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What if I had a time machine? A hypothetical question about a coaching search you may have been following

Okay, this is in the manner of a Law School question, accept everything I say below as fact. I don’t want to hear about how we would have won against team X or team Y or that time machines don’t...


I have an extra for the Rec Hall game

The price is $96.50 which is 1/4 of what we paid for the four tickets we got, it includes fees shipping etc., but other than that it's a straight face value deal. You would be sitting with yours...

Scouting Goes Through a Rough Patch.


Yes, that's actually the headline. This country officially cares more about football that about child abuse. Officially. 1,247 perpetrators. Not victims, perpetrators. One Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Seven. Perpetrators. Not counting those that have happened since 1985. A rough patch indeed.


RIP Beano Cook

Not sure that I have a full FanPost worth of material on this. But it was recently announced that Beano Cook passed last night. Beano was a consummate, die hard, Pittsburgher, a ravenous Notre...

Culture problems


Of course, class at Ohio State probably is waste of time.

In Plain View - Malcom Gladwell On Jerry Sandusky


A very interesting article that compares Jerry Sandusky's case to other similar cases. It's actually sympathetic to the fact that well meaning people, including the parents of victims, can be deceived by a highly functioning pedophile.

My suggestion for the new Penn State fight song.


In case you missed it from my Twitter feed. The words are easy to learn, and if we all join in at once, we'll scare at least two teams off the field.

Paterno Family Refuses Offer to Rename Beaver Stadium


Reportedly at least, but it sounds about right. Good for them. I think the University is trying to get out from under how they treated Paterno, and it seems like the family has no interest in letting them up. Good for them.

Dottie Sandusky Tries to Run Over Reporter.


Hilarity ensues. My views on child abuse notwithstanding, I am a staunch advocate of running over Channel 11 reporters. Rock on Dottie. Rock on.


An online shot for the Old Man.

It looks bad. It's looked worse. Maybe not. But until it's official, I will hold a good thought. A prayer even, on a night I've dreaded for sometime.


Why I think we are, where we are.

Everyone has written this Fanpost (except me). I get it. So feel free to disregard it. I originally intended to bury it in the Fanposts, but I couldn't get the format to work out, so here it goes....

What? I mean obviously. But damn.


Police cheif that shut down the 1998 Child Abuse investigation was, wait for it....Jerry Sandusky's neighbor. God damn, State College might be the worst place in the world.


Everybody [please consider] Shut[ing] up About the Bowl Game.

I was listening to the reactionary lunatics on sports radio here in Pittsburgh, and I performed an exercise that I often do. I stopped and asked myself, what would I say if somebody actually...

Can't say that I blame him


This was obviously going to happen, but Urban Meyer has decided that he wants nothing to do with this mess.

Looking for a University Flowchart.


Hypothesis/Something I'm working on. I have written conformation that Tim Curley is Joe Paterno's immediate supervisor. I believe, that Schultz was Tim Curley's immediate supervisor. The link is to a picture. I believe it shows the administrators are shown in order of their pecking order. Shultz's position is represented by Albert G. Horvath, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business/Treasurer, who held that job previously. If anybody could help out here, we might be able to help the old man.

