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jksnake99 is a 28 year old Portland native in grad school in the Bay Area.

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  • MLB San Francisco Giants
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Kelly Olynyk is the Answer.

The question, of course, is "Which likely first rounder and possible lottery pick most resembles Blazer's Edge legend AK1984?" via via Twinsies. I can't even tell...


Trade Exception Appreciation Thread

I was disappointed this morning not to see a thread devoted to a valuable member of the Blazers that as of yesterday is no longer a Blazer asset. Trade Exception became a Blazer on July 16, 2012,...


Jamal Crawford Appreciation Thread

Jamal Crawford is perhaps the most undervalued and underappreciated Blazer of all time. This fan post seeks to change that. To wit: Jamal is the only Blazer ever to win the Free Throw Percentage...


Looking at some Stanford Men's Hoops Advanced Stats

With two pac-12 weekends in the books, I thought I'd take a look at some of the advanced basketball stats that are out there and see if I can find anything of interest. I'm using s...


OT: Jake Reviews "Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and How Games Are Won"

  The new book "Scorecasting," by University of Chicago Finance professor Tobias Moskowitz and Sports Illustrated journalist L. Jon Wertheim has received a fair bit of press (including in one of...

Nate Silver of blogs about Carmelo Anthony


Political stat geek Nate Silver (formerly of Baseball Prospectus) dabbles in basketball sabermetrics with an interesting post examining the effect playing with Carmelo Anthony has on the offensive efficiency of Melo's teammates.

Video interview with John Spencer about the Timbers draft from


Video interview with John Spencer about the Timbers draft from

College Hoops Stat Geek Ken Pomeroy Discusses Plus Minus


Really good post by one of the best college basketball analysts out there. He discusses NBA plus minus also.


Blazer Stats of Interest Through 14 Games

With a bit of a break in the schedule, it seems like a good time to run through some stats for the Blazers.  I used HoopData for the most part, and also Basketball Reference, Hollinger stats at...


Fun With Small Sample Sizes; A look at Some Early Season Stats That Mean Either Little or Nothing.

Its always fun to peruse the stats, and at this point in the season its important to remember that the sample size is too small to really make too many conclusions because of differences in...


October 17 Junk Drawer

Lots happened in the sports world today-- The Texas Rangers evened their ALCS with the Yankees, 1-1. The San Francisco Giants took game 1 of the NLCS over the Philadelphia Phillies. Oregon State...


July 26th, 2010 Junk Drawer: Sporcle Edition

Welcome to the jd.  92wastheyear suggested I use this photo since I am coming to you from the mezzanine level of the beautiful Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Energy and Environment Building...


7/19 Junk Drawer: Covers That Are Better Than The Original and/or Just Awesome

I stole this idea (and some of the songs) from this post over at McCovey Chronicles, SBN's San Francisco Giants blog. There are some great cover versions of songs out there.  Some of them are even...


Blazers-Suns Stat Dump

  Last year I did a stat heavy preview of the series against the Rockets and it was fairly well received.  This year, it seems like there's even more content out there, so I don't know how...


March 22st Big Red Junk

I am going to gush about Cornell Basketball for a while.  Feel free to skip to the junk. via Well, this first weekend of the NCAA tournament was one for the ages for m...


Oracle Meltdown Part 10: Eyewitness Observations Via a Bitter and Sarcastic Rant...... Wait what?

As I sat stewing in my seat late in the 3rd quarter while the group of Blazer fans (including the guy with the face paint) across from me continued with their "Let's Go Blazers!" chant, I already...


Jeff Green Part of the "Big 3?"

Hi folks, Blazer fan here. Hopefully this won't come off as too sour grapes, but I've been wondering why Jeff Green gets so much credit and is thought of as part of the Thunder "Big 3." I wanted...


1/21 JD Late Night Tennis FTW

During events such as Grand Slam Tennis (other than the US Open), The Olympics (depending on the time zone) and The World Cup (also depending on the time zone), people like me get an idea of how...


Blazer Player Stats of Interest Through 17 Games

The Rip City Project did a good team stat post and included some individual stats, but I thought I'd run through each player and list some stats of interest, relying on, 8...


Fun With Small Sample Sizes (A Look at Some Early Season Stats of Interest)

A week into the NBA season, let's take a look at some stats.  This is not meant as any kind of analysis (sample sizes are way too small), merely for kicks.  I'm using and...

Statistical Plus/Minus: Portland the favorite out West?


Basketball Reference did some automated (ie no human bias) projections of the upcoming season using Statistical Plus Minus. Interesting to say the least. They later used a slightly different method, also favorable to the Blazers, here:

NBA Locks Out Refs


Not new news, but bad news just the same. NBA reffing's not great but anyone who's watched Summer League or low-major college ball knows it could get a lot worse...

Dwight Jaynes rounds up some Oden quotes


"What I got was pretty predictable. Everybody thinks he’s improved and that he’s moving "better" — not to say he’s moving great, but better. But I will say this, nobody — and I mean NOBODY — is seeing him as anything close to a major contributor on offense." Follow the link to see the quotes from Dwight's sources.

Credit to Planet29 for noticing this: "In Odens last 400 minutes of playing time (23 games) he had...


Credit to Planet29 for noticing this: "In Odens last 400 minutes of playing time (23 games) he had ONE assist" Think about that. After he returned from the Maggette knee bump injury, Oden totaled 1 assist. Including the playoffs. In the same period of time, he had 29 turnovers. This is kind of scary.

Malcolm Gladwell on How Underdogs Win


Very interesting article by the author of "The Tipping Point" and "Outliers."


What Happened to Portland's Offense In the Playoffs? Help me add Observations to Explain the Ugly Numbers.

We've all heard it and talked about it nearly ad nauseum.  Depending on which stat geek's numbers you look at, Portland had either the #1 or the #2 offense in the NBA this year.  Defense was the...

KP2 chat-- couple of Blazer questions answered


Jacob (CA): Kevin, what's your diagnosis for Portland's awful offensive showing in these playoffs? Too much 1v1 play? Relying on offensive rebounding too much? Just a great job by Houston? Where does Portland go from here? Kevin Pelton (Basketball): The thing is, the Blazers' offense should in theory be much easier to translate into the playoffs than teams that rely on transition offense or something like that. That was the premise of a piece I wrote for Sports Northwest Magazine earlier this year. Dependence on outside shooting did make them somewhat vulnerable, but end games in the playoffs are all about 1-on-1 play (as one person remarked during Boston-Chicago Game 5, "We play a team game for six months. Then it's all about the individuals in the playoffs."), so ... . I think a lot of the credit has to go to the Rockets, who made the Blazers really like discombobulated at times in the series. John (NYC): What do you think Portland does this summer? They are already a good team, but it seems like they are very much an "unfinished" product. The small forward spot, Oden's role on offense, backup pg, all seem pretty much in flux... Kevin Pelton (Basketball): Oden should be much better next season, and I wouldn't let Nicolas Batum's invisible postseason detract too much from the good rookie campaign he's had. In my opinion, PG is still the biggest area the Blazers need to address. Can Jerryd Bayless be that guy? I'm not sure.

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