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Change is coming to the Clink

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."

Extinction Level Event

The passing game is alive and well, but a meteor looms heavy in the sky.



This is what gravity looks like.


2013's best deep passers

(This article, like everything I write here and everything I do in my real life, is really only an excuse to talk about Russell Wilson.)

"Top Five-iness" QB rankings through Week 13

If "Top Five-iness" sounds made up, that's because it is, but I made it up and I like it so I'm going to keep talking about it.


Measuring the "Top Five-iness" of NFL quarterbacks

In stupid debates all around the country, stupid NFL fans love to fall back on the trope of the Top 5 QB. "Sure, he's good, but is he top 5?"


Quick addendum to the Darrell Bevell post

You may have read Jason Drake's thought-provoking article on Bevell yesterday. He was nice enough to share his data source with me in the comments and I've spent the better part of my Friday buried...

Join our ESPN Gridiron Challenge group


If you, like me, aren't totally into the Fantasy Football scene, you might really like Gridiron Challenge. All you have to do each week is set a Fantasy roster that fits within a $50M Salary Cap. Each player is given a price tag based on their performance, and the market fluctuates as the season goes on. Right now, the prices are set based on last year's performance, but as the weeks go by the best players will increase in value while underachievers become more affordable.

The price you pay for each player is locked for as long as he's on your roster. So if you get Russell Wilson for $6 million, and by the end of the year he costs $9M because he's setting the world on fire, he still only counts $6M toward your cap each week. You can add/drop players at any time.

Best part is that it only takes about 5 minutes of thought per week, so you can wake up on Sunday morning and tinker with it for a few minutes, then sit back and see how your guys do in the games.

Here's the link again: FG & Friends Gridiron Challenge

Training camp Day 3 open thread


Not sure if Danny has already scheduled a post, but I kinda missed having this yesterday. Let's chat in here until further notice.


2013 Seahawks Training Camp Roll Call

It's time to hand out a mandatory homework assignment for all readers.

Forbes: Seattle Seahawks 27th most valuable sports franchise in the world


#1 Real Madrid Value: $3.3 billion Owner: Club members

#2 Manchester United Value: $3.165 billion Owner: Glazer family

#3 Barcelona Value: $2.6 billion Owner: Club members

#4 New York Yankees Value: $2.3 billion Owner: Steinbrenner Family

#5 Dallas Cowboys Value: $2.1 billion Owner: Jerry Jones

#6 New England Patriots Value: $1.635 billion Owner: Robert Kraft

#7 Los Angeles Dodgers Value: $1.615 billion Owner: Guggenheim Baseball

#8 Washington Redskins Value: $1.6 billion Owner: Daniel Snyder

#9 New York Giants Value: $1.468 billion Owners: John Mara, Steven Tisch

#10 Arsenal Value: $1.326 billion Owner: Stan Kroenke

#11 Boston Red Sox Value: $1.312 billion Owners: John Henry, Thomas Werner

#12 Bayern Munich Value: $1.309 billion Owner: Club members

#13 Houston Texans Value: $1.305 billion Owner: Robert McNair

#14 New York Jets Value: $1.284 billion Owner: Robert Wood Johnson IV

#15 Philadelphia Eagles Value: $1.26 billion Owner: Jeffrey Lurie

#16 Chicago Bears Value: $1.19 billion Owner: McCaskey Family

#17 San Francisco 49ers Value: $1.175 billion Owners: Denise DeBartolo York, John York

#18 Green Bay Packers Value: $1.161 billion Owner: Shareholder-owned

#19 Baltimore Ravens Value: $1.157 billion Owner: Stephen Bisciotti

#20 Indianapolis Colts Value: $1.154 billion Owner: James Irsay

#21 Ferrari Value: $1.15 billion Owner: Fiat Group

#22 Denver Broncos Value: $1.132 billion Owner: Patrick Bowlen

#23 New York Knicks Value: $1.1 billion Owner: Madison Square Garden Co.

#24 Pittsburgh Steelers Value: $1.1 billion Owners: Daniel Rooney, Art Rooney II

#25 Miami Dolphins Value: $1.06 billion Owner: Stephen Ross

#26 Carolina Panthers Value: $1.048 billion Owner: Jerry Richardson*

#27 Seattle Seahawks Value: $1.04 billion Owner: Paul Allen

#28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Value: $1.033 billion Owner: Glazer family

#29 Tennessee Titans Value: $1.011 billion Owner: Kenneth Adams Jr

#30 Kansas City Chiefs Value: $1.008 billion Owner: Lamar Hunt Family

#31 Chicago Cubs Value: $1 billion Owner: Ricketts Family

#31 Los Angeles Lakers Value: $1 billion Owners: Buss family, Philp Anschutz

#31 Toronto Maple leafs Value: $1 billion Owners: Bell Canada, Rogers Communications

#34 Cleveland Browns Value: $987 million Owner: Jimmy Haslam

#35 Minnesota ViKings Value: $975 million Owner: Zygmunt Wilf

#36 New Orleans Saints Value: $971 million Owners: Thomas Benson, Rita Benson LeBlanc

