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2011 QB: Just-drafted prospects to consider trading for.

Just fodder for discussion.  If Carolina picks first and Luck declares, they may take him.  Jimmy Clausen may become available in a trade.  Who'd be open to that?  About how much do you think he'd...

Rang goes higher on Luck


I actually didn't know Luck was this highly regarded. I just knew he had a good arm and was sposeda be Peyton-cerebral. And as a sophomore, I wondered if views on his performances, his potential as a prospect, were elevated by the assumption that he'd be even better next year and the next. I don't watch college ball, so I haven't checked him out.


This is the Saints offense

I've been scouting the Saints this week, in stats and in film.  I watched their most recent matchups.  Carolina who knows them, and Pittsburgh who is good.  I saw the Steelers game live, and went...

Will Carroll/Schneider Personnel Strategy Trend?


The Redskins are cycling through talented former players now.

Looks like we worked out DT Hollis Thomas


I would kind of prefer we stay away from PED guys. But we looked.

3-4 defenses part of O-line "prototype" evolution


Interesting reponse by Carroll at the bottom of this post. Facing a lot of 3-4s and wants to have more strength to hold up against them.

Gonna miss Dan Quinn when he makes head coach in a couple years.


Red Bryant, 2nd in the league in WPA & EPA for DEs. Chris Clemons close behind, so tip of the hat to Carroll and Schneider as well. The moves are succeeding so far.

So apparently Whitehurst relayed play calls


From Norv to Rivers. Rivers even said Charlie's voice was what he heard in his helmet. I just wonder, why? I don't see the value in it. Potential to mess it up, but what value? I don't get it. Or maybe they were just polishing an asset up a little more for extra trade value, I dunno.

Playbook: 49ers vs. Seahawks (Video)


The highlight clips they use for their rookie linemen both feature Mike Iupati not looking impressive.


Seahawks lose popularity contest

No surprise. Also both burst and validates the East Coast Bias bubble. Burst because teams that are good, with likable or remarkable star players, a buzz, or a controversy, can get a lot of...

PFT also picking up on Terrill being cut


No details, very early. Not exactly a far fetched scenario though. A Seahawk being cut, can you imagine?

Crayton to Chargers for 7th Rounder


Minnesota is going to get Housh or VJax, and today, I wager.

Bates on Backfield


Kinda interesting. Base package is 2 backs. Fullbacks will be used. With the known 2TE propensity, I don't like what this suggests for the wideouts


Danny O'Neil: Okung "By the Numbers"

The Okung deal and hold out is more interesting than I thought.  We were notified as benchmark contracts for Williams, Berry & Haden came in, and the imaginary slot system a lot of us seem to...

Force, don't let this be prophetic!


If the sideline shot of Mora is, then we'll know we're in some kind of Lost-inspired ABC scoft-fi drama.


Daft Hawks

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger:  'member all that hubbub about strength & conditioning coach Chris Carlisle? The recent talk around Seahawks headquarters has been centering on the incredible...


Pics of Cowboys Draft Board Leaked

Initial post, on Bloggingtheboys here. Better shot. Other shot.  Not readable but shows the depth of each tier of prospects. Has McCoy over Suh.  Maybe it's the Sooner thing.  Jerry always seems to...

Fluff on Schneider the Drafter


Some interesting bits in there. Prides himself on trading down, apparently. Using the grading scale that Ruskell used -- happen to be using the same one, or "kept" what Ruskell used, which is how it sounds? Dunno. We'll see in a day. And the next. And then the next day. And then wait years to see how it turned out.

Rumor: Cowboys Trade W/SF to 13, take Earl Thomas


Really nothing comment-worthy, but worth passing on as it would have 14th pick implications.



The elephant has been spotted in Seattle, though -- while Danny O'Neil is making the same connections to Curry we are -- his wording didn't indicate Curry's actually been lined up in it, yet. Chris Clemons and Nick Reed were, tho.


Wanna Read Some Steve Kelley?

No?  Well what if I told you he had one of the more recent discussions with Pete Carroll, and there just might be some tidbits in there? Still no?  OK, then.  Let me just drop a few Carroll quotes...

So Scot McCloughan is out in SF


Been hearing about this since last night. Sounds like it's done. Some personal matter. Probably an argument about whether the Seahawk trades this week can be assessed as bad or if they'll have to wait to see how they pan out before passing judgment.

Glorious Non-Mistake Made by Seahawks!!!


Defensive end Dwan Edwards visited the Broncos and Seahawks before signing a four-year contract with the Bills, but he never got a contract offer from them because of failed physicals.


Q/PM's Strategy

This is complete, unfounded speculation, but, I think, well rationalized.  This is what I think they are doing, and will do.  I don't endorse it.  I am substantially disappointed by it.  This has...

Ruvell Martin is now ours


Schneider's working his connections. Weakening division opponents. Baker, Martin, the FAs are pouring in, now! On a side note, should/does the interest, assessment, and pursuit of offensive skill position players, and no real movement on linemen or many defensive players tell us anything about Carroll's assessment of the team?


Carroll Interview with Mitch: Encouraging

Had the fortune on my late drive in to work today to hear the whole Pete Carroll interview on KJR this morning. Someone can probably link to it, but I just got in, and I'm "really pumped up."  This...

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