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PFM visited my daughter's 2nd grade class today

Pro tip... if your kids casually mention that Peyton Manning *might* be visiting their class you might want to take them serious. I didn't. But at least I've got amazing pictures... one class pic...


Playoffs = Mile High Thunder

Reading all the stuff about a Brady/Manning AFC Championship showdown got me to thinking. I know it's skipping ahead a week and we have to take care of business but my thoughts about such a power...


Our TE's

I've been completely underwhelmed by our TE play after 3 games. At best Dreesen is average and Tamme is a cut below that. Both have had drops and both exhibit a tendency to wait for the ball to...


Mile High: let's make this place deafening

I have really appreciated Elway's attention to bringing back the noise at Mile High. We're getting better and last week against the Bears was pretty good but I've gotta say in the CLUB LEVEL there...


McDaniels must go post deleted??

... NOT that I believe McDaniels must go (as my brother insists after a brutal loss tonight) but this post had 16 replies as of 30 minutes ago and now it is mysteriously GONE. What gives? ...


Brian Dawkins Weapon X

   I don't know if everyone's seen this but with the priveledge of being a part of something special with Brian Dawkins on our team comes the need to find out where he's been and what makes him so...


Ravens toss Broncos fans for standing

Baltimore security tosses Broncos fans for standing.


Report from SD (going to every Broncs game 'til they lose)

Stil haven't made it back from San Diego yet but I have some things to report. Qualcomm is 50 - 60% louder than Mile High.  Sad but true.  I will address my ideas to get back the old Mile High...


Thoughts on the Raider game...

What if we just ditched the politically correct kiss-ass talk all week about how they're better than their record, yada-yada... and call it like it is... we should walk all over this pitiful...


WANTED: RB... warm bodies needed

I like what I've seen initially from Hillis and I'm not counting him out for being able to suck up the load, BUT... Anyone have any ideas for scrounging up some RB's right now?  I've heard talk...


Ray Lewis free agency...

... anyone interested?  He's shown some resurgence... might get a good 2 years out of him. How does the salary cap look under this scenario?  I really like the way DJ and Nate have played this...

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