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D-Day is upon us - time for a mock draft

Every year I do a last minute mock before the real draft, so I can see how my own talent evaluation system (codename: eyeballs) stacks up. This year, I've decided to put the guys in tiers, because...


Trading to Win Now

Maybe it's just my imagination, but there seems to be a growing consensus here, and perhaps around the league, that the Suns are more than a re-building team. As Dave pointed out, we're running a...


Derrick Rose available?

Mere weeks ago, Derrick Rose would have been on everyone's list of "untouchables" - players who no GM in their right mind would consider trading. The league's youngest MVP playing in the city he...


My Reactions to the Draft's Top 10

I realize grades aren't all that useful or informed, so rather than give traditional A-F grades, I'm going to give my reactions, rather than any kind of judgment on whether it was truly good or...


Day-of Mock Draft

I'm primarily doing this so I can compare my own take to what actually happens, but I figure it makes for good entertainment for the rest of you as well. My take on how this unfolds: 1. Cleveland...


Rookie of the Year Predictions

Come one, come all! Time for a(nother) Bright Side prediction game? Think you know the prospects in this year's draft? Put yourself on the record, and we can come back and visit this thread in a...


JaVale McGee - Embrace the Craziness

Me: I'd like to make a case for why the Suns should explore a trade to acquire JaVale McGee. Evil Doppelganger: Wait a minute? Is he available? M: Well... nobody's said he is, but Denver is...

Team Needs, Where to get younger

Let's assume that Ryan McDonough is serious when he says that it is NOT desirable to have multiple young guys at the same position. That he really believes it would stunt the growth of one/both of...


Trading for Jared Dudley, thoughts on wings in this year's draft

Hi All, Full Disclosure: I am a Suns fan. Most of my posts are on Bright Side of the Sun. Sadly, my Suns were awful this last season and are looking at a full rebuild right now. In the past, I...


Free Agents 2013

So here's the quick and dirty list of upcoming free agents. is there anybody we want on this list? PG Chris Paul Jose Calderon Jarrett Jack SG Manu Ginobili Kevin Martin Tony Allen ...

Mock: Alex Len to Suns? Karasev, Gobert top ten?

I can't seem to sleep tonight, so why the heck not? I'll give my pick based on position, and then thoughts on potential trades. 1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Nerlens Noel Noel and McLemore are the...


So, who do we want with Miami's #30 pick?

It seems like the Lakers aren't going to lose and give Utah a chance, so we're stuck with Miami's #30 pick, so it's time to start thinking about who will be available at the bottom of the 1st that...


2013 NBA Free Agents List

Is it time to start thinking about off-season acquisition yet? I think so. Below is a listing of players who will be free agents this summer, in rough order of how interesting I find them (aka no...

Jazz, Rockets, GS Remaining Skeds

So, the Lakers are currently sitting outside the playoff picture, but are coming on. There are 3 teams ahead of them they could feasibly catch. This post is a look at the schedules for those...


Suns Trade Watch

The firing of Alvin Gentry demonstrates that the front office has either (1) changed to a rebuilding agenda, or (2) is finally being honest about their rebuilding agenda. We should expect the Suns...


Has the line-up change worked?

A couple weeks ago, Alvin Gentry switched up his starting line-up, inserting Brown and Morris in place of Dudley and Scola. Athleticism in; intelligence to the bench. The Suns proceeded to win 2...


Nose for the Ball

Basketball is a game of three phases - offense, defense, and rebounding. Last year I wrote a post about that third phase - the phase where possession changes from one team to the other. And I...


The Effect of the New Luxury Tax

I'm sure by now, everyone here has heard (repeatedly) about how there's going to be a new luxury tax, about how it's going to be more "restrictive," how teams are going to be dying to shed salary,...


jc's Mock Draft (with trades!)

Everybody else is doing one, and I thought it would be fun. I'm not an expert on college players, but I follow NBA teams enough to have an idea what their needs and wants are. 1. New Orleans...


The Armchair GM's Lounge

I figured I'd put together something for all of us who like to play GM. First, it comes with a link to ESPN's trade machine, for all you notorious rosterbators: http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine S...


New Rosterbation Thread

The old rosterbation thread is old, and tired, and needs to be buried. It's full of crap ideas that were never meant to be taken seriously. And it makes me scroll down too much to look at the...

Andrew Bogut reported to be available


Latest trade rumors leading up to the deadline have Bogut as available, with the asking price being taking Stephen Jackson and draft picks/young players. It isn't too often franchise centers are available in free agency... should the Suns try to put together a package for Bogut, even though he probably will not play much this season?


Trade? Only for a game-changer

The more I see these trade scenarios and rumors, the more I'm coming to a certain conclusion - There's no point in trading for anybody who isn't an instant game-changer. You can't trade for a guy...


NOSE rankings by position

In case you didn't see my other post, I created a statistic which I call NOSE. I define the statistic thusly: NOSE = REB + STL + CHG - TO - (FGA - FGM) Essentially, then, this stat adds up all the...


Roll-Your-Own Statistics

If you aren't into statistics, this post probably isn't for you. I view basketball as a game of 3 phases - offense, defense, and rebounding. Today, I had some extra time, and decided to try and...


A Plan to Conbuild

Here at BSotS we have talented writers who spoon-feed us with information about our team - giving us the down low on their real world observations of our team dynamics and player attitudes. This...


Channing Frye: Elite Rebounder?

Frye has always had a reputation for being a bit "soft" for a center, or power forward (take your pick). And along with that, a reputation for being a poor rebounder/defender. The two go...


Let the PANIC commence!

A couple days ago, when we lost to one of the worst teams in basketball - the Hornets - by a single point, in an away game... That was not the moment to panic.


At least we aren't the Trailblazers...

Bummed out by no-name signings (like Sebastian Telfair)? Cheer up, at least we're not the Portland Trailblazers! Today in T-Blazer news: Brandon Roy announced he was going to retire for...


Two Paths Lie Before You (poll)

There are two paths that lie before the Suns. They must choose one. Now, I know you're thinking, "contend or rebuild," but that isn't really the choice at all. Like it or not, the answer to that...

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