

Howdy, Miracles, Seahawk fan here that thinks you may appreciate some more Justin Hunter information. It seems most of you guys are fairly excited and optimistic about him, mostly satisfied with...

In search of accuracy in scouting

The play-by-play read simply, "Tyler Bray pass incomplete." Something was missing, especially if the wideout's reported mental lapses were to be corroborated.


A whole lotta escapin'.

Defending the zone read option

Still, Washington and Seattle have made quite a splash this year, making a college tactic work in the NFL when so many doubted its viability. Now that its proven viable, we wonder about its...


Ask/Make Fun of Field Gulls!

Didn't feel like playing 'Double or Nothing'? Inglorious Nation of Niners, you had to ruin it for us, didn't you? Probably cared more about strangling Seattle's chances for the division title than...


What's up with the run defense?

What's up with the run defense? Closer study from multiple angles suggests several minor things. First, the good news. Run defense holds the weakest correlation to winning. Weaker than penalty...


Bit-o-fun with FO numbers

Silver lining kind of stuff. So Seattle is now graded by FO as playing 20.3% ball. Good for an ordinal ranking of 9th. Not bad. But their VOA grade is 8.2%. Wow! That's not nearly as good. A 12.1%...

Belichick + Chip Kelly = Blitzkrieg


Catch a glimpse of the Patriots' new ultrafast no huddle? Well look where it came from, in part. This is a special article, a must-read.


Cognitive Dissonance

Maybe the most inspirational part of this crazy outcome is seeing the outpouring of support from fans of every team, posting at Acme Packing Company. There is a landslide consensus that the...


Ask Field Gulls

Gorgonzola. Gotta be gorgonzola. You guys like cheese jokes, right? Of course you do. You also like talking about football and it's been 4 days since you beat the Bears, so I know you're ready for...

Week 1 VOA comes out OKish


The projection for Seattle still comes out quite bearish, and the total VOA output is still below 0%, but only barely. It's substantially higher than Arizona's, as well, which is kind of a puzzler to me. I can see some remaining reasons for concern for them, and reasons for optimism for us, but I didn't think Seattle outplayed them to that kind of significance. I guess it's the special teams performance that separates them.


Comparative Experience: Matt Flynn & Russell Wilson

In one of the deeper subthreads, I saw some discussion about the QBs' college experience. I knew Matt Flynn wasn't a 4-year starter, and that wasn't particularly significant for me. But looking...


Seahawks Tuesday Training Camp Report

My first visit to training camp was today. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. I'll go again on Saturday, but that one's for the kids, so I won't be able to provide more than general impressions. I...


The Art of Football: Passing Game Tactics

"The best plan lasts until the first arrow leaves the bow." - Matrim Cauthon, in The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan Strategy is nothing without tactics. Tactics are fruitless without strategy....

Passing game tactics: Patriots-heavy analysis


Hey, folks, I wrote this on the SBN Seahawks blog, and it ended up having a lot of Patriot analysis, so I thought you guys might be interested to read it. I'd be interested to hear any feedback. Thx.


Late Start QB Stat Visualizations

Note: I wrote this in January, before the playoffs were over, before GB was eliminated, before we signed Matt Flynn, after I did a small tape study & posted the results. I ended up never posting...

Schneider Quoted: 12th pick down to 2 prospects


See also, analysis at Seahawks Draft Blog. Saw this earlier this morning, was too busy to even finish reading, so I thoroughly expected to see a good discussion going, here, and kina surprised it hasn't come up.

Damn, Saints. First Bounties, Now Eavesdropping?


Just an allegation at the moment. But given how uncommon and difficult it is for allegations to be "1,000 percent false," it sounds like something the team has to be worried about. Own worst enemy.

Ruskell on the Anatomy of a Draft Day Trade


I suppose his pro personnel prospects have dried up? Because he's getting into the media side of things. Going the way of Charlie Casserly. I mean I'm sure he could get some kind of job in personnel, something other than a director, if he wanted to, but this looks like the way he's headed. Anyway it's an interesting peek at things. Funny, tho, how he mentions teams passing on Rodgers because they weren't prepared, didn't anticipate that, and didn't say anything along the lines of, "and that included us."

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