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User Blog

Party Palooza at the Palestra

Upon my entering of the Palestra I was both honored that my graduate alma mater would be hosting this event and disgraced when I saw the free t-shirt given to me – it had nothing to do with the...

ESPN's Sixers 5 on 5


This is my favorite line thus far from the article (I haven't finished reading it yet): "The problem is, Iggy excels at the ignored aspects of hoops (passing, rebounding, defense). In a bizarro universe, Iguodala does less to aid his team while scoring lots o' points -- and pundits are gabbing about how 'He needs more help!'" ---------------------------- Having finally read everything, there are some interesting tidbits to take from this article (I always appreciate different points of view) and some flat out dumb comments (i.e. Calling DeMarcus Cousins a missed opportunity).


The Super Fun LeQuan Glover-inspired Roster-Rebuilding Activity

One of our beloved libertyballers commenters, LeQuan, gave me the idea for this activity when stating these words (in reality, they've been restated constantly to a point where that's his only...

According to Wins-Produced, who is the most overpaid/underpaid on the Sixers?


This was also posted at Depressedfan along with some description. I think it's worth a read. Basically, the controversial "wins produced" stat was used in conjunction with player salaries in an attempt to determine which players are overpaid or underpaid based upon their contributions. It breaks down every player on every team. Scroll down and look at the sixers roster to see where the players ranked. This by no means is the end all/be all to player value, but it's definitely worthy of stimulating some discussion.


Thad - to sign or not to sign

Say after CBA discussions are finalized and the attention is turned to signing players... What do you think is a reasonable contract for Thad? Don't look at it from a game-by-game analysis like...


Defense and Bigs

After Sam Dalembert was traded, a lot of sixers fans were left scratching their heads. Afterall, Sam was the only big on our team that gave us consistent rebounding, shot blocking, and competent...


Primoz Brezec fun facts

  I'm bored and so I decided to do a little research on the sixers' newly acquired center. In order for the fans to become acquainted with him, some of these details (some of them are...


Luxury Tax

I`m not sure if someone wrote about this topic before, and if they did, my apologies for the redundancy. Anyway, over the past week or so I have come across a lot of blog posts (on other websites)...

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