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got a baseball recruit?


Blessed to say I will be playing baseball for and attending Penn State University. ⚾ Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way.

— Eric Mock⚾ (@mockaflocka16) June 15, 2014 twitter

David Taylor in Las Vegas Open Finals


I dont know if the Link works.... but the magic man is up against Jordan Burroughs in the Las Vegas Open finals tonight at 7pm Vegas time.

Tweaks to workout regimen


just some simple things.... shift in the schedule and stuff... classic Willie Green comment under the article....

for those going to Ireland


quartz link showing aggregate best times to buy plane tickets



ok I could be wrong.... but I think I 'pants'ed this kid in high school... LOL No Hair.. don't care fundraiser he put on a wig to get it shaved off for a $10 donation to THON... CJF just earned a couple of free passes with this... from me at least.



Meet the Penn State Football coaching staff tomorrow at 11 a.m.! Coming Soon: a streaming link for your front row view of the announcement.

— Penn State Football (@PennStateFball) January 23, 2014 twitter Penn State Football

Hey.. lets go help Chance Sorrell win this vote


PLEASE Penn State nation and friends vote for me at http://t.co/f9kUtAIYH7 I am under the tight ends. I

— Chance Sorrell (@Chanman158811) January 18, 2014 twitter

bob calls dave jones out


READ REACT: Bill O'Brien tells @MikeAndMike "Paterno People" article was inaccurate; says he had tons of #PennState fan support.

— PlaybookMark (@PlaybookMark) January 14, 2014 twitter

seriously... you knew stuff like this was coming


alabama fan's hot take on Nick Saban and why they lost....

Nice article on De'Andre Thompkins


"But I really feel like my freshman year I will be able to show everybody who I am as a person and not just say it being in some interview and some quotes. They’ll be like, ‘Hey, this guy means business. He’s out here to work hard.’

Carhartt making PSU gear


looks like I already know what I'm getting for christmas....


I have never been prouder....

I did a google search for "sack up and stab me" and BSD was the top 3 results.... our old offensive line was the second image returned on an image search... I wonder how stop sign and turnstile...

baublitz isnt coming back?


ICYMI yesterday, RS Jr DT Kyle Baublitz will be playing his final Beaver Stadium game Saturday, forgoing his final year of eligibility.

— Victory Bell Rings (@VictoryBellRing) November 17, 2013 twitter

Boilermaker special needs a mechanic in State college area


Turns out the train blew a hose or two on the road to State College.... if anyone knows someone that can help em...

Taylor, Brown had pretty good starts


Taylor majored #4 Moreno and Brown lost to #1 Howe by a riding time point.

Serious Recruits going to be at OSU-PSU game tomorrow


List of recruits going to the game tomorrow... How big would an upset be?


An Old Navy Buddy of mine will be at the Nebraska Game...

Unfortunately, he is a Nebraska fan. Normally i would bust my tail to go and proudly show off State College, but as a few of you know... it hasn't been a stellar year for me. I was hoping I could...

OK troy nunes is an absolute magician.... just one discussion... but


actually great great discussion... actual real people and good fans.... and when one person started to talk about IT, he got shouted down immediately.. and the shout down got turned green...

Why VA Tech is Elite...


instagram photo showing Virginia Tech Offer Letter..... written in Comic Sans.... edited to remove minor's name and address

33 most important bunny gifs on the internet


for reference - to be opened in case of troll

yahoo news about bombing... interesting comments


1st comment - Hope they get the right guy and not some poor scapegoat like Richard Jewell. Who the FBI tried to hang the Atlanta Olympic Park bombings on in 1996. The real bomber was Eric Rudolph but Jewell spent the rest of his life trying to clear his name and ruined reputation. Dying at the early age of 44 in 2007. Don't be so quick to judgement. Then someone mentioned Joe Paterno and media judgements... and the wrath of God was sent upon that person... How dare you compare an innocent man to Joe Paterno who condoned pedophilia... Ummm what?

stanford recruiting


hmmm looking for smart motivated scholar athletes who don't back away from a challenge.... sounds like someone finally noticed what we've been doing for 50 years..

your logical fallacy is...


A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning. Logical fallacies are like tricks or illusions of thought, and they're often very sneakily used by politicians and the media to fool people. Don't be fooled! This website has been designed to help you identify and call out dodgy logic wherever it may raise its ugly, incoherent head.

Iowa City Police Department - Enforcing A Higher Standard


Even the London Daily Mail is picking up this video... and comparing it to an action movie http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1003045/Police-force-action-movie-Hilariously-recruitment-video-Iowa-City-PD.html



emails from fired NCAA investigator has come to light... money quote on bottom of article "An Aug. 7 email from Najjar to Shapiro addressed the Penn State sanctions. "The Penn State deal is a travesty," he wrote. "The NCAA did not impose anything. Penn State agreed to and self-imposed the penalties, waved all due process and waived any right to appeal. The NCAA had/has NO authority to impose any penalties in that situation and PSU's president sold the school down the river!"

open letter to John Ziegler


by Ryan Beckler Kinda where I am right now... only actually understandable.. unlike what I normally write.

by Penn State truther...


ok we all know about the 'interview' monday. Gawker puts the head line as "NBC to air interview filmed by Penn State Truther"... Now everyone against the media viewpoint is painted with the same crazy brush as the 'birthers' and the Sandy Hook 'truthers'.... I preferred JoePa apologist and cultist... they didnt have quite the same 'crazy' connotation.



Look... I love Denard... and I celebrate his dedication to graduate but didnt every single one of out senior class already graduate?

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