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I love the A's.
I love Pearl Jam.

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The Orioles Break Out at Brett Anderson's Expense


The Orioles win their 2nd game of the Season. Brett Anderson surrenders his first runs of the season.

Open Thread #2 Game 14: O's @ A's

Time for some new thread mojo... Brett Anderson clearly needs it. 4-1 O's as we head to the 5th.. (lights are on but not yet taking effect- Long Live Ken Korach)

Open Thread Game 14: O's @ A's


  The A's go for a 4 game sweep, while the O's try to win their second game of the season:   I am verklempt, talk amongst yourselves...

A Tale of Two Pitchers: Bubonic Brett v. Bonus Baby Brian


The A's and O's young guns square off, while the teams try to figure out if they are really as good (or bad) as their records indicate.


Greener Grass? Zennie Abraham is Reporting MLB Knows the Way to San Jose

As we all know, MLB appointed a committee last year to evaluate the A's stadium hunt and recommend a solution. I have tried to keep everyone here informed so I figured I should pass along this...

Esmeralda Attempts to Predict Ryan Sweeney's Future.


Ryan Sweeney. Where will his career go from here?


I Am Dizzy. I Am Delighted. I Am Depressed.

The last 24 hours have been information overload. Jane Lee (who I am really growing to like) a tweetin'. SuSlu (who I already liked)a bloggin'. Buck whinin' (Rob Neyer touchein'. ) Marty Lurie l...


Bridging the divide- my attempt at stats demystified

DFA, Mikev, PaulThomas and Danmerqury I apologize. You guys are better than I am at this stuff but I am tired of moderating comments that are flame wars between the internet versions of scouts and...


Self Righteous Indignation Can Kiss My....

Hey guys, I just finished watching the Costas/McGwire version of Frost/Nixon and... well some stuff bugged me. Some of the things he said bugged me. Some of the stuff that the MLB Network talking...


Greener Grass, At Long Last?: WWE Triple Threat Match

"Hello all," says the Frog in my Pocket. "There have been some developments." It's been a while since I checked in on this stuff, and in that while I took up a part time internship with Marine...

On Windows and the A's (or 1999 and 2010)


1999 is coming back around again. Only this time, the window of opportunity could be wider.

A Conversation with Michael Taylor


Who is the new kid on the block? Newly acquired Oakland Athletics prospect Michael Taylor sits down for a light hearted discussion with Athletics Nation.


Greener Grass, Episode 9: How it Could Work in San Jose

I am going all Journal of the Whills on you. The only difference is I actually completed all 9 Episodes (if you get this joke you are as big a geek as I and I love you for it). To review... What...


Greener Grass, Episode 8: How it Could Work in Oaktown

Let's be honest. The old axiom "possession is 9/10ths of the law" might not really apply to the City of Oakland and the A's. Well, really because the A's aren't a possession of the City, they are...


Greener Grass, Episode 7: Transportation Proclamation

So far, the frog in my pocket and I have looked at potential relocation markets, Bay Area dynamics specifically, San Jose process progress, potential sites in Oaktown, attendance history in Oaktown,...


Old McPherson is an A, e yi e yi yoooooooo

From a dying Blogfather... Hey, folks. The CVS/Food Bank event was awesome -- the Food Bank had hoped to collect somewhere between 200-350 pounds from our location, but our charming and...


Greener Grass, Episode 6: It's All About Culture

Does a ballpark have a culture? If so is it an extension of the fanbase or is it somehow manufactured by the stadium atmosphere? Maybe a mix of both?We have been to a few big league parks. We plan...


Greener Grass, Episode 5: Attendance Fact and Fiction and Why Should We Care Anyway?

Me and the frog in my pocket are tired of hearing some stuff. We are tired of people saying "Oakland can't support big league teams." But we are also tired of hearing "If the A's had an owner who...


Greener Grass, Episode 4: The Biggest Off Season (Potential) Decision Doesn't Involve Free Agents

Where is the grass greenest? Staying in the same city, we mean. A simple question. No simple answer. The frog in my pocket and I are in a speculative mood today. I wrote about this a while back (o...


DLD 10/13/2009: Back to back, Jack. The return of the first "D."

MLB Trade Rumors looks at our Green and Gold (and sometimes Black) heroes in their continuing Offseason Outlook series. Our sometimes community member Mychael Urban takes a peep into his inbox....


DLD 10/12/2009: What a bunch of sloppy playoffs (in Bill and Ted Style)

Dudes... Strange things are afoot at Circle K. Jon "Most Excellent One" Papelbon gave up two inherited runners in a most heinous display of closerhood. He topped it off by giving up 3 more in the...


DLD 9/18/2009: A paltry one indeed

I wish these were really daily these days... And well... "Be the change you wish to see in the world," some famous guy once said. Here are some links for you all to peruse. A good read right here...


Tri Valley fan meet up anyone? September 26th? A's v. Angels, TV and beer?

Hey everyone... I always miss AN Day because my dang wife always schedules something else months in advance. 6 years running, how the heck does that happen? So I was thinking, maybe we should have...


Greener Grass, Episode 3: San Jose Specifics Begin to Emerge

So, before I do this, I have to say... This is the place to really get the dish on developments in the A's quest for the grail (or new stadium). A long time ago, I rambled on and on about markets...


Help Me ANi-Wan, You Are My Only Hope

So... I have a well documented (here and here and here and here) love for all thing Bill King. I have taken it upon myself to get the dude elected as the winner of the Ford C. Frick award sometime...


The Trip to End All Trips: Our Excellent Adventure

What  a week. New York City. Cooperstown. Boston., The Trade Deadline. When the schedule was released, I looked at the past week and said to myself, "Self, Rickey is going into the Hall. Wouldn't...


And for something different... Another interview with my cousin Joey August (Savannah Sand Gnat)

Hey all,   It has been a while since I posted anything (but I have been lurking). I figure with the whole Bernazard-Omar-Rubin hate triangle thing melting into an unproductive Trade Deadline you...


Rickey's Induction and Bill King

So I am an ignoramus... I can't figure out how to post an image here. If you are interested in seeing the t shirt/downloading the picture go to and it is available or e...


DLD- 6/23/2009: Man I am aggro today

In honor of taking the low road. Some mean spirited links to dump: Seriously, only the San Francisco Chronicle could try and paint Sanchez in a good light after he gave up 4 runs in 5 innings to a...


A Lighthearted Interview with Brooklyn Cyclone Joey August

(bumped from the FanPosts. --eric) Hey all, I am one of the globe's newest Mets fans. Primarily because my Cousin, Joey August, was recently drafted by them. Being a fan, I have always followed the...

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