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Skinning Cats: Telesco-style

We all have our own ways we want to see this team built, and this weekend has made very clear that very few of our philosophies line up. The guys that do this for a living also skin the same cat differently.

How transparent should Mike McCoy be?

San Diego Chargers fans have been killing McCoy recently on this blog. We as fans do not like his answers as press conferences, or some of his decisions on the field, but honestly, would we be happier if he was publicly admitting his faults to us?

What can we expect from Philip Rivers in 2013?

What can football fans expect from Philip Rivers this season? Looking back at the history of his new coaches may give a good indication...

An objective look at Tom Telesco's first 3 picks


Now that the picks have had time to settle in, my knee has stopped jerking and I'm ready to take a deep breath and look objectively at the first three rounds.

Do the Chargers Need to Draft a TE in 2013?

Many playmakers are available at Tight End in the draft this year, do the San Diego Chargers need to draft one of them?

Proof That Ryan Mathews Should Get More Touches

Premier running backs get the ball. Period. So why have the Chargers kept the leash on Mathews?

Playbook Confidential: Chargers vs Titans, Part 1

Norv Turner cooked up a couple new personnel packages for the game against the Titans, yet still continued to be fairly predictable in his other packages.

Trolling Training Camps for Depth: RB


Scouring NFL roster to look for depth at the RB position that may interest the San Diego Chargers

NFL Players Association Hates The San Diego Chargers


The NFLPA and DeMaurice Smith hate the Chargers.

Playbook Confidential - Cowboys @ Chargers: Part I


Looking in on the personnel groupings and playcalling for the San Diego Chargers' second preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys.

San Diego Chargers' Potential Sleeper 1st Round Picks


What is the Chargers first round draft selection that makes so much sense that there's no way it will happen?

Post Combine 2012: Breaking down the OLB's and DE's


Who is the next elite pass rusher in the 2012 class? I'll break them down by the numbers and let you know how they fall out.

Stacking up the Chargers' Wide Receivers


How do the Chargers Wide receivers stack up against the rest of the AFC West? You may be surprised on who the best Chargers WR was this season.

Playbook Confidential: The End of Norv


In his second to last game as the head coach of the Chargers, Norv didn't even put up a fight to stay. What about this game spells the end for Norv in San Diego?

What's Wrong With Philip Rivers?


Philip Rivers is clearly not right. Did he do everything he could during the lockout to get better? Maybe he did too much...

Playbook Confidential: What Category do the Chargers lead the league in?


Would you consider the Chargers the most efficient offense in the league? Certain statistical categories would indicate that they are...

Playbook Confidential: Personnel group analysis


How Norv Turner creates and exploits mismatches using personnel and formations...

Playbook Confidential: Personnel and Playcalling @ NE


How could the Chargers offense become even more deadly? It's easy: Norv needs to stick with what works even if it is predictable.

Playbook Confidential: Personnel and Playcalling @ ARI


Good afternoon, Bolts fans!  I'm back again for another edition in the Playbook Confidential series, this time with a breakdown from the third preseason game at Arizona.  In case you didn't see my...

Playbook Confidential: Personnel and Playcalling


A look at Norv Turner's playcalling to see if any tendencies can be found.

What to Expect: Offensive Positions


Finding comparisons around the league to try and predict how certain Chargers players will perform in 2011.

Highlights from Training Camp - July 31st, 2011


Team report and photos from day two of Chargers Training Camp

RB Ryan Mathews a step behind to start camp


Not a good sign when the stud RB shows up and fails the conditioning test to start training camp...apparently we now know who the 2% was when Norv said that 98% of players passed the conditioning test.

Highlights from Training Camp - July 30th, 2011


BFTB was on hand for the first public day of Chargers Training Camp, and we have the photos to prove it.

Chargers agree to terms with Takeo Spikes


Helloooooo Takeo! Chargers add a veteran at a position of need...not to mention the fact that he knows the new DC's system.

Why AJ Smith should, and will, change tactics...THIS season


So AJ has been notorious for many things, one of which is his unwillingness to do anything for than dabble in the NFL's free agency period.  History has shown that AJ prefers to take Undrafted Free...

Football Outsiders: Chargers were most efficient team in the league with 3 WR


With all of the changes at the WR position last season, it was strange to see that the Chargers were #1 in DVOA out of 3 WR sets with 66.8%. Yet even with all of that success, they only lined up with 3 WR's 29% of the time. Something to be looked at for next season I suppose...

Making the case to bring Reggie Bush back to San Diego


I will brace myself for some serious backlash here, but please hear out my argument before making a judgment on this one. We all should know that Reggie Bush is a local product, having grown up in...

Making the case to keep Kevin Burnett


So we all know there isn't a whole lot of NFL news right now that isn't associated with the labor dispute, but that doesn't mean that teams aren't ready to go for the moment that the doors unlock...

Cesaire reaches out to help his replacement


Gotta love the type of team-player that Cesaire is. Liuget was drafted to all but replace Cesaire and his first reaction after seeing that is to call up Liuget and offer him advice and a place to stay.

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