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Saints assistant coach gets 3 years probation


For his role in a real estate scam, Travis Jones receives 3 years probation.


The draft conundrum

The draft is a simple thing on paper...evaluate talent, then, when it becomes your time to select, you pick the guy that either best fits your scheme or simply the true best player available.  We...

Dave Duerson found dead in Miami home.


R.I.P Mr Duerson. You were a pleasure to watch play the game.

NFL and NFLPA to enter mediation


Reason to hope perhaps? Everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed that this will help the talks. A third party keeping the bitching to a minimum sure can't hurt.

Kyle Turley.....and the Reefer.


In an interview with Bob Ley on outside the lines about drug use in the NFL (the pain killing kind), apparently our good friend Turley takes a left turn somewhere and starts talking about his favorite girl...Mary Jane.


The Senior Bowl and You...or...Welcome to the Meat Market.

Ok, well it's definitely that time of year again when those of us who aren't currently Green Bay or Pittsburgh fans are concentrating on the NFL draft.  This weekend is the annual Senior Bowl...

Drew Brees wins Bart Starr Award


Award voted by the players around the league to someone exhibiting great character and leadership on and off the field. Congratulations Drew.


The NFL Draft and no CBA

I wanted to create a post regarding the upcoming draft in April and what it would mean to the draft process if no CBA was in place at that point.  Now most of us are well aware that the CBA is...

Gregg Williams to interview in Denver


Quick piece about Williams interviewing in Denver. Something else that pops up in the piece, however, is the news to keep an eye on John Fox as well. Not only is Fox also interviewing in Denver, but they speculate if Williams gets the job, Fox will be sought after to replace Williams here in N.O.

Matt Ryan is better than Drew Brees


Fuel for the rivalry fire. *gets out my poker and stirs it*.

Me and Drew music video


Ok, this is a link to the Friday PM version of hot clicks on SI.com. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a link to a you tube video about a guy's love of Drew Brees. Let's just say that yes....sometimes a fan can go too far in his or her adoration for an athlete. I'll file this one under "uncomfortable".

Chris Ivory rates first round do-over grade


Don Banks does his annual Draft Redo based on rookie performances this year. As usual a lot are garbage, but he did rate Ivory as a first round selection....even if it was to Green Bay.

Article about Colston


Great article about Colston and how he's an exceptional wide receiver and Pro Bowl worthy without the back-slapping "i'm so good" hype you get from Prima Dona WRs.

Drew Brees currently third in NFC QB Pro Bowl Balloting


So...for the ultra loyalists. If you think he's deserving, go out and keep voting.

ask a CSC Member up at Cowboys


I opened up the ask a CSC Member early since it's a short week and Jon asked to be relieved of duties for this week. Let's try and be civil please.


Ask a CSC Member

Greetings Cowboy fans.  Your neighborhood Saints fan and CSC Member here to answer any questions you might have about our team and the upcoming Thanksgiving game.  Normally we'd probably wait til...


Pro Bowl Balloting is now open at NFL.com

Ok...so the wonderful Pro Bowl voting can now begin.  Let me be the first to say that voting for the Pro Bowl this early in the season is not only silly...it's down right unfair.  I don't think i...


Al Harris to be released by the Packers?

In a report on ESPN, it sounds like Al Harris is going to be released by the Green Bay Packers this week.  Harris, a two time Pro Bowler, has been battling back from knee and leg injuries suffered...

Bush apparently practicing again on a limited basis


Most all of us believe he won't be active Sunday. But good to hear he's at least back at practice instead of the bike.


Merriman just hit waivers

Now I'm not one to sit here and rehash old tidbits about our lack of OLBs, or whether or not Merriman would help or not.  Frankly I've heard more than my share of those rants.  I just can't help...


What's up with Henderson?

  Ok, first off I don't get to see the Saints games.  Up here in the Rockies I'm stuck watching the Broncos, Seahawks, Packers and Vikings until i feel like vomiting. What's up with Devery...

Ranking the NFC South Cornerbacks


Gee...guess who's number 1 and 2?


Fantasy Names and all the glory they represent.

Ok, Fantasy Football season is upon us and I'd like to focus a little bit on the all important team name.  Now we've already seen some great ones this year representing the CSC in Joseph's 'Natural...

Derrick Brooks officially retires as a Buc


He may not be a Saint, but that doesn't mean we can't all show some respect for one of the all time greats in our division. I may not be sad to see us face him twice a year, but I am indeed sad that a player of his caliber and integrity has left the game. Grats on an amazing career Mr. Brooks.

This is for you Satch


Satch, a week or so ago regarding ESPN's power rankings, you wondered why John Clayton was the only one to not rank the Saints number 1 and why he had the Falcons ahead of the Saints. At the end of this article he gives an NFC ranking that explains a little of his logic, although he contradicts it earlier in the article by talking how the Cowboys/Saints will battle it out for top seed in the NFC.

Hail to the chief


Apparently Goodell will be at Saints camp on August 2nd. So dress nice and don't forget to salute.

@Adam_Schefter Saints signed offensive tackle Charles Brown, their 2010 second-round draft...


@Adam_Schefter Saints signed offensive tackle Charles Brown, their 2010 second-round draft choice, to a four-year contract. 34 minutes ago

New Orleans Saints 2010 Season Preview


"left tackle Jermon Bushrod may have been the worst starting player in football last year" I didn't say it, but this guy did. A lovely and intriguing article by our friends at the New York Times about the New Orleans Saints.

ESPN Power Rankings


I know you guys love this stuff. Power Ranking came out for the opening of training camp on ESPN. Saints are ranked 2nd behind the Colts (before everyone starts whining and crying about how we beat the Colts, 3 of their 4 panelists agreed and had the Saints ranked first. However, John Clayton ranked the Saints 7th. That's why the Saints fell to 2nd in the rankings).

Peter King Monday Morning QB


A few snippets in here about the Saints, including an interesting fact about their Super Bowl Rings that i personally was not aware of.

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