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Carroll Interview with Mitch: Encouraging

Had the fortune on my late drive in to work today to hear the whole Pete Carroll interview on KJR this morning. Someone can probably link to it, but I just got in, and I'm "really pumped up."  This...

Almost Pressure


FO's QB hits for 2009. Tapp & Curry are among the top of the league in the stat, despite combining for 4 sacks this year. A better team would surely have made it easier to get more actual sacks and disrupted plays. Also keep in mind that this bad team led to its facing the 8th most passing attempts.

Ruskell's Motivation, To Sando


This can be spin, sure, but just makes more sense and makes me think he was still the right guy even more. A very good approach and helpful to the team even in departure, I appreciate that.


Back to Football: Decoding Garrett

Season feels lost, dunnit?  Well it probably is.  We're more likely to get blown out -- much more likely -- than we are to pull an upset, in Dallas. Still, I can conceive of the Cowboys playing...



and excuse. Seattle currently leads the league in Adjusted Games Lost by starters due to injury, through week 6. To be clear, this only counts games missed so far, not games known to be missed later (like Urlacher being on IR). (For comparison, we were close but didn't lead the league, in 2008, although counting offense only we far transcended anything else ever tracked by the stat) The hope? We're one of only 11 teams that don't have any impending AGL. Now, you and I know we won't get Walter, Locklear, Trufant, Tatupu, Hill and Sims back for Dallas. We know Lofa will be out, so come to think of it the impending thing is already wrong. But it serves to illustrate, the injuries *are* enough to make a significant impact on performance. After two years it starts to feel artificial, and there's no reason to start thinking no one else will get injured during the final 10 weeks, but those flashes of a team we think really can be pretty good, is still in there somewhere, and there's still a chance that it comes out this year.

Wow, Black+Blue Report


This is about the most fascinating BnB report ever, and not just because of the Seahawks notes. The Harvin, Boldin, Jenkins, Samuels and Odom bits are very insightful to both football and the human body.

I'm beyond done with "Bittersweet Symphony." Awful choice from the start. We need a new song. ...


I'm beyond done with "Bittersweet Symphony." Awful choice from the start. We need a new song. Who's with me?

Hurry Up! -- John, what are your thoughts?


Danny O'Neil wrote a story about Seattle using a hurry-up offense. Or no huddle, at least. To be honest, I didn't even notice it. To what extent have we been using it? Has it been as effective as he makes it out to be? Can you break down the effects it is making? How have teams been responding? How do you think it suits our personnel?

Week 2 DVOA


Seattle remains higher than most of us would probably anticipate. No opponent adjustments account for a good bit of that, though.


Reasons to live!

Defense None of this is adjusted for opponent, of course.  Offense looks better than you might think, too.  Hasselbeck, Jones, Spencer, Branch, Mebane, Tatupu, all have a good probability of...

1994 DVOA Commentary


Always look forward to when these come out. The most interesting part is the differential from top to bottom in DVOA and strength of schedule has gradually increased, from then til now. Schatz says seeing the trend, it's no surprise the first ever 16-0 and 0-16 teams happened these past two years, and then asked, why is this happening? I already commented in the thread there, that I figure it has to be league expansion. When was the last significant league expansion, prior to 1996? The Seahawks and Bucs? I don't know the answer, but in 7 years the league expanded by 4 teams, and since then we've had two roster expansions (and Polian is lobbying for another). I can't think of anything that comes close to the significance of expansion, in the raw numbers of run-pass ratio, high draft pick busts, or anything else.

Redding as run defense end the right call? Standing up Mebane in drills might be a little...


Redding as run defense end the right call? Standing up Mebane in drills might be a little encouraging in that regard


Football Outsiders Almanac 2009

Who's downloaded it?  Who's read it?  I dunno how much to disclose about it, since they only just released it and it's only $12 and you really should buy a copy, but I have this urgent, blaring...

Sando's NFC West All-Decade Team


Curious why he felt compelled to explain picking Warner over Hasselbeck, it's no contest to me, but pretty solid choices I'd say

The 5:20 Un-Funny


Gus Bradley was on KJR with Ian Furness on 5/20. Take a listen, and advance to approx. 5:20.


West Coast Defense: New Info

In talking about how Aaron Curry fits Seattle, coach Mora said this:  "We are a 4-3 team, but we play a lot of over defense, which means that we play with three linebackers off the ball." E...


Seahawks Addicts Defends Russell

Link I'm not nearly convinced.  I did see a dramatic increase in snaps with post safety coverage in 2008, particularly as the season weathered on -- dramatic for the Seahawks; it went from...

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