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Open Thread/Off Day SiS


Since there's no game tonight I figured you jokers would want something to talk about.


NBA Finals Game 7 Open Thread

Spurs at Heat, who ya got? I'll take Heat by nine or so, Lebron with a career-defining triple double and totally dominating performance. I think Duncan gave his final great performance in game 6...


SIS - Let's Get To Know Each Other Edition

It's that time of year again, where I ask for the intimate details of your sordid little lives so as to gain ammunition should we ever get into an argument. Erm, I mean, uh......I'm really...


St. Baldrick's 2013 is here!

Hey kids, how are ya? Want to raise money for a good cause and have a good time whilst meeting/hanging out with the legendary* jch and Madville in about two months? Of course you do! I'll be...

Hanley Ramirez's ninth inning AB from yesterday, and the madness that followed.


Hanley Ramirez's ninth inning AB from yesterday, and the madness that followed.


RIP supergrover

I hate to write this, but someone needs to. For those who have been wondering about supergrover, he lost his battle with cancer on June 29th. His family has asked that if you would like to make a...

Baseball And The F Word


Baseball Prospectus takes a look at every ballplayer's favorite word. Dusty even makes an appearance.

Lance Berkman Has Torn ACL, May Retire


I don't like the Cardinals but I've always been a fan of Fat Elvis, so this is sad news to me.

Bob Davidson Suspended One Game By MLB


Umpire Bob Davidson has been suspended one game by MLB for "repeated violations of the Office of the Commissioner's standards for situation handling", or in layman's terms, for being an ass. Please let Angel Hernandez and Joe West be in the crosshairs.

Here you go, kids. I cut out the interview part because they had killed the ballpark audio. You can...


Here you go, kids. I cut out the interview part because they had killed the ballpark audio. You can hear people start screaming in the first part and JD gets a little rattled, and you can pretty clearly hear the "Jim Day....Kills Giraffes" chant just before they go to break. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


tGIF - Back By Popular Demand!

Okay, maybe just by my demand......whatever. Anyway, let's get this party started right shall we? I do the very same thing every time I get out of the shower. This can serve as an open thread...

Don't Call It A Comeback, They Been Here For 104 Years! Reds win 4-3 over the #LOLcubs


The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game Scott Rolen. You win the game, you win the award. Simple as that. Honorable mention to Joey Votto for being Joey Votto (he's up to .293, still...

Game 17 Thread II - Giants @ Reds


Reds lead 2-0 in the middle of the fifth, Mat is cruising. This guy is so proud he's partying. #BallSoHard via Go Reds, let's get some Great American insurance runs!

Maholm'd again - Reds lose 6-1


The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game Zack Cozart gets the nod from me, seeing as he had 1/3 of the hits (both doubles) and scored the only Reds run on the day. Key Plays In the first...


Game 7 - Reds @ Nationals

This is what's called a short and sweet game thread writeup. Latos vs. Gonzalez today to see which one was worth the package (heheh) sent out west for them. Vegas has set odds at 1/4 that Jim...

I know I'm late to the party here, but this is my favorite pic from Game Two. Me and 'tHan got a...


I know I'm late to the party here, but this is my favorite pic from Game Two. Me and 'tHan got a hold of Mr. Red, he was lighter than I would have thought.


Opening Day - Where Will You Be?

After one of the wildest off seasons in recent memory our favorite baseball team will take the field against the Florida Marlins tomorrow, kicking off another glorious summer of baseball....

Reds Futures Game 2012 - Will You Be There?


This coming Tuesday the Reds will be trying something new to start the season. They're going to play the first Reds Futures game, which will pit up and coming Reds minor leaguers against our...

Red Reporter Interviews Red Reporter/Arizona is delicious


In a first for the site, three of our very best went to spring training last weekend and in one my more genius moments I decided to set up an interview with them to get a feel for Arizona. At 2:30...


RR NCAA Watch Party - Thursday 3/22 edition

Have you ever wanted to meet your fellow Red Reporters but were waiting for a setting where you won't get stuck droning on incessantly about Drew Stubbs' OBP and strikeouts? WELL NOW'S YOUR CHANCE! ...


Saturday Night NCAA Basketball Thread

After the rousing success that was last night's thread, I had no choice but to go for round two tonight. As in all open threads, feel free to talk about whatever you want and post pics at will. M...


Friday Night College Basketball Thread

UC is about to knock off Syracuse in the Big East tournament thanks to Sean Kilpatrick, and Louisville is going to beat the hell out of Notre Dame in the nightcap. Oh, and there are a ton of other...


Eyewitness Report: Pitt-Louisville @ The Bucket. He's one of us now.

Hi again guys and gals, I figured since you all were so kind as to offer me suggestions on taking my son to the game against Pitt the very least I can do is offer a quick write up. First off,...


In need of a little out-of-town guidance, will be attending the Pitt game

I'm looking to take my 10 year old son to his first Cards game and my first game at The Bucket, and was wondering if you guys could be so kind as to answer a couple of questions for me. Some...


Can anyone see this?

I'm curious to see whether or not anyone can read this. If you can that's awesome, you should say something. If you can't that's awesome too, I'll say something in your place. I never understood...


By popular request, it's Meet Your Fellow Red Reporter Time!

I'd like to think we have an open and welcoming environment here at Red Reporter, despite what this thread might imply. That unsavory showing of better-than-you-ness notwithstanding, I'd like to...


Sunday NFL Playoffs/Advice/Open Thread

Yesterday's games didn't tell us a whole lot we didn't already know. The Saints are going to be really hard to beat, and the Bengals still aren't ready to be serious players in the NFL. What will...


NFL Football Thread - Are You Ready For Some Wild Cards????

The NFL playoffs have begun and that means one thing - College basketball is king and the countdown to Spring Training can begin! Erm, I mean, there will be great football on today. Yeah, that's...

SI's Sheehan: Reds will win the 2012 World Series


Sheehan predicts the Reds will top the Rangers in six games due to hot bats and a deep bullpen. Your thoughts?

Worse than we thought it would be


"Cubs to receive Travis Wood, Dave Sappelt, and Ronald Torreyes for Sean Marshall. Deal to be announced later today." I'm not happy about losing Torreyes at all.

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