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Nelson Cruz's Career Path


SI article on Nellie's career path. Hadn't seen that Alex Avila called him a "man-child" before.

Larry Dobrow on Texas/NY series


I'm a fan of this guy, he writes for CBS and Maxim. He's got a Yankee-centric view on his blog but, IMO, pretty funny.

NYT article on SF pitching


They say it's not all it's cracked up to be. I hope they're right.


Watching in Austin

Hey Austin LSBers. I'm going to watch the game tonight at Billy's on Burnet.  Come on by if you like.  It's at 2105 Hancock Dr. (78756) which is Hancock and Burnet. They've got a TV (and some...

Showalter to interview with Orioles


Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for the Orioles. I think this was mentioned during last night's tv broadcast, but I hadn't seen it linked here.

NYT article on SB Nation


Didn't realize AthleticsNation was the first SBN site.

Interview with Beane on Athletics Nation


This is the first part. He speaks highly of the Rangers. I found it interesting.


Yet Another Fantasy League - H2H

I started a free head to head league at called Lone Star Ballers.   Any LSBers are welcome to join, I think it will hold 10 teams total. I like H2H because I never learned Roto and...


What kind of contract will Chone Figgins get?

What a great player. I know the Rangers don't really have a place for him but amidst all the talk of resigning Marlon Byrd and thinking about what kind of contract he'll get, I was watching the A...


OT: Pixar Poll

I'm fascinated by Pixar.  The consistent high quality of the movies amazes me, especially given that so many people are involved in making them.  I just saw Up and thought to, they...

Sosa tested positive in 2003


NYT article says Sammy Sosa tested positive for steroids in 2003.


Where does it end?

106 games to go.  We're a little over 1/3 of the way through the season, and just off a good trip thru juggernaut-land.  We're at 33-23, so where do you think we end up?  My rosy pre-season...


Some Wash Negativity

I don't like the Jones/Cat move or the Benson/Feldman move, and not that Wash is making all the roster decisions, but my impression is that he pushed for both of these.  This just reinforces my...

Jeff Sues, Pirates prospect


Not that Sues is all the way back, but it seems so rare for someone to come back after rotator cuff surgery i thought it was notable. Believe this is what Hurley had.

Ponson arbitration hearing coming up.


Interesting. Didn't realize the Orioles might still have to pay Sir Sydney.


Sun Sentinel on Salty or MaxRam to Marlins

link In spite of Berardino's words to the contrary,  and MJH's prediction that something would get done with the Sox, IMO a trade with Florida could make a lot of sense for both sides. It would...


Red Sox Send Crisp to KC

Red  Sox  send Crisp to  KC for Ramirez Could this pave the way for a catcher for starting pitcher trade with Texas?   This would seem to make  Masterson more expendable or if they want Masterson...

Matt Stairs, LCS Hero


Nice to see the ex-Ranger have a great moment. Always like him when he was here. Way to go Matt.


ode to Yankee Stadium

This is a great article on a guy's memories from Yankee Stadium.  Haven't seen a more eloquent description about the difference between guys like A-Rod and guys like Bernie Williams.  Sad but...


NYT on Barry Zito

Good, and lengthy article in the NYT on Barry Zito and how the huge contract has changed his life and his ability to be an effective pitcher.  IMO one of the most fascinating things about sports,...


9 Starters

  I’ve had this idea for a while now, and a stat Josh Lewin threw out last night reminded me of it.  It concerned Sidney Ponson and how his effectiveness goes down as hitters faced him multiple...


Tampa Trib on Hamilton

Nice piece here in the Tampa Tribune about the reaction Hamilton got coming back to Tampa Bay.  Agree that those that booed are wrong.  If anything they should boo the GM and staff for not...

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