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User Blog

Who will be at the DC United match?

So what other RBM readers will be at the match in DC vs DC United? Me and a fellow Everton fan will be heading out there from Indianapolis, Indiana to catch the match. Curious to see how many...


Everton fan coming to DC from Indy, looking for RFK advice

Hey there DC United fans. I'm an Everton fan from Indianapolis, and looks like a friend and I will be making the drive to DC on July 23 for the Everton/DCUnited friendly. I've never been to RFK so...


Where can a Yank order an Everton jersey?

Looks like there's a high chance I'll be going to DC in July to catch the friendly and want to get myself an Everton jersey (yeah, yeah, I know, "kit" heh) for the occasion. Where's the best site...


A Yank trying to pick an EPL team

So I'm just some Yank who has caught World Cup fever and has decided to maybe pick an EPL team to try and follow to get into the sport a little more.  I'm currently a big American Football fan...


Are Colts Fans selling their playoff tickets?

Opened up Google Reader this morning and this headling from the Indianapolis Star started off my morning: AirTran adds flight to Indianapolis to help Ravens fans Demand for airline tickets to the...

Sage Rosenfels gets to the choppa!

Sage Rosenfels gets to the choppa!


First Kickoff @ The Luke

The first kickoff at the gorgeous Lucas Oil Stadium. A few more pics I took are here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/xtrarant/sets/72157606939146341/ Hopefully putting together a panorama soon. The...

Panorama of Conseco Fieldhouse.


Panorama of Conseco Fieldhouse.

A panorama of the RCA Dome before game time.


A panorama of the RCA Dome before game time.

4th row at the Dome for the Super Bowl XLI celebration.


4th row at the Dome for the Super Bowl XLI celebration.


No Open Thread? Guess This Will Work

Suppose we can put the open thread here.  Off to a good start with TJ's return. And since I have to havea  certain number of characters, why the hell are the refs wearing those ugly-ass cold...


Colts Propaganda

Now that we are into the Week Before Armageddon, I can finally make the post I've been itching to make all week.h...



To quote one of my favorite SNL skits, "who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?"http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071024/SPORTS03/710240466/1100 The week becomes even...


Finally some news on Ugoh (& other injuries)

A story in the Star today finally sheds a little light on what happened to Tony Ugoh Monday night: Backup Charlie Johnson played most of the second half after Colts left tackle Tony Ugoh suffered a...


The Colts & The Salary Cap

From the diaries, jdb from Charlie Weis Ate My Baby stops in to set the record straight on the salary cap. --BBSThis comment by Bucsfan got me thinking about this myth of The Colts Pay Too Much...



I just have to give some love to my favorite name on the Colts roster - Craphonso Thorpe! he came in and gave a great effort after riding the practice squad all year. Dare I say he looked better...


Training Camp Thoughts: 8/7 Full Team afternoon practice

HOT. Even hotter today than yesterday. My car thermometer said it was 111 degrees in my car at the end of practice. Yikes! Glad I didn't leave any live animals in there.The afternoon practice was...


A Stampede Blue gathering at Training Camp the 18th?

Saturday the 18th the Colts are having a night practice at 7:30pm.http://www.colts.com/sub.cfm?page=events&id=2017Any local-ish Stampede Blue readers want to meet up there? Having spent 4 1/2 years...


Training Camp Thoughts: 8/7 Full Team morning practice

Alright, another day at practice, another day I feel  like i'm in the swamps of Georgia or something. If you come to camp bring plenty of water. $2 a bottle is criminal in this heat.


Training Camp Thoughts: 8/6 Special Teams afternoon practice

Like the last one, this one will be mostly bullet points. Sparse crowd for this one but can't blame them with the combination of special teams only and an eleventy-billion degree heat index.


Training Camp Thoughts: 8/6 Full Team morning practice

So headed down to Training camp today, and may stay for tomorrow as well. I even brought a little notebook. I will be the first to admit I don't know all the subtly little bad things to look for in...


Bob Kravitz is an idiot

I know, that's like saying "The sky is blue" or "Randy Moss is an ass", but it has to be said. Again.Why this time? his latest column entitled "A repeat? Sorry, folks, it won't happen"Posting this...


Another rookie signed: Condren

http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070727/SPORTS03/707270541/-1/RSSLooks like 4th round Safety Brannon Condren from Troy got signed today. Who does that leave unsigned? Condren is...


Corey Simon's agent says he's planning to be at camp

From the Star just now:Simon expected at Colts Camp Defensive tackle Corey Simon, who missed the Indianapolis Colts' Super Bowl season with a knee injury and an undisclosed illness, is expected to...


So.... Manning Sucks In The Playoffs (that was sarcasm if you couldn't tell)

You know the story. Manning sucks in the playoffs. He chokes away games.  He can't win. He forces it too much in playoff games and costs his team the game.I decided to look at his QB ratings in...


Socks Appeal

I'm crossposting this from my post on Charlie Weis Ate My Baby as I figured some Colts fans here might be interested in this. It's about the Colts' switch this year to non-striped socks.


Charlie Weis Ate My Baby

Got your attention did I?I've been MIA lately. Mostly just due to disgust at teh Colts D, also due to the Holidays and such. Anyway I'm posting this because I have a new web project I'm working on...


Cowboys cut Vandy

I've seen this mentioned in the comments around the site, but figured I'd do a diary about it as well.the Cowboys cut Mike Vanderjagt today. Martin "The Great Gazoo" Gammatica was signed as his...


Marvin at Halftime

Listening to the Bill Polian show on Q95 right now and Polian said he confirmed with Dungy that Marvin left early at halftime with Dungy's blessing because he was tightening up. He spent the entire...


Colts on the radio

So I wasn't able to watch the game last night, instead was seeing my Special Lady out of town. That means I listened to the second half on the radio. I love the Colts radio team, even Ted...

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