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jksnake99 is a 28 year old Portland native in grad school in the Bay Area.

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  • MLB San Francisco Giants
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Greg Oden and the Minute Allocation to Players in Foul Trouble

I am by no means a Nate hater, rather I think he is doing a good job and is in the upper half of NBA coaches, perhaps even in the top 10. A pet peeve of mine, however, is his treatment of Greg...


A Modest Critique of Kevin Pritchard

Before I start, let me say that I am very glad Kevin Pritchard is the GM of the Blazers.  I think he's done a great job and is one of the top 5 GMs in the league. However, I want to temper the KP...

Wages of Wins Journal: Oden>Hawes


The Wages of Wins Journal discusses the Suns and then disagrees with a Sacramento Bee columnist's take on the two young big men.

Another Coach Gets the Axe (Theus)


Theus was dealt a very tough hand-- taking over a rebuilding team and dealing with a lot of injuries (among other issues, star Kevin Martin has already missed 16 games this season). The Kings will be at home against Minnesota on Monday before playing the Blazers at the Rose Garden on Tuesday. Assistant Kenny Natt will be the interim coach. The link I gave is to Sactown Royalty.


25 Game Stat Geek Update

This will follow the same format as my last update, drawing heavily on the work of John Hollinger. Pace Portland continues to plod along, playing the fewest possessions per game in the league,...

An Oden Interview on with Rick Kamla and Steve Smith aka "Smitty."


Great interview. Oden sounds in decent spirits and he's clearly a great kid. It made me feel a lot better.


Ridiculously Late Junk Drawer 12/10: Scoreboard Watching Edition

Well, we're over a quarter into the season and everyone agrees there are 9 teams fighting for 8 spots out west.  Well, I guess its really 8 teams fighting for 7 spots unless you think LAL's loss to...

Wages of Wins Journal: Early Season Observations

"...And the fifth best team is the Portland Trail Blazers. Although I have not looked at all rookies, Greg Oden and Rudy Fernandez look to be on pace to be the primary contenders for Most Productive Rookie award. Currently Fernandez has produced more wins. Oden, though, has the higher WP48 and should eventually have a higher Wins Produced (if he stays healthy). I should note that Oden’s productivity has been obscured by the outstanding play of Joel Przybilla. And I should also note that Portland employs six players with WP48 marks that are above average. None of these, though, are named LaMarcus Aldridge..." The Wages of Wins Journal has some interesting thoughts on the early season. Regarding the Blazers-- it is well known that Wages of Wins gives a TON of weight to rebounds, which helps explain why it loves Joel and Oden, and hates LMA. However, I think its clear that to be a player we can consistently count on, LMA needs to up his FG% and his rebounds. I'm not sure who the 6 Blazers playing above average by this metric are, but I am 99% sure 4 of them are Roy, Joel, Oden, and Rudy. My guess is that the other two are Blake and Batum. (Win Scores hates low rebound, low True Shooting % guys like LMA, Frye, and Trout-- but I'm not sure how it feels about Sergio).

TrueHoop: What Happens to Portland When Oden is in?


Henry finds that, in addition to a higher turnover rate and an uptick in opponent FG% Oden's teammates shoot just 35% from the floor when he is in. Why is this? Are we taking worse shots when Greg is in than when Joel is in or is this just a fluke that will correct itself? I'm going to try to figure this out in the next few games.


14 Games In: Another jksnake99 Stat Geek Update

This update is mainly a Hollinger stat update, with a few other tidbits thrown in.  If someone else, like KP Corleone wants to do an stat update, I would be interested in reading it. ...

Hollinger's Playoff Odds Are Out...


... and his numbers like Portland's playoff chances. This tool was pretty good last year-- it was high on Utah and somewhat down on Portland, even as the Blazers caught fire in December. This is worth a daily check, in my opinion.

TrueHoop on Oden


Henry notes that despite Oden's strong showing, the Blazers are still getting used to playing with him. Oden has the game's worst plus/minus.


True Shooting %: Joel and Rudy Good... Aldridge bad

The Hollinger stat "True shooting %" is basically an improved points per shot-- it is a measure of how efficient a player is with his shots.  The formula is: True Shooting Percentage = (Total...

Win Scores Is Not Impressed With Kevin Durant


Win Scores is a metric that loves efficient shooters and rebounders. As such, it loves the likes of Reggie Evans and hates the likes of Iverson, our own LaMarcus Aldridge... and one Kevin Durant. Of course, the metric is correct when it comes to Durant but wrong when it comes to Aldridge :) Link for the basics on David Berri's win scores:

Blazers the NBA's #1 Offense (Insider)


The Blazers have the NBA's most efficient offense in the league, scoring 109 points per 100 possessions, despite having played 4 games against teams in the top 10 defensively (we've also played 2 against really bad defensive teams... Minnesota and- incredibly- San Antonio). Unfortunately, we have the league's 3rd worst D-- but hey, it wasn't long ago we were 2nd worst.


Hollinger Stats: Fun With Small Sample Sizes

With three games in the books, let's take a look at the Hollinger stats.  Small sample size caveats apply in a big way here-- probobly so much so as to render this post useless... but that isn't...

I'm terrified of the Lakers


The Lakers are better than we are and almost as young as we are. Read David Berri's analysis if you dare, then try to talk me down. I need it.

The Blog Association: Blazers


Ball Don't Lie Ranks BlazersEdge as the third best Blazers blog, behind Casey's blog and one I hadn't seen before, The Rip City Project.

DMiles article from Yahoo! Sports


by Peter May. Still doesn't really break down how good Miles chances are of actually making the opening night Celtic roster.


Team USA and other non-Rudy Quarterfinal Action

I woke up in time to catch the 2nd half of the US quarterfinal win over Australia.  The Americans broke open a 12 point halftime lead with a major spurt to start the 3rd quarter, and the Aussies...


OT: Non-basketball Olympic Thoughts

I figured it was time for another Olympic thread.  My thoughts on the games so far: 1) Michael Phelps swims fast. 2) Really fast. 3) At least 3 of the Chinese gymnasts were under 16 and you...

Oden discussed on PTI by Mike Wilbon and guest host JA Adande.


Oden discussed on PTI by Mike Wilbon and guest host JA Adande.


Team USA takes on the Aussies

Its 10 minutes after 5 am on the west coast, and I'm awake to watch Team USA's last tuneup for the Olympics, against the 70 million dollar man Andrew Bogut and the Aussies.  Its a tuneup for me as...


Team USA Update and Discussion

Team USA defeated Turkey 114-82 in an exhibition today held in Macau, China and notable for Lebron James becoming comfortable with the FIBA rule allowing you to "goaltend" the ball once it hits the...

Brandon goes biking.

Brandon Roy

Brandon goes biking.

"Oh He Steal!" Steve Blake's Finest Moment. With the fanpost of Blake's missed jam, I had to ba...


"Oh He Steal!" Steve Blake's Finest Moment. With the fanpost of Blake's missed jam, I had to balance it with this classic Billy Packer announcing moment as Blake ambushes Jay Williams (shame what happened to that guy- he was a talent).

314 30 minute delay game thread

75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words75 words75 words75 words 75 words 75 words75 words75 words 75 words 75 words75 words75 words75...

NBA Refs too close to players?


NBA Refs too close to players?

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