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Players to be Excited About in 2014

The doldrums of the off-season are the worst, and we're right in the thick of them. Football-related news has slowed to less-than-a trickle, and weariness of the same rehashed topics has people...


Assessing the Draft: Context, Value, and Rationality

With the 2014 NFL Draft in the rearview and the next major event in the NFL off-season still a bit ahead of us, the only thing football fans are left to do is digest what transpired over the past...


Final Mock Draft, including UDFAs

Well, folks. This is it. We're getting dangerously close to the actual event, so I think it's high time I post the final mock draft. I've watched a lot more tape recently, and so my preferred...


Early, Mid/Late, and UDFA suggestions for every position of need

As we get closer to the actual event, we often seen an overflow of mock drafts. While mock drafts are fun and often enlightening, they generally only provide information on a very limited number of...


Pre-Draft Mock Draft: Multiple Suggestions for Each Round

Greetings, all! My previous iterations of these have gone over pretty well, so here's another installment. I've decided I may update this the week of the draft as a sort of last minute thing,...


Post-FA Mock Draft: Multiple Suggestions for Each Round

Entering free agency, the Colts had needs--true needs--all over the roster. They did not have anyone who could competently start at corner, running back, receiver, inside line backer, kicker,...


Should the Colts Really Draft Best Player Available? The Benefits of Value Over Alternative Drafting

TL;DR: The Colts can't just draft "BPA" When taking draft strategy, the common suggestion is "best player available at a position of need". I'm writing this FanPost to make a simple argument:...


(brand new!) Multiple pick suggestions for each round of the draft v 2.0

About a week and a half ago I wrote a post providing my take on who the Colts should select one each round of the draft. I offered up multiple choices for each round based on the needs of the team,...


(UPDATED) Multiple pick suggestions for each round of the draft

UPDATE: I've moved some players around on the list, including one major jump from a late round to an early round. I've also added a couple new players. Moves are denoted with an asterisk. So,...


Top 10 Most Coveted Draft Picks for 2014

Even though the season is still a few weeks away, I think it's never too early to begin discussing the offseason and the impending(ish) draft. I've decided to list the top 10 picks I covet most....


A 2014 Colts mock draft! (also some suggestions for current changes)

Ah yes, It's that time of year again. It's time to begin the talk of mock drafting! Also, you'll see below the draft a few suggested changes for the current team that might be fun for discussion....


Five Players on the Hot Seat Against the Giants

By now we all know how abysmal the Colts looked against the Bills this past Sunday. It was truly bad. As is the case most weeks of the pre- and regular season, however, there has been a plethora of...


2012 Rookie Class: Busts, Surprises, Positional Awards, Players to Watch, and the MVR

With the 2012 season long past and the 2013 season on the horizon (ohmigodohmigodohmigod), I thought now would be a good time to take a look at the rookies of 2012, both prospectively and...


Assessing (and ranking!) the post-draft state of each team, part 1

I've been wanting to write this for a good long while, but I've spent the past two weeks barricaded in my (metaphorical) office trying to grind out a thesis. I'm happy to report that as of...


The Dos and Don'ts of Critiquing Personnel Moves

Update: I'm not sure why there are some font oddities here. I can't change them for some reason. So, the draft ended yesterday and the dust is beginning to settle. In the wake of personnel move...


Undrafted Free Agents that are OFF the board

So, we're all a little puzzled by the Mr. Irrelevant selection. With Chase Thomas and Da'Rick Rogers still available, both of whom would fill a huge need, Grigson opted for a blocking TE. But we...


I'm rapidly losing faith in Ryan Grigson

I'm writing this quickly from my phone that doesn't auto correct, so apologies for any typos. I'm rapidly losing faith in Grigson. Bjoern Werner over one of the receivers and Xavier Rhodes?...


A humble suggestion for the 4th round

So far the Colts' draft has been solid if unexciting. Bjoern Werner should become a solid starter and Hugh Thorton is the manbeastliest of the manbeasts. Seriously Hugh Thorton (more like HUGE...


Please don't read this, it's another pointless 32-team mock draft.

Well, despite my warnings, you're here. Let's get started. Chiefs: Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M. Branden Albert, Alex Smith, talented roster, blah blah blah Glitter Kitties: Dion Jordan,...


Preparing for the Draft: Necessary Reaction GIFs

So, in case you hadn't heard, the draft is tomorrow (or today, if you're reading this on Thursday, or yesterday if you're reading this on Friday, or just about four and a half years ago if you're...


Really pleased with Stampede Blue

As many of us have seen recently, a fellow member of this terrible esteeemed blog posted a short rant about his displeasure with Stampede Blue's writers. His reasoning was along the lines of "dood...


Community mock draft results

Rounds one through three.


ATTENTION Community Draft participants and potential alternates! Please read!

So the thing I'm most excited about this week is the upcoming Community Draft. I was fortunate enough to see it before the spots were taken and was able to land the Bears. They don't have a 3rd...


Playing Devil's Advocate: Was signing DHB a bad move?

We got him. Great signing. Stoked. So excited. Such were the reactions in the comments section on Brad's article about the Colts signing Darrius Heyward-Bey. Given the qualities many of us have...


Has Ryan Grigson overpaid new signings, and does it matter?

In the wake of some questionably large contracts, there has been a lot of shock about Grigson's moves both on this blog and in the greater football world. After his brilliant performance last...


Well, the Colts have whiffed on some of the top names.

Scratch Paul Kruger (Browns, ~8 million/year), Louis Vasquez (~6 million/year), and Andy Levitre (~8 million/year) from your wish lists, folks. I'm not sure how I feel about this news. Obviously...


(Updated x3) Ryan Grigson is a terrible GM.

The league year began almost an hour ago and he still has signed ANYONE. I say we fire this chump and move on. But seriously though, I know we're all tremendously anxious for news regarding...


Short post: which Colts sophomore are you most anxious to see take the next step in 2013?

First off, I'm writing this on my phone, and ever since it upgraded from Android 4.0 to 4.1 it hasn't been autocorrecting. I apologize for any mispellings or typos. That said, I'm interested in...


Short post: How do we define "overpaid"

So, the period prior to free agency that allows, essentially, legal tampering is upon us. Between now and March 12th (4:00 pm New York time!), teams can talk with free-agents-to-be legally. We...


2013 Draft: Biggest bust potential

We are almost there. March 12th starts free agency, and then just about a month until the draft. By the end of April, we'll finally know who the Colts' new difference makers will be. With all...

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