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3 Things

1. What I'm confident in: Denver will be able to score. I expect that we get to the mid-20s minimum, and wouldn't be surprised if we hit thirty. I mean c'mon, I've watched this offense all year. On...


Ah, the Chargers.

You know this game makes you nervous. Not because you’re unsure that the Broncos can beat the Chargers. We all know they can because they have. And not because the Chargers can beat the Broncos....


From an Honest Broncos Fan

Like the rest of you, I'm excited for this game against the Chiefs. Denver has as good a team as we've had since Elway and Co. went back to back. In my excitement I've been paying pretty close...

M&M Connection


Just 'cause...

Barkley Heading back to USC


The Broncos weren't in the top QB sweepstakes anymore, but this is still interesting in terms of draft scenarios and such.

Jags cut Garrard


Upgrade over Quinn? Just kidding...maybe...

Bears cut Chester Taylor


He didn't have a good year last year but showed he has some game with the Vikings. Worth talking to crew?

SI's Trotter on Orton/Tebow


Not a bad job of going through some of the subtleties of the situation.

SI Vault:: Broncos vs. Steelers in '77 Playoffs


Yeah, I dug this up because of the Paul Howard story on the front page :)

Scott Wright's Eval of Broncos Draft


NFL Draft Countdown is always slow with its evaluations, but Wright is always interesting to read.

Teams with QB issues and the lockout.


What's interesting is what team is not there. Wonder if Perloff thinks we are in a position to handle a long or short lockout with both a vet and a young guy available.


No Nonsense Mock

Round 1: Marcel Dareus DT Alabama             Honestly, I'd like to be able to trade back into the 5-8 range and take Nick Fairley. While I like Darius better because of his higher floor, Fairley...

Overview of today's legal stuff


Not bad on looking at the issues for today's court case


A Draft Fans Would Hate,

but would still make the team better. And before y'all go off on me and my ancestry keep in mind that this is a mock and mocks are as much a way to think about the team as to give our opinions...

Asking for a no BS assessment.

For the Broncos and their fans, this offseason is critical. McD left us in total disarray with questionable talent and only five draft picks in the upcoming. While four of those are in the first...


Back to Greeley?

With the talk out of Dove Valley about getting back to the Bronco Way and recapturing the team's culture of winning, I was wondering if any of you thought it might be a good idea for the Broncos...


Offseason Mock: A Different Approach

This one will almost certainly make some folks grouchy, but I wanted to throw it out there for the purposes of thinking about our team a little differently. The main assumptions in my approach to...

I know we like to bash Cutler,


but Dr. Tom Hackett says he could not have played with that injury.


A Question for the Draftniks

Is Nick Fairly really a better DT prospect than Marcell Dareus?


My Problem With the Hits Crackdown

More fines (including the weekly on the Steelers' Harrison) handed down by the NFL for dangerous hits. While this isn't a specific Broncos post, it certainly applies in that the Broncos are subject...


More Draft Analysis

Round #1  I’m on the fence with the 1st round, especially Thomas. I really like his potential. He has a very high ceiling. I think the comparisons to BMarsh are actually off. He's faster and a...


Wanting Doesn't Equal Having!

Ah, the NFL offseason. That magical time when all is possible and everyone's team will make miraculous choices that put them on the verge of Superbowl glory! With the exception of New Orleans and...


Broncos Brain Goulash

Been awhile since I posted much of anything, but I gotta download some thoughts. Most of this will be Broncos, though the occasional general NFL thought might slip in. As always, I apologize for my...


Just an Idea

  I really love MHR and truly appreciate the insight it provides into the Broncos and football in general. The regular features (and random brainstorms) by the staff always teach me new stuff. I...


My Brandon Marshall Scouting Report

Just wanted to give a look at BMarsh considering all the controversy surrounding him to get some discussion going regarding what he is or is not actually worth to the Broncos in both the short and...

Former Broncos go UFL


Both Nate Jackson and David Kircus were drafted by the UFL's Las Vegas franchise.


Critical Thinking and Performance Enhancing Drugs

  This is more of a general sports than Broncos specific post. Still, I think it's relevant in that it's unlikely that no Bronco is using performance enhancers to gain an edge, make the team or...

More doom 'n gloom from the national media.


It seems our 12th ranked rushing attack last year was an illusion. Anyhow, SI isn't impressed with the Broncos' backfield.

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