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Reds Hide & Tweet For Opening Day Tickets


The Reds are offering you a last-ditch chance at free Opening Day tickets through a creative use of twitter. It started today but there are two more chances tomorrow.

Bronson Arroyo Diagnosed With Mononucleosis


The starting pitching hits keep coming. Bronson doesn't expect to miss any starts, but this can't be good can it?


SIS - Glory Days Edition

I was digging around in the archives earlier today and ran across this gem of a fanpost by yours truly. It was written after I first met the RR crew and is chock full of excellent quotes in the...


Open NCAA Thread - Selection Sunday Style

That other thread is all bloated and pissing off my laptop, so here's a new one. Currently UK is playing Florida in the SEC Championship game (Go UK, someone needs to bring a conference...


RR Burger Tour - I picked a hell of a time to quit drinking

As Soren Cerin once said, "There is no good without evil as there cannot be evil without good". Well if Gordo's and Terry's and Tink's are good, we've found our third musketeer to go with Quatman's...


Very Unofficial NCAA Conference Tournament Open Thread

Today starts the most magical time of the year, the NCAA Basketball playoffs. Major onference tournaments are underway and today most of the big boys are finally in action, with 21 of the ESPN top...

Cactus League Game 4: White Sox @ Reds


Next Game Chicago White Sox @ Cincinnati Reds Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 3:05 PM EST Goodyear Ballpark Edwin Jackson vs. Homer Bailey Coverage: TV: NONE; RADIO: None; WEB: Gameday Partly cloudy....

MLB Dreamjob - How would you like to move to New York City and earn a living watching baseball this summer?


MLB Dreamjob - How would you like to move to New York City and earn a living watching baseball this summer?


Super Bowl XLV Open Thread

Hi kids, guess what today is? It's a wonderful day, the day before football goes away for at least a couple of weeks until people start planning their NFL Draft parties. Oh, and there's a game or...

Best Of Cincinnati 2011


City Beat's Best of Cincinnati 2011. I think you know which blog to vote for.

Bronson Arroyo Interviewed on WEEI


Bronson interviewed on WEEI in Boston. Talks baseball (mostly Red Sox oriented, duh) and some music.

Dusty Baker caused the stock market crash of 1987


And nine other facts you may not have known.


To warm your heart on this winter night.....

As part of a school literacy/extra credit program, jch25 wrote some "five senses" poems. This is tonight's poem.   Baseball is red and white It tastes like a hot dog It sounds like the crowd...

Sparky Anderson in hospice


Sparky has been moved to hospice due to complications from dementia.


RR Election thread

Tonight's a big night in the US, with the balance of power possibly swinging one way or the other. What are your thoughts on the results, and the general direction of US politics in general?


SIS Mania - Halloween Edition

Everyone else is doing it, so I thought I'd jump in the fray with my own SIS. Halloween is fast approaching (This Sunday? Really? Already?) so I thought I'd see what my fellow RRs have planned and...


Let's all bow our heads for a minute...

...and say a little prayer before we head into Game 3. May the baseball gods treat us well.   Now I lay me down to sleep, Postseason dreams my soul to keep; if I die before I wake, I pray the Reds...


Celebratory Challenge To The Graphically Gifted Among Us

Earlier this year I told highlifeman21 that our beloved Cincinnati Reds would win the N.L. Central and he scoffed. It ended up as a bet, the terms of which we couldn't remember, so we settled on...

"Stop in to the Bistro (413 Vine St) for Home Game Happy Hour featuring Bells Oktoberfest, Great...


"Stop in to the Bistro (413 Vine St) for Home Game Happy Hour featuring Bells Oktoberfest, Great Lakes Nosferatu, Dark Horse Boffo Brown, and Souther Tier Harvest for $3. Plus a contender for best burger in the city. Plus my bitter ass will be bartending. Anyon that comes in gets a Mr. Redlegs has a Posse sticker that my friend screenprinted." -- -ManBearPig


Off Day SIS - What are your playoff plans

  That's right, I said it. I don't care.      The Reds WILL be in the playoffs this year for the first time since 1995. I thought to myself, "Where were you the last time the Reds made the...

Off Day SIS/Open Thread - RR Awards/RR Introductions Thread 2


I can't believe this, but it's time to go to threadz. Pick up whatever conversation you'd like, start new ones, whatever. Here's my favorite pic ever of a monkey riding a dog in a rodeo. via 3...


Off Day SIS/Open Thread - RR Awards/RR Introductions

It's an off day, and I'm combining two of my favorite thread topics, "Get to know your Red Reporters" and "RR Awards" so I can get to know some of the fresh meat and we call all lavish praise upon...

2010 Game 124 Thread II


Bottom of the 6th, Redlegs lead 3-2 after Joey Votto went deep in the top of the inning.

Game 114 Thread, Part II


The mini-brawl is over, we're tied in the middle of the 4th. Go Reds!

Game 100 Wrapup Thread


Sorry, I was busy doing research. Here's a new thread for us to bitch about the disappearing offense. The baby isn't under the basket, but she IS mad. "SCORE SOME RUNS!!!!"   I'll let someone else...


Impromptu RR Get Together, 07/21/2010?

As we all know by now, God was a little stressed out over the global economic crisis, ongoing bloodshed around the world, and those pesky "The world's gonna end in 2012!!" rumors (who the hell died...


GIS/Photoshop/Rebus fun with the Reds roster

I had an idea for a fanpost this morning. It might seem silly and a useless waste of time, but for me it beats arguing for the 437th time about whether to send Aaron Harang or Travis Wood to the...

Game 63 Part II: Reds are mashing


via   Reds up 11-5 in the 6th inning, Gomes batting hoping for his third home run. Cardinals are down 6-0 too, yay! GO REDS!


RR Burger Tour Rides Again - FENNEL IS NOT PRIME RIB

The last time Highlifeman21 made a burger suggestion, let's just say it didn't end so well. Tonight was Mr. Life's shot at redemption and ladies and gentlemen, the boy came through like Scotty...


Late notice: RR meetup tonight, Norwood

Ever wondered if Mads is (as)insane in person, or why we call BK "Thor"? Come meet up with obc, 'tHan, BK, Madville, Highlifeman21 and myself  tonight for burgers and beer at Gordo's Pub in Norwood...

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