#37 AC Milan Value: $945 million Owner: Silvio Berlusconi*

#38 San Diego Chargers Value: $936 million Owner: Spanos family

#39 Arizona Cardinals Value: $922 million Owner: William Bidwill

#40 Chelsea Value: $901 million Owner: Roman Abramovich

#41 Philadelphia Phillies Value: $893 million Owners: Partnership led by David Montgomery

#42 Cincinnati Bengals Value: $871 million Owner: Michael Brown

#43 Detroit Lions Value: $855 million Owner: William Clay Ford

#44 Atlanta Falcons Value: $837 million Owner: Arthur Blank

#45 New York Mets Value: $811 million Owners: Fred and Jeff Wilpon, Saul Katz

#46 Buffalo Bills Value: $805 million Owner: Ralph Wilson Jr

#47 Chicago Bulls Value: $800 million Owner: Jerry Reinsdorf

#47 McLaren Value: $800 million Owner: McLaren Group

#49 San Francisco Giants Value: $786 million Owners: Partnership led by Charles Johnson

#50 Oakland Raiders Value: $785 million Owner: Mark Davis


Rep your hood OT thread

We are all connected to Seattle in one way or another, but I thought it would be cool to learn which part of Seattle we all actually consider home.

NFL Sunday Ticket for $100 with Madden 25


This is mostly for out-of-town Gulls, but still a great deal for everyone to be able to watch whatever game they want on Sundays. $100 gets you NFL Sunday Ticket for PC/tablet/smartphone. You also get Madden 25, which, from what I've heard, will make the best beverage coaster your home has ever seen.

Walter Thurmond getting reps in punt return game


"We have a lot of high hopes and high expectations and also in the punt-return game, too. He wants to be part of that thing, too, and will be battling with Golden (Tate) in the preseason." Excited to see this.

Kam Chancellor playing QB in OTAs, completes pass to Richard Sherman


Kam getting those emergency reps in. Keeps it on the zone-read then connects with Richard Sherman. This is glorious.

Kings to Seattle: More Progress


I wanted to get this up so that we don't have to bother the poor Sacramento fans in order to discuss. Here's the latest: "The NBA received an executed Purchase and Sale Agreement for the transfer of a controlling interest in the Sacramento Kings from the Maloof family to an investor group led by Christopher Hansen. The proposed transaction is subject to the approval of the NBA Board of Governors and has been referred to the Board's committee process for review." Sacramento's mayor is still leading the charge to find a local buyer and still plans to meet with the NBA about intervening. There are also rumblings around Larry Bird and Phil Jackson getting involved with the franchise. Rumors, but intriguing ones.

Seahawks jerseys 20% off through 1/22/13


Just in case anyone here isn't following the Hawks on social media. Promo code THANKYOU12 at checkout gets 20% off.

This is the second game thread for the Packers-49ers game.


This is the second game thread for the Packers-49ers game.

jhmg16, who hopes this is not against the rules

Mike Holmgren gets the boot, Browns sale final


The dude who founded Flying J truck stops is the new owner. Wonder what Mike's next move will be.

New York Times on the Legion of Boom


Not much that's new for us Seahawks fans, but a nice thorough writeup by the NYT is a big deal for ET, Kam, Sherm and Browner.

12th Man Flag flying over Seattle today. Keep an eye out. Sorry for the horrible quality.


12th Man Flag flying over Seattle today. Keep an eye out. Sorry for the horrible quality.

NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3


This just went live in the PlayStation store. It's a one-time payment of $299.99, which is steep. On the other hand, it puts Seahawks on my big screen on gameday. Anyone do this last year? Who's taking the plunge with me this year?


(PSA) New Seahawks jerseys won't be available tomorrow, after all

Thank you for your interest in the new Seahawks jerseys. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, not all inventory will be available tomorrow, including our authentic jerseys....

Randy Moss a 49er


One-year deal. Thank goodness for Alex Smith.

"The Super Bowl just ended," Baldwin said. "So those guys have been on the field working this...


"The Super Bowl just ended," Baldwin said. "So those guys have been on the field working this entire time. And they didn’t take any time off, so why would I?"


FirstRowSports shut down by Dept. of Justice


Thought this was relevant since many of you guys rely on these sites to watch live NFL games. Better make your Super Bowl plans accordingly.


A "Thank You" to the Field Gulls staff after the 2011 season

Apart from my unassailable health, timeless good looks, wealthy upbringing and ridiculously supportive parents, I don't think there's anything I take for granted more than the free content...

ESPN's "NFL Playoff Machine" is back up


Awesome tool. I always have a lot of fun with this, and keep it bookmarked during the second half of the season.


CLink on Gameday - What to see, what to do?

I'm heading to the Ravens game this Sunday, it's the first game home game I've attended since 2003. Just wanted to reach out to the FG community and see what you recommend for gameday down at the...

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