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Eklund reporting Nash to the Kings is a done deal


Eklund reporting Nash to the Kings is a done deal

Local Hockey Face Shield Manufacturer


I saw this article on 9news this morning and thought I'd give him a little publicity.... I bought one of his half-shields a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since.... After several years of hockey, it's just now starting to get a few scratches but still rarely, if ever, fogs up. local guy, quality product, I highly recommend them.

it's about time


Wojtek finally get's his due :)

Oilers ink Stewart


you didn't fall for that again, now did you?

Leafs sign Mueller to contract


oh wait... different Mueller :)

Calgary got a whole lot less Douchey today


No details on the deal yet, but Phaneuf's packing his bags for Toronto.... hasta la vista El Douchebag



The first worthwhile, hockey relevant, article I've seen from CNNSi in quite some time.....

Another reason the Flames are douchebags


I'm sure they aren't the only professional team to try and get away with this (if they actually did what is alleged), but damn, getting your H1N1 shot ahead of pregnant women, children, etc. is pretty low.

Franzen out minimum of 4 months


ouch..... you hate to see that happen to anybody, even a Red Wing..... that'll certainly hurt them for awhile, good thing they have Brad may to pick up the slack.

FYI, the Panthers suck.....


and our old buddy Ville finds himself in the spotlight, go Ville!!!

Gretzky steps down as coach


had to figure this was coming

Gustavsson has minor heart issue


even though we didn't sign him, you hate to see this happen to anyone, and hopefully it's a quick recovery (sounds minor from the article).

TSN Scoring Predictions


I know everyone is expecting the Avs to suck big time, but according to TSN our highest scorer will be Stastny with 65pts, barely breaking the top 50. I have a hard time believing our offense will be THAT bad.

Of course it's a flames fan


Not sure that this flames douche was trying to accomplish, but it's even funnier that he bothered to threaten the Blue Jackets of all teams. At least make it the Red Wings or Vancouver or something.

Baron Von 1stStar!


Congrats to the Baron on being the NHLs first star this week!

Wolski's namesake


I wonder if Wolski was named for this war hero, and if so, can he live up to the hype?


Best news I've heard all day

Minnesota is putting Stephane Veilleux on waivers. As long as the Avs don't go and sign him, it's good to see that little putz get the boot. I couldn't imagine having him AND McCleod on the...

Filthy Wings


seriously, letting your kid take a crap in the cup? should forfeit their title. And then he drank out of it that night! Always knew Draper ate sh**

Avs trade minor leaguer


Avs traded Johnny Boychuk, not a big deal really.

I always knew Osgood was a freak


Ok, it's news from The Onion, but I totally believe this one....

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