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Manu Provides New Year's Eve Fireworks

Coach Popovich got his 800th regular season win tonight. Longevity is a good thing, and so is continuity. Both Manu and Tim were quoted after the game as saying they were proud of their coach. Pop...

Gunnin' for the Griz'

Perfect season opener for the Spurs: chance to begin to avenge the playoff loss to Memphis. The house was packed with cheering Spurs fans wearing their silver and black. A giant spurs flag...

They're Back! And All's Right With the World

It was good to be back "home" tonight. There were smiles and hugs all around as people greeted each other: fans, ushers, security guards, ticket representatives, and players. I got to be in the...

We Didn't Start the Lockout


To the tune of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" the folks at Outside the Arc have come up with a lockout song. Lyrics are below the video, so sing along!

Manu Explains BRI in Buenos Aires Presentation


On Tuesday in Buenos Aires, Manu participated in the presentation of the 6th book on mathematics written by his friend, Adrian Paenza. Also present was the President of Argentina, Cristina...

China on the Lockout: Everyone's a Demon


China isn't taking the lockout well. Stern is called the demon of all demons, but they're none too kind to Hunter, either.

My Broken Heart - with Apologies and Thanks to A. Bartlett Giamatti


A baseball-loving friend reminded me today of the marvelous love-of-the-game writings of the late commissioner of baseball, Bart Giamatti (now there's a commissioner with a heart and a soul), and...


Just One Little Rant from One Big Fan

My open letter to NBA owners, written as my way to deal with my disappointment this evening. And as I post it, I am wondering if Stern's absence today was part of the script. Now he can come...

It Had to Be the Hair! Argentina 80 - Brazil 75


The Biblical Samson's hair was cut and he lost his strength. Before the gold medal game in FIBA Americas, several players on the Brazilian team decided to cut their hair in what can best be...

It's Ginobili Time! Argentina 81 - Puerto Rico 79


We've all seen it - that look Manu gets on his face - the one that says "we are not going to lose this ball game." He got it in the third quarter against Puerto Rico, and he began to rain threes -...

Cream Rises to the Top: Argentina 84, Dominican Republic 58


The first half of this game was close, with Argentina ahead by 39 - 33, in spite of a 13 point second quarter by Manu. In the third quarter, the Dominicans closed to within 4 (51 - 47) with 2:43...

Minus Nocioni, Argentina Falls to Brazil 73 -71


Tiago Splitter is said to have decent footwork in the paint, but his best move of the night may have come as he was out-jumped on the opening tip by Andres Nocioni. A slight, subtle nudge with his...

It's Rainin' Threes, Hallelujah! Argentina 111 - Venezuela 93


I found myself putting new words to the old disco hit "It's Rainin' Men, Hallelujah!" during this game. Argentina bombarded Venezuela by making 18 of 28 three pointers (64%). The stats for 3's...

Manu & Scola Dance the Pick & Roll Tango


Argentina put on another defensive and offensive clinic today to defeat team Canada, 79 - 53. In the first half, Manu drove to the basket at will and ended with 14 points. After the break, he and...

Pretty? No, But Argentina Defeats Panama 90 -71


The Golden Generation looked a little tarnished in the first half against Panama, and trailed 38 - 39 at the half, mostly due to poor shooting by the boys in blue and white (37%). Panama, led by...

Manu Gets Goosebumps as the Crowd Cries for Argentina


Argentina went up against a tougher opponent in facing Puerto Rico. Both teams seemed a little tight in the beginning. Things threatened to get a little chippy in the early going. At one point...

Uruguay to Argentina: "You Had Me At Hello"


Argentina put a first-half beat-down on Uruguay before letting off on the throttle in the second half. This one was over at the four second mark - Manu snagged the opening tip and raced for a...

Paraguay's Game Plan Goes Awry: Argentina 84, Paraguay 52


NOTE: Updated Wednesday morning with a couple of links to video highlights - see below Arturo Alvarez, coach of Paraguay, was asked before the game if he had a plan to defeat Argentina. Yes, he had...

FIBA Americas Begins Tuesday


The FIBA Americas tournament kicks off on Tuesday with eight of the ten teams seeing action on the first day. The games are being played at the Polideportivo Islas Malvinas Stadium in Mar del...

Argentina Defeats Venezuela 77 - 73 at Historic Luna Park


Yep, that's Luna - translate "moon" - which is where the boys of the Golden Generation seemed to be playing tonight. Displaying good effort on defense in the first half, Argentina was aggressive...

In a Scola-led Third Quarter Assault, Argentina Defeats Uruguay, 77 - 50


After undergoing knee surgery at the end of the NBA season, Luis Scola had been putting in extra time in rehab. Some wondered if he would be 100% by the time the Tournament of the Americas rolls...

Argentina 90 - Venezuela 73 in a Game Scola Calls "More Real"


After doubling-up Venezuela on Sunday night, the boys of the Golden Generation encountered a more combative Venezuelan team in a rematch played Tuesday night in the city of Rosario. A slow first...

Manu and Friends Take Greivis and Pals to School 106 - 53


In what was supposed to be the toughest game of the four they have faced in getting ready for the FIBA Americas, Argentina walloped Venezuela. Before the game, Greivis Vasquez (of the Memphis...

Manu Against Cuba: 22 minutes, 25 points


Argentina defeated Cuba Friday evening 80 - 67 in an effort that Manu called "very good in the first half, very weak in the second." photo from Links to highlights are in the...

More Manu Video Highlights


Since basketball news is a little slow right now, here's a couple more Manu videos you might enjoy. The first one covers 2010-2011 highlights. Again, you will have to click on the links to view...

Achievement Unlocked: Total NBA Lockout Insanity


All I can say is "wow" - just "wow" - apparently some owners have lost touch with reality. Great read from Tom Ziller.

New on YouTube - Best Basketball Player in the World


Great new video on Manu that begins with the question: "What makes a legend?" I really like this one because it covers all aspects of his game. You will have to click on the URL to view it as I'm...

He's Alive and Well and Dunking on Paraguay


If you're like me, you need a Manu photo to help you make it through the summer. Here he dunks on a Paraguayan defender in a "friendly" just concluded in Salta, Argentina. Argentina won easily 82...

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