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Warriors conspiracy theory: The revenge of Nellie

[OK, for starters, I just want to say that I don't actually believe this, even though as far as I know, I made it up myself based on all available evidence as a means of explaining the disarray and...


Reality check: "potential" edition

OK, so the team stinks right now and I suspect that some of those voices who liked the Jax extension just a few weeks ago are now feeling the evil hangover that ridiculously poor front office...


Why the Warriors are Doomed: (Rowell edition)

As per some requests, I'm cutting and pasting this from the Jack signs extension... thread.   Dunno if it works better as its own thread or not, but here it is, unedited from the original: The...


Nature: Call for caution in PED testing

No doubt many of you have seen this already, an article in velonews reporting on commentary in Nature about problems with the current rather sorry state of testing procedures in athletic...


State of the Team and the Cap, post Maggette

We're still working with rumormill numbers, but as it appears that the cap is set at 58.68 mil, there's some real numbers to work with.  I'm hashing these out on the fly, so some things may be...


reality check: Where things stand

I don't actually expect 50% of the people posting to read this and pay attention, but to save some time for rebuttals to the numerous "we shouldas" that are going to flood in.   1 "We shoulda...


Draft hype and reality

Reality: 30 picks in the first round are lucky to turn into a couple of stars and a half dozen real difference makers, another handful of eventually acceptable, but never particularly memorable...


Trade Realities

Mock Trades and rumors are fine for what they are, but most run afoul when they ignore basic realities of NBAeconomics.  Most players have value, but this value is mitigated if not completely...


Iverson Reality Check (long winded version)

Yes, I know he's exciting.  Yes, I know he puts up points like no one's business.  No I do not think acquiring Iverson would be a good idea for one simple reason (paired with a verbose explaination...

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