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Dickey, the best!! On 60 minutes!!


Ummmmm.....Dickey the best!!! A great interview tonight on 60 minuets with an amazing man. And he's a Blue Jay!!

Filthy McNastyness


At 26 seconds of this video Drabek throws a pitch to Saltalamacchia that has absolutely crazy movement to it. I'm sure we all saw it, but I'm wondering, what was that pitch? Is it something new from Drabek? It looked like Salty thought it was going to hit him and then moved back over the plate. I wanna see more of these Kyle!! NOTE: My link didn't work perfectly, just click on the Drabek video below it.

John Lannan to be traded?


Anyone think the silent assassin will strike? What would you be willing to give up?


It has arrived. SI Baseball Preview

As an SI magazine subscriber, there are two days of the year that are filled with anticipation. I wait by the mailbox like a young child waiting at the base of the chimney for Santa Claus. The...

The List to End All Lists


Summary at 'Steal of Home' of all prospect lists combined to give a super list. Lots of Jays on here, but I can't help but notice we don't have to many rated really high.


What do we think of Colby now as spring training starts?

A discussion. I first started really reading this site after the Colby Rasmus trade last year. Everyone was ecstatic about the trade that's all we were talking about. I'm wondering. What do we...


Who would you hand pick?

Of all available mlb players, considering age, contract and production. If it were a perfect world, who would you put on the jays?

Here's looking at you kid: Travis Snider


From 'house of the bluebird' a nice look at Snider's situation this year.


Toronto Raptors Syndrome?

I am not a doctor (yet), but I think I may have diagnosed the Blue Jays with a mild case of Toronto Raptors syndrome. This is my first fanpost, so please be kind, but as a Canadian living in the US...



What about him as our left fielder? Any thoughts?

Rangers will sign Yu Darvish


So be it. Jays play the rangers first week of May.

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