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I'm as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth. Third-generation Jayhawk from Kansas City. Moved around a bit as a kid (and post-KU) but ended up in Texas. Been a Dallas resident for almost 15 years.

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A little KU bowl history - and uni note


Saw this 1961 Bluebonnet Bowl clip today - KU's first bowl win came 50 seasons ago. Check out the red numbers on the uniforms. Never noticed that before. Wonder if they were just for the bowl game or worn all year.

Crazy Billionaire Thinks Big 12 Can Be Saved - With A&M


No, this wasn't in The Onion. Boone Pickens: Big 12 isn't dead; Texas A&M ‘sobering up' "I think the Aggies are sobering up," Pickens told The Oklahoman.

The Geography of College Football Fans


Good stuff here - Dallas-Fort Worth has the No. 4 TV market for college football, Rutgers is No. 1 in NYC but has lots of competition, KU ranks 40th nationally and is one spot ahead of Okie State.

From the school that brought you EcoKat...


Those crazy women are trying to get rid of the EMAW slogan because it's sexist. First EcoKat and her left-wing light bulbs, now this.

Big 12 members hit by economic fallout


Interesting article here by's Andy Katz on the other side of the Big 12 shakeup - essentially that K-State and Mizzou (in addition to Baylor) have building projects and fundraising tied to the new Fox TV deal that's supposed to start in 2012-13. A&M's exit and the possible end of the league has them in limbo. Here's the money quote: "Who can you trust now? It's so unfortunate that it has come to this," said a source with knowledge of the Big 12's situation. "Everyone is working independently. No one is being straight with anyone anymore."

Big 12 asked Arkansas to the dance


And got a polite no thanks. They're just not into leaving the SEC. Big 12 referred to as a "failing conference" in the third paragraph. That's gotta make Beebe feel good.

New K-State mascot!


Say Hi to Eco-Cat. And try not to laugh.

College Football TV Roundtable


Solid stuff here from Stewart Mandel, Andy Staples and George Schroeder of Lots on ESPN and Craig James, including the notion that the four-letter network is blurring the lines between objective coverage and profitability with the deals it has signed with conferences and schools.

Longhorn Network Has First National Carrier


Verizon Fios steps up - just in time. The thing starts on Friday. Will be the only way you can see it on the first day.

No high school games on Longhorn Network


Ever - the NCAA just laid the hammer down.

Mack Brown: Longhorn Network 'a second full-time job'


Aggies can't stand the Longhorn Network. Mack Brown doesn't like it either. Apparently they get access to every practice, every meeting, every everything. And it's making poor ol' Mack Brown have to work two jobs instead of one.

Top ten worst BCS stadiums


According to Guess who checks in at No. 6?

Aggies fire another warning shot


If this is all true, aTm has made its points regarding the Longhorn Network and will leave if the demands aren't met. As long as they don't take other teams with them, I let 'em go. A nine-team league means you go back to four non-conference football games - and for KU, it's easier to get back to a bowl.

Nebraska says bye


Interesting post - not sure who Erin Sorensen is or whether this represents the views of Dr. Tom or Bo or anyone else. Sounds like Neb will miss beating KU and playing OU. But didn't we know that already?

Stamps' Cornish a man for all topics


Good profile on Jon Cornish and his varied interests away from football

Torbush retiring from coaching


Due to health reasons, Carl Torbush announced today he is retiring from the University of Kansas and college football. Torbush, who served as KU's defensive coordinator/linebackers coach, was recently diagnosed with low grade prostate cancer. He will be having surgery in the near future and expects a full recovery.

College Basketball's Top 25 Coaching Jobs


Another excellent post from the Lost Lettermen blog. KU is up there with its fellow bluebloods (although I think it's top three). Is Indiana still deserving of its place in the top 10? I don't think so.

Mark Turgeon to Maryland?


That's the rumor in College Station - he was expected to be in his office today and isn't. I know it's a move up - but also kind of wish he'd stay in our league.

U. of Nebraska-Lincoln Is Voted Out of Assn. of American Universities


Neb cited its AAU membership as a big reason why the Big Ten wanted to add it and why it had no business being in the Big 12. Not sure what the Leaders and Legends will have to say about this.

Source: Larranaga leaving George Mason for Miami


So says and Gary Parrish, anyway. Time to get the commemorative DVD ready - Frank is staying!

Big 12 announces deal with FOX Sports


It's for 13 years, assuming the league is around that long. Here's the best part: "When the agreement takes effect in the 2012-13 academic year, every Big 12 home football game will be broadcast on ABC, a FOX network, or by institutional platforms."

Miami columnist says Canes "foolish" for not hiring Martin


I'm sure this guy has great insight - I can't get past the hilarious photo of Martin.

Scot Pollard on leaving school early


Great stuff here from Pollard - especially his analysis of the five KU guys and whether they made the right decision.

Gillispie tries to get back in the game


Excellent read from Jason King of Yahoo Sports on Billy G's quest the last two years. Texas Tech would be crazy not to hire him.

As Longhorns Swoon, Coach Faces More Questions


Some excellent analysis on Slick Rick Barnes from the great Pete Thamel of the New York Times.

Tyshawn Taylor Suspended Indefinitely


It's stuff like this that will prevent the guys from playing in Houston in April

KU, KSU and Bevo TV


Some good perspective from Blair Kerkhoff on how KU and KSU should respond more aggressively to conference expansion and Bevo TV deal. I've said all along that KU would benefit from being in a conference with KSU and Mizzou, no matter who the other teams are. Might be wise to think of just sticking with Mizzou.


Bevo TV deal is done

Formal announcement coming this afternoon. It's for 20 years, $300 million. Despite what Dan Beebe wants you to believe, this is what kept the Little Big 12 together. There's no telling what can be...

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