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San Antonio Raiders?

Mark Davis has been in talks with leaders in San Antonio and visited recently for a few days to discuss the possibility of becoming the San Antonio Raiders. This could be just another ploy used by...


In memoriam, Happy Birthday Al Davis ...

A lot of new fans do not really understand the great man who was Al Davis. Prior to trading Jon Gruden, Al Davis was a man who did great things for both the NFL and the Raiders. The last decade was...


What kind of expectations should be placed on the defense this year?

Last year on average the defense gave up 28.3 points game, which was bad enough to to rank the Raiders 29th overall with arguably the worst defensive starting roster including the 2 deep the team...


What's your opinion on the Raiders QB situation?

It's 2014 and yet here we are again discussing who is going to be the starter just like we did prior to the start of the 2013 season. Now the discussion involves a veteran who is either ready for...


Who is your favorite undrafted rookie free agent to make the 53 man roster?

My favorite undrafted rookie free agent is Noel Grigsby out of San Jose State. Some people like Mike Davis, but Grigsby catches everything and runs great routes. I'm not sure Davis is an upgrade...


It's amazing to look at the depth chart in 2012 and an expected depth chart for 2014.

I wanted to stop and compare the starting roster from the 1st game of the 2012 season to the expected starting roster for the upcoming 2014 season. DA has 18 different starters on the 2014 roster...


After this draft class, hopefully the fire Reggie chants will come to a halt.

Reggie McKenzie came into the offseason with a major question mark in terms of was he properly rebuilding this franchise and would he not only be successful in free agency, but would he nail the...


Should the 2014 NFL Draft be about the immediate future or long term?

Every day I view this site and see the various discussions in regards to draft strategy and it makes me wonder, what's the best way to build the franchise through the draft and how do you go about...


The fallacy of Hue Jackson and why he deserved to be fired.

I consistently read comments written by fans who believe Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie need to go and these fans continually say the Raiders biggest mistake was firing Hue Jackson. But these...


Believe it or not, a foundation is in the works ...

I realize the idea of a foundation on this team being set is considered outrageous to some as the roster is going through a major upheaval, but ultimately for the first time since I can remember...


A real look at Reggie McKenzie's drafting ...

I had to write this fan post after reading an article about Reggie McKenzie missing out Keenan Allen in addition to reading many posts on every article written in the past couple of months that...


Through 5 games Carson Palmer has 5 TD's and 9 INT's. Count that 9. He had 14 total last year

There seems to be a lot of fans who are upset that Reggie Mckenzie was going to force Carson Palmer to take a paycut despite a promise from the team last year. It was seen as a business decision...


What constitutes a recruiting pipeline?

Since Mike Leach took over and hired Joe Salave'a (also known as Coach Joe) as the defensive line coach there has been a major increase in the amount of players from the Samoan Islands or of Samoan...

Washington State's spring priority


ESPN's Ted Miller does his take on WSU's spring outlook in a 2 min video.

Coach Leach Goes Deep, Very Deep


I came across an old 2005 article in the New York Times about Mike Leach. It's very interesting and is 9 pages long so it's very detailed about who he is, the quarterbacks in his system, and other important details about his coaching style and other aspects. If this has been posted before I apologize. I searched the site using the search engine and nothing came up. If you haven't ever read this, do because it details Leach and includes the sand pit in the read and it was a great read to learn more about him.


NFL QB's in Leach's offense?

I'm very curious to see what happens with the QB's who are going to play in Leach's offenses at WSU. It's been awhile since WSU had a 1st round QB and I'm curious if the system Leach runs is going...


Some respect for Wulff

ESPN and other sites have been calling WSU's current football team part of some very "promising" rebuild jobs, in fact top 5 according to ESPN Insider. It's sucks Paul Wulff had to go, but clearly...

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