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I am a composer, guitarist and educator at CSU Bakersfield. When I'm not busy with a musical endeavor, I'm busy chasing my 9-year old triplet boys around the house. HH is a nice place to get away for 20 minutes a day...

I am into stats. I feel like there is a lot of information to glean from looking at hard numbers. They matter, and they can allow you to retain an objectivity that you can not keep when solely watching with your eyes.

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Matthews out indefinitely! Woo hoo!!!


Matthews has a slight tear in a tendon in his knee. Season-ending surgery, anyone? Getting him on the bench will be the best upgrade this offense could get in the second half and if he is really hurt, Scioscia can't play him because of veteran mojo! It's a win/win situation.


Frankie is going to opt for Free-Agency!

Well, K-Rod came out and said what we all thought he would - that he will opt to test the free agency waters this winter. He will NOT try to reach a deal with the Halos on an extension and his...


BAVASI: Be afraid, be very afraid...

So, you think the firing of Bill Bavasi as the M's GM is all good news?  So far it is, but we all might want to take a deep breath and hope that this nugget from the L.A. Times is true...


Scioscia looking to infuse lineup with OBP

It seems that Scioscia is finally starting to come to grips with the fact that starting Matthews and Anderson and their 500+ AB's of .300-ish OBP might be acting like an anchor on the offense.  It...


Beckett scratched...

Josh Beckett was scratched for the start this evening.  Glad we miss him - he owns the Halos as of late. Link to ESPN Story What does this do to our pre-game poll? ANSWER: Pregame Poll changed...


Hud on the radio

So, yesterday I was driving home from my teaching gig and listened to the last few minutes of pre-game and first few batters of the game on the radio.  When I turn on the radio I am greeted by...


Who's the SS for the LAAoA in March?

"Aybar, who is expected to open 2008 as the starter (at shortstop)". Mike DiGiovanna made that comment and wrote a little more about the situation at SS in this article that answers readers...


Best 25-man roster...who's on yours?

Construct your optimal 25-man roster using any player on any team in MLB.  I didn't take anything into consideration with regards to availability, cost, sign-ability or attitude.  I simply...


Why Scioscia isn't a great manager

The fact that GA had to come out in the 2nd inning of this game is completely and wholly on Scioscia.  If GA couldn't see well enough to play LF in the daylight - that should have been figured out...


My take on the ALDS...

The teams are closely matched, with Boston being a "tick" better in my opinion.  Folks have called out Scareduck about being a pessimist, but he isn't the only person that thinks the Halos are a...


Optimal 25-man Playoff Roster

So, the Halos are getting healthy - finally - and most likely heading to the playoffs.  My challenge to you is this: Construct the optimal 25-man playoff roster.  How many pitchers do you carry?...


Colon out with bum wing...

So, now he has a bum elbow to go with the iffy shoulder. What are your thoughts folks? He has been bad for a couple of months - is this a blessing in disguise? Who takes his place in the rotation...


Kudos to Stoneman...

With my utter disdain for Bill Stoneman at an all-time high after the signing of Gary Matthews Jr., I figured I should remind everyone of a smart thing he did in the recent past... signing Kelvim...

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