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I am a composer, guitarist and educator at CSU Bakersfield. When I'm not busy with a musical endeavor, I'm busy chasing my 9-year old triplet boys around the house. HH is a nice place to get away for 20 minutes a day...

I am into stats. I feel like there is a lot of information to glean from looking at hard numbers. They matter, and they can allow you to retain an objectivity that you can not keep when solely watching with your eyes.

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Angels nab AA reliever from Royals


Angels grab Greg Billo from Royals. No biggie on its own, but maybe it is a precursor to calling up either Alvarez or Bedrosian....

GIF of Trumbo in the OF. Yikes.


Trumbo is going to be a disaster in AZ.

De La Rosa exits with forearm tightness....


Man, this team can't get through a game without losing a player to injury... 2014 is freaking me out.

Rev gets hitched!


Congrats Rev! So wish I'd been there!!!


Why Mike Trout Should Win the MVP

The MVP is Most Valuable Player. Playing baseball includes many things, of which batting is a single aspect. Granted, it is probably the most important aspect of a position players game, but it...

Mark Trumbo's 2nd Half Disaster...


I finally decided to head over to Baseball Reference to see just how bad Mark Trumbo has been in the 2nd half. Well, he's lost 80 points of BA and OBP while loosing - brace yourselves - 240 points of SLG. Ugh - I think that first half was more of a really, really hot streak than it was a new level of performance. Homey looks overmatched.


Pujols, A-Rod and Marketing the Angels in Los Angeles...

I began using the internet in 1995 - as an undergraduate student in music. Like many, I was using AOL as my ISP at that time and I barely understood the real internet. However, what I did...

I'm just so happy for Casey Kotchman....


Not really related to the Angels today - but I knew Kotchman was having a good season in TB, just wasn't sure how good. Turns out, he's doing what I had hoped (and expected) him to do here: .400 OBP/.450 SLG. 30 walks and 40 K's while playing - I assume - really great defense at 1st. I'm just happy he didn't flame out entirely.

I am so tired of the "JETES GOTZ NUMBA TREE-THOUSUND" crap. I come to HH to avoid this stuff. But...


I am so tired of the "JETES GOTZ NUMBA TREE-THOUSUND" crap. I come to HH to avoid this stuff. But what are the three most important baseball stories on SB Nation?

Jean Segura looking good...


Last night a colleague visiting from another university wanted to go see a minor league baseball game, so we went to the Bakersfield Blaze game, and they were playing the 66'ers. So, I lucked into getting up close and personal with Segura and Jose Jiminez. Segura led off and drew a 5 pitch walk, and ended up stranded on third after a pick off (the first of three awful base running plays by the 66'ers). Segura came up for his third AB with runners on 1st and 3rd and CRUSHED a ball to left missing a HR by 8 feet off the high LF wall at Sam Lynn Ballpark. One runner scored and he cruised into 2nd with a double. I left in the 6th (my kids were with me and 6- year olds go ape-crazy at 9 PM) but didn't miss much else. Back to base running. In 6 innings I saw: a bad pick-off with 1 out and runners on the corners in the first, a caught stealing, and...a caught stealing on a DELAYED steal with a runner on 3rd. Bad base running... Segura was fun to watch, but the team didn't look at all interesting beyond him. Jiminez was Ok, but not good defensively. He pulled a Mathis and tried to throw it into CF on a steal attempt. Anyway, just thought I'd share.


Howie Kendrick & the Increasing Walk Rate

I haven't really been watching many games since the KC series, but I have been looking at box scores and following a bit on MLB AT-BAT 2011.  While I have been pleased to see Howie hitting the...

Rob Neyer joins SB Nation as National Baseball Editor


He may typically undersell the Halos, but Rob Neyer (along with Baseball Prospectus) was my first exposure to more advanced statistical analysis of baseball. His early writings educated me constantly about things that I found imminently interesting. I pretty much stopped reading him when he went beyond the paywall at, but when I did read him I was always entertained. Congrats of getting away from the World Wide Leader, Rob and good luck with your new gig...

