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Mock Draft inquiry.

Hello there Bucs fans from your friendly neighborhood CSC member. Somehow I drew the Tampa Bay bucs in the Canal Street Chronicle annual mock draft. Normally I'd shrug and move on and pick. ...

Why i keep saying restructing is bad


Everyone seems happy about all the restructuring...meanwhile we've added over 5 million to next years salary cap alone.

NFL Logo makeovers


Just an amusing link I found if every NFL team got a British make over. I rather enjoy our new team name.

Nagin's guilty.


Ahhh....good ol' politicians. I bet this guy was also responsible for slime in the ice machines. <----------very old reference. The old timers in New Orleans will get it.

Hits to the Saints LB corp keep on coming


Two starters injured....Chamberlain out for the year...good times....good times.


Greetings people whom I never talk to.

Some of you know me, many of you hate me....Merry Christmas, have a beignet. <-------New Orleans donut. Anyway, I've been tasked with the NE Patriots two first round draft pics in the annual mock...

NFC South in Salary Cap trouble


It would appear that the likelihood of our beloved Saints being able to bring in a Vilma or Meachem replacement will be non-existent without more internal moves. Not with just over a million left in current cap space.

Payton on Brees' Free Agency and a search for a DC


No surprise here on Brees not going to be a free agent...but the interesting part is what Payton says regarding searches for new coordinators. Could it be possible that PayLoo will be searching completely out of the box for a replacement?

Ask CSC is up...where's banksie?


There mid terms going already or something?


Greetings from CSC - Ask a Saints fan.

Hello there Panther fans....please don't throw sharp metal objects or anything that can cause blunt force trauma.  I'm here to talk peace and to answer any questions you have regarding the Saints...


Greetings from CSC - Ask a Saints Fan

Hello there Big Cat Country.  It should come as no surprise that this coming Sunday, my New Orleans Saints will facing off against your Jags in Jacksonville.  I saw that there is no post yet for...

Saints tied for Least hated NFL franchise


Found this article actually fairly humorous. Ranks all NFL teams on a scale from 1 to 10 for "hateability". Apparently being qualified as "loveable losers" for decades helps qualify us as not really being able to be hated despite recent success. Of course his write up for the Saints also seemed by far the least in depth and somewhat lazy.

New Orleans gets their DT


Franklin...an older...and honestly better, version of Mebane.

Sharper undecided on backup role


Sharper contemplating a decision to possibly come back to the Saints and be a backup...or try to go somewhere and start. I have to give it to Sharper...he freely admits that Jenkins is the guy and deserves to be the starter and he knows he'll be a spot backup for him.

Leonard Pope saves child from drowning


Good for Pope. My question is this. Who the hell throws a pool party when nobody knows how to swim?

Chargers on the move?


The group behind the LA stadium build has been talking to 5 teams about relocation. As we Saints fans are well aware...unlike those people in Toronto...the Saints aren't among the teams being considered for moving.

Saints defense to improve....but it won't be because of Vilma.


Article about the possibility of the Saints defense improving in a major way. However, don't expect Vilma to be leading the charge due to declining skill set (not my words, paraphrasing the article).

So that's why Bush is too busy to work with teammates.


He's busy working on his own reality tv show....*sigh*

Jonathan Casillas looking to return to starting duty


Sidelined last year by a Lisfranc injury, Casillas is hoping that the lockout won't hinder his return to the field.

What player statue should represent each NFL team


With the Kareem Abdul Jabaar and Laker statue fiasco going on, NFL.com posted a column about what statues should sit outside each NFL stadium. Carucci claims Payton and Brees. Personally I feel the discussion starts and ends with Rickey Jackson

No Bucs Hard Knocks after all


Apparently Tampa Bay has decided to pass on Hard Knocks. Frankly I was hoping to watch the sneak peek into their team strictly from a rival perspective...oh well.

Willie Roaf to announce Saints second round pick.


Retired players from all 32 teams are being scheduled to announce all of the second round picks to add a little flare. For the Saints...it's Willie Roaf.

Patrick Peterson scores a 9 on the Wonderlic.


The above article is one about QBs and the wonderlic. However, something to note is the fact that it mentions that Patrick Peterson of LSU scored a 9. According to this same article....a score of 10 indicates that someone is literate. Cue the LSU Chants....but hopefully in a facetious way.


CSC Community Mock Draft.

A quick FYI for the Mile High Brethren.  Over at your local CSC (Canal Street Chronicles) we're currently running our yearly community mock draft.  As the closest resident to Denver, I've been...

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