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A case for Marcin Gortat (to trade or not to trade)

via Since the end of last season, we've been having fan asking for a Gortat trade. Many have made several suggestions, ranging from salary dumping (i wonder why) to trading...


Getting Eric Gordon 102 (We've gone past 101 already)

As of right now, New Orleans said they haven't received an offer sheet from the Suns-Gordon which could mean there is something happening. What exactly that is, its a secret for now. Also, since...


The NBA Pre-requisite for Contention and The Suns Way Forward

For the pre-requisite for contention and how it concerns the Suns in the future, hit the jump. Wow! my first post in a long time... well, lets get to it With the Suns Season unofficially over...



We spent the whole summer convincing ourselves that we're good, many of us still keep saying we've only played a few games, but the truth is; these games follow a similar trend- horrible decisions...


The 2010/11 Suns

Its summer again and we are all here expecting something great despite the fact that we are expected to be a middle of the pack team because of the loss of “you know who”. Judging from the outcome...


The Phoenix Suns As It (was,) Is And Could Be (Part I)

We will be taking a look at our team "The Phoenix Suns" an what we were, are and can be. Every fan always want to know exactly how ggod their team is and the Phoenix Suns' fans are not excluded....


The Way Forward

As I have mentioned before and we all have seen, the main problem for the Suns is Defense. Most of which is in the backcourt which comprises of a "D-lacking" Steve Nash and an inconsistent and...


Eatting Ur Cake And Having It Back vs Eatting It And Buying Another One

The Suns as team is built for offense which would win games (on a good day), but the NBA season is a very long one and hence, there will be a lot of ups and downs.One thing with most of our guys...

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