Deja vu all over again - Halos showing interest in K-Gregg


Filling bullpen holes with expensive "closers". That's some awesome trAdition! I didn't like the Gregg trade for Resop, but he's going to be expensive and not really worth the money at this point. Rodney v. 2.0???

So much for Prior...


So, Mark Prior signed with.... wait for it.... The Texas Rangers tonight.


Wood vs. Aybar: Another View

My question is really simple: what has Aybar done to be given any preference over Wood? Looking at the play of Erick Aybar and Brandon Wood in the majors and minors over the last four or five...

Escobar in the mid 90's...


He could be ready by late April or early May.... I love Escobar and can't wait to see him back.

Vlad may have his VISA revoked...


Hat tip to Rob at 6-4-2... Apparently the State Department is deciding what to do with all players from the Dominican re: the age-gate scandal. Recourse could include revoking or suspending his VISA which allows him to work in the U.S.

Aybar Puts Failed Bunt Attempt Behind Him...


Just a basic article about Aybar and overcoming the missed bunt. But, the article also has quotes from Scioscia about how Aybar and Izzy will battle for the starting SS job...with nary a mention of Sheriff Woody. Wood has no shot at the SS job. Kinda lame.

OC Register Top 13 Angel Prospects


HH diarist rghan gets a credit in this compilation list put together by the Register...

John Sickels ranks the Top-20 Angel Prospects


With the killer job that rghan is doing on a Top-10 Prospect List, I thought it was appropriate to post this blog entry by John Sickels about his Top-20 Halos prospects.

Q-Dog signs to avoid arbitration


Quinlan signs for $1.1 million plus incentives to avoid an arbitration hearing with the Halos. Only Santana and Izturis remain headed to arbitration...


K-Rod's new role in NY: Closer (70% of the time?)

Met's manager, Jerry Manuel said this to the press after the press conference where K-Rod was introduced as a Met: "I do think that if we are to be where we expect to be, we'll have to have more...

D-Mac up with Florida...and drawing walks.


So far, in two games, D-Mac has 5 plate appearances, 3 walks, 2 runs and 1 K. Here's hoping he crushes the ball and makes the Halos look stupid for letting him go.

Torii Hunter said he had no interest in predicting what might happen in New York should the Yanke...


Torii Hunter said he had no interest in predicting what might happen in New York should the Yankees miss the playoffs. "The Yankees? Who cares?" Hunter said. "That ain't my side of town. "I'm from the West Coast. West Side!"

L.A. Times Article on the Yanks possibly missing the playoffs for the first time in 14 years...

Re-Sign Juan Rivera Now!

So, the signing of Gary Matthews Jr. was panned throughout the Halosphere when it went down. I talked about it here. Rob at 6-4-2 talked about it here. Rev Halofan talked about it here. There...

Angel minor-leaguer suspended 50 games...


Thomas Mendoza - High-A ball pitcher with a 4-12 record, ERA approaching 5 and bak K numbers. Nothing to see here. Hopefully Arte releases him when his suspension is up.

Jose "Headcase" Guillen wants out of KC...


Hilarious... He signs a big contract there and now six months later, he wants to be traded. Damn.

Teixeira Targeted...again!


So, it looks like the Halos are looking at Teixeira again this year. The Braves want a first baseman, power-hitting outfielder and a starting pitcher. The LA Times posits that the Halos could part with Kotchman and Rivera to get Tex. If that happens, I am annoyed. Big. Time.


Lineup Analysis

There is a great tool available online via Baseball Musings called the Lineup Analysis Tool.  Basically, you input the names, OBP and SLG for the nine guys in the starting lineup and through a...


Casey Kotchman devolving before our eyes...

  I decided to look at the Halo stats last night for shits and giggles when I stumbled upon what I thought must be a typo. Kotchman has 18 walks this year.  

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