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Born in Connecticut, raised in Philly, choose to live in Colorado.

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  • MLB Colorado Rockies
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The Beat Goes On

OK, we've had our fun for today with scandal and calls for the coach to be fired. Will something come of it? Maybe down the road, but for now, Bowlen says the coach still has a job; and no matter...


The Big If

I've been sitting back, watching things develop, and reading all the opinions and prognostications along the way. There is a fair share of optimism and reallism being thrown about. Most predictions...


How is Josh doing?

Josh is now in his second year. His first draft came a bit too soon for much preparation. This year is all on him, though 2012 will be the earliest you can really attatch a grade to this draft....


What would you do with #6 and #11

Should it happen to fall that way, and you're McX, what's your plan? With what your'e saving on Marshall's salary, is there anyone worth trying to make that one more step up for? Do you wait and...


Super Bowl Sunday

The holiday is upon us. Because of my job schedule during the week, my body has gotten into a habit, and I've been awake for far too long at this time of day. The pre game doesn't even start for...


Another exciting episode of "As the Broncos Turn"

It's been one helluva soap opera. This isn't some girly man soap opera where doctors and lawyers don't do any actual work, but spend their time chasing each others' wives and getting involved in...

New NFL logos

I saw this while checking Schefter's bi line. Page 2 has suggested some logo changes to reflect teams' performances. The Raiders' logo is priceless.


Random thoughts and points to ponder

Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house... The ol' lady was taking down decorations and vacuuming, and bored was the spouse. Hello, my name is Jay, and I'm a Broncos addict.


Blue Collar with orange pajamas: See!? They heard everything I said!

In my feeble, ill informed first attempt at a fan post, I made a few comments (complaints, actually) about some things I've noticed during this season. On thursday night, the Broncos proceeded to...


Blue collar with an orange heart: random opinions

Ahh, fandom. We all know that  "fan'' is short for "fanatic". Nowhere is that more true than on this site. The emotions poured into each post and comment is ever evident proof. I'm no less...

Bill Simmons NFL picks - ESPN

This obviously makes it to horsetracks, but the writeup on the Bears/Seahawks game needs to be shared: Bears (-2) over SEAHAWKS I received so many "Jay Cutler is the next Jeff George" e-mails these past three weeks that I'm going to have to run one just to stop the influx (from Tony in St. Louis): "Isn't Cutler the Jeff George of this era? He has it all: rocket arm, surly disposition, can turn a fan base against him at the drop of a hat. Will he impress one front office after another with his physical skills only to ultimately disappoint and move on after two years? Prediction: In 2022, a wheelchair-bound Al Davis signs balding, 39-year-old Jay Cutler to a two-year, $66 million contract with the Raiders. Then cuts him five days later." In other news, we need to come up with a phrase to describe those Awkward White Guy Plays like the one in which Matt Hasselbeck got injured last week. If you didn't see it, he scrambled out of the pocket, thought he might be able to scramble into the end zone, realized he couldn't -- uh-oh, Awkward White Guy Play coming up! -- then ended up lurching forward with a dive, only he looked like a wrapped-up corpse that was being tossed into the ocean by gangsters. THUD! So what do we call these moments? Does "Awkward White Guy Play" cover it? Could we did deeper with something like "Vanilla Pudding Play"? Or just a two-word thing like "Caucasianistically Challenged"? Or maybe just "Went honky on us"? I'd like to figure this out. In a related story, Hasselbeck cracked a rib and ushered in a few weeks of the Seneca Wallace Temp QB Era, or as it's better-known, "Ka-Ching."

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