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I am a dad.
I love the A's.
I love Pearl Jam.

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Angels Stave Off Sweep With Help From the A's, 7-4


The Angels beat the A's and avoided being swept by the A's for the first time since 2004. I am still smiling as I look to the future and here is why...

Game Thread, 2: Oakland Athletics v. LAA of A, Game 3 of 3 (Broom Handy?)

New Thread mojo for the home stretch. The bad guys are winning, 5-3. It seems like it should have been a lot worse.


Game Thread: Oakland Athletics v. LAA of A, Game 3 of 3 (Broom Handy?)

The A's bring the brooms to the Coliseum in hopes of using them. The Angels counter with Ervin Santana, noted A's killer.

Sunday, Random Sunday: Home of the Free, Land of the Brave...


Voting. It is what makes the US of A a stupendous place to live. Vote for Bill. Some random thoughts below the fold Walking around the Coliseum yesterday, my wife remarked, "I know this place is...


It's That Time Again (cross post)

(Hey all, this a repost of something I wrote for my other favorite blog) Bill King is the greatest broadcaster I have ever listened to. The National Baseball Hall of Fame gives out an award to the...

Gio Gonzalez is Flat Out Filthy, A's Win Second Consecutive Series on 10 Game Road Trip


The A's win second consecutive series of the road trip behind Gio Gonzalez. They head to New York and a pivotal 4 game set.

Open Thread 2: A's v. Rangers Rubber Match

Halfway through the tangle in Texas, A's lead thanks to the the new super hero tandem Ojos Locos and his side kick The Unicorn. (And their bumbling nemesis "Texas Rangers Defense") 4-1 A's...


Open Thread: A's v Rangers Rubber Match

The A's and Rangers tangle with a series victory hanging in the balance.

Sunday, Random Sunday: The Week That Was


The week that was in A's Town.

Rays Top A's and Secure Series Split


The Rays win behind Garza. Star Wars as a metaphor...

Game Thread, part 3: A's and Rays, Game 4

A pretty excellent game, if not excellent results for us A's fans, so far. Home stretch, Rays 3, A's 1... Go A's

Game Thread, continued: A's and Rays Game 4

So far, this is living up to the hype. The Rays draw first blood on a Shoppach double. 1-0, bad guys heading to the 4th.


Game Thread: A's v. Rays, Game 4

Braden v Garza. It's on!

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, or The A's 2010 Season to Date...


The A's season so far as seen through the filter of Disneyland rides.


The Cubs have Eddie Vedder, the A's have... Well, me.

Are there any truly great sports team theme songs? I mean, the Cubs have this horrible thing called Go, Cubs, Go. Why? When the better song about the Cubs is Eddie Vedder's All the Way. There are...

Twins Dominate A's, Sweep the Series


The Twins send the A's packing ina Sweep. Oakland pivots toward 2011.

Game Thread 3: A's and Twins. Nothing to see here, move along... Certainly not a No Hitter.

Okay, I will ignore that a No Hitter requires one awkwardly graceful catch by a dude like Jason Repko in order to be legit. This isn't happening. I did not approve. A's something less than 1, Twins...

Game Thread continued: A's v. Twins

So.... I am going to go garden for a bit and listen to Ken Korach. Somebody call me if anything happens... Twins 1, A's negative infinity million.  (or so it feels). Heading to the 5th, Go A's!!!!!


Game Thread: A's v. Twins, One More For the Road

The A's finish the road trip against the Twins at Target Field.

Sunday, Babbling Sunday: Carter Time!


Chris Carter comes up and.... the A's fall further back. What comes next?

Gonzalez Goes 7, A's Rip Rangers 6-2


The A's Hammer Harden. Gonzalez stifles the Rangers. Oakland 8.5 back.

CT Thread! A's Roll Rangers 6-2

Cue Kool and the Gang: Game Over!!!! The A's need to win tomorrow. Recap on it's way.   Kool & The Gang - Celebration (via KoolAndTheGangVEVO)

Home Stretch: Open Thread continued (A's v. Rangers Game 2)

The A's are playing like they want to stay in this a bit longer. The Rangers are playing like they will let them. A's 6, Rangers 0. Oh, and thank the maker that Mark Cuban didn't win the auction.

Battle of the Enigmas Ends Early: Open Thread continued

Harden has left the building after pitching like he may have been auditioning for Carousel Conductor. Scott Feldman is in as we head to the 4th with the A's leading 3-0 Gio, on the other hand,...


Open Thread: The Battle of Enigmas (A's v. Rangers Game 2)

The A's fight to stay in the race for the AL West. The current enigmatic lefty, Gio Gonzalez, pitches against their former "Next Big Thing" Rich Harden.

Dallas Dominates, Kouzmanoff Crushes as Oakland Sets Up a Rubber Match Tomorrow in Chicago


The A's set up a rubber match, retain shot a .500 road trip by defeating the white hot White Sox.

Game 4 of the Gauntlet continued: Dallas is in Command

This is the Dallas Braden we all know and love! And, somehow, John Danks lost his perpetual mojo against the A's. 5-0, Elephants over Hose.


Game 4 of the Gauntlet, A's and White Sox at the Cell

Pretenders or Contenders? The A's Try to Stay in the Hunt Against the White Sox.

Well... What Do We Know? 7 Observations on an Off Day


May 6th and the A's are in it. And we still know nothing.


In one hour, I am going to be on TV talking about the A's...

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a quick note with you, my favorite web based community. I have been invited to go on TV and talk about the A's!

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