So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time

Q: Al Davis died today and you were a pretty good friend of his. Can you say a few words about him? A: Good ole' Brooklyn boy. I was telling some of the guys a story, when Al got the job at Oakland, Al was one of the great recruiters of all times. In fact, when Al went to Southern Cal, he beat me on that big kid from New Jersey and he got him to go to Citadel. And the guy who was the general who kicked the devil out of the poor Italians going up the Italian Peninsula. Al was a good guy. It was amazing, Al Davis, Al Lerner, who since has died, Sonny Werblin, Art Modell, Barbara Stanwyck, they all came from the same high school, Beverly Sills. So when Al got the job, he called me up, wanted me to be his offensive coordinator, I was an assistant coach. Just got married about a year ago. He was promising to triple my salary and give me a car. I didn't have a car. I made about 6,000 bucks. I thought about it, I said, 'I'm not going to Oakland.' Sue was happy, so he blamed it on Sue. So he called Sue up and said, 'You know you're holding up your husband's career.' So I called him up and said, 'Al look, leave Sue out of it, I just don't want to take the job.' He said, 'Why don't you want to take the job?' I thought I'd have a little fun with him, so I said, 'Al, you know what, you and I would have a tough time getting along.' He said, 'Why?' I said, 'Because I'm smarter than you and you'll never admit it.' But Al was a good guy, I'm sorry to see that. He's been sick a while. Last time I was out on the west coast, when (Tom) Flores was the coach. I called Flores up and wanted to talk a little football with him. Al heard I was coming up and took me out to a big fancy dinner. He was a tough guy, a lot of people in the NFL didn't like him because he was a little progressive. I'm sorry to see him go, I really am. I thought this quote was priceless. Never rooted for Al Davis once in my life. Rest in peace, to a tough competitor.

Tailgate Thursday - Oktoberfest Edition

Oktoberfest maybe the most wonderful time of the year.  It's certainly one of my favorites, especially now that I can drink beer.  Of course, when I reviewed the 25 year old menu from the...


Tailgate Thursday - Chile-Lime Mayo Cheeseburgers

For the Cheddar Cheeseburgers: 1  pound sweet sausage 1  pound Monterey Jack jalapeno cheddar cheese, grated 3 1/2  pounds lean or extra-lean ground beef (85/15 or 90/10) 2  cups diced yellow or...


Tailgate Thursday - 25th Anniversary Special Edition

We're back in the saddle again for another edition of Penn State Nittany Lion Football, the 125th if your keeping score at home.  While many of you are familiar with Tailgate Thursday from last...


My response about the team to jtothep.

This just got to big to be a comment. Not that we need another post about this topic. Where would you start?  Fixing the program?


Tailgate Thursday (Indiana already? Edition)

During my unexcused absence last week it appears that you folks delved into a discussion of the merits of the “Texas Style” Chili dog that is neither from Texas, nor invented by a Texan.  Of course...


Is 400 a lock in 2010?

  There has been some media coverage of 400 this week.  Last night on ESPN, Lou Holtz said something nice about Coach Paterno.  He even told a funny joke; Penn State is 15 minutes from Harrisburg...


Tailgate Thursday (Yes, but do the Ohio State fans care? Edition)

  If you’re like me, every activity you’ve taken part in has been in the context of; what does this mean to Ohio State?  The answer has hopefully been nothing.    A few weeks ago (Illinois) I...


jesse. is an idiot open thread. (UPDATED with Pitt Homecoming Photo

I’d like to thank Rich Rodriguez for turning Michigan in West Virginia.  I’d like to thank Rich Rodriguez for making West Virginia look appealing to Michigan.  In short, I like Rich Rodriguez.  I...


Tailgate Thursday (White Out Edition)

Michigan. Blech... Try to get the ugly tast out of your mouth from just saying that with a White Chicken Chili reciepe that shoud keep you warm right up until kickoff.


Tailgate Thursday (highly strained reference to Minnesota edition)

  Inspiration can be a funny thing.  When your team is 3-3, and a road game against the worst team in the Big Ten is worrisome thing, it can be a very hard to find thing.  The email came from Mel...


Tailgate Thursday (making amends in an off week edition)

To those of you who closely follow my ramblings on this blog, you know that I am divorced, and a divorce lawyer.  I know the value of making amends, and as I mature, I'm learning to do it before...

Something tells me this article is going to create a bit of a stir.

In November 2005, Steve and I flew to Ohio State to talk to receiver Santonio Holmes. We met him outside the football building, and he said, "Listen, I want to save you the time. We don't need to meet. I've been taking money from [an agent] the last couple years, and he's been taking care of my family too."

Tailgate Thursday (better late than never edition)

Remember the first post, the one where I said that I didn't start doing this post myself for a lot of reasons, one of them being that sometimes I'm actually required to practice law?  Well yeah,...

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