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It's Time for Garret to Take the Gloves Off of His Offense

Through the first 6 weeks of the season Sean Lee was arguably the Cowboys best player. There is no question the loss of Lee will impact the defense’s production and play. He’s just that important...


Nightmare on Legends Way

If you’re here looking for words of encouragement or a glass of Kool Aid to help you through last night’s stomach turning loss, then please move on. There’s nothing to see here. You know where to...

Center Jason Brown released by the Rams.


Jason Brown became a cap casualty on Monday and was released by the Rams. He is only 29 and in 2010 was graded as the 5th best center in the league by PFF. In 2009 he was signed to 37 million dollar deal making him the highest paid center at that time. The Cowboys have some cap space to spend on the right free agent. He is an experienced lineman that would likely be a considerable upgrade over Phil Costa. What do you think of brining in Brown on a 1-2 year deal?


5 Shots of Kool-Aid 5 Shots of Caution

For those fans who like their glass half-full here are 5 shots of Kool-Aid to quench your thirst as we struggle through the downtime before training camp. There are also fans that have developed a...

46 Grades and NFC East Draft Results

Draft Grade Reference from 96-100 Future Hall of FamerTop Pick A once-in-a-generation type prospect who could change how his position is played 85-95 Immediate Starter 1st An impact...


Is David DeCastro the Best Edge Rusher in the Draft?

Now that I have your attention, let me start this post with a warning! If you are not in the DeCastro for President Camp, then stop reading now because conversion is very likely by the end of...


Jones vs The NFL: Cage Match for the Ages

"Money itself isn't lost or made; it's simply transferred from one perception to another." --Gordon Gekko in Wall Street The big story from the NFL owner's meeting is the grievance the R...


Jerry Gets Punked! NFL Collusion or Retroactive Penalty?

The news of a 10 million dollar cap penalty being levied by the NFL against the Cowboys has created a firestorm of debate. A common theme among the community is the idea that the NFL committed...


17 million or 12 million? Cap Space and Free Agency

I caught KD’s YouTube post yesterday where he stated the Cowboys currently have 17 million in cap space and can create upwards of 30 million by cutting Newman and restructuring the contracts of...


Do Guards offer Low Value as a High Draft Pick?

As fans try and get their head around who the Cowboys will select with the 14th pick in the draft, a common theme among opinions and posts is the concept of Best Player Available. I want to...


Your Card Has Been Declined! Anatomy of a Cap Problem

Since the advent of the modern free agency system, Jerry Jones has proven season after season to be an abject failure at managing the salary cap. Jones penchant for overpaying players on the...


Best "Under the Radar" Free Agents

I thought I would share a free agent wish list that doesn't include the usual suspects of marquee players. Here are some "under the radar" free agents that won’t break the bank while providing...


Garrett the next Jimmy Johnson...child please!

When I read the title of Tom’s latest Kool Aid musing comparing Jason Garrett to Jimmy Johnson, I nearly spit coffee all over my computer screen. I was so floored by Tom’s fantasy laden article...

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