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Making the case to keep Vincent Jackson


The last season or two, Vincent Jackson has not made many friends in San Diego, and he has increased the number of enemies.  As fans, I think we make the mistake of taking these personnel...

Tallying the Chargers pre-draft visits


So most of you probably know that each time is allowed only 30 player visits prior to the draft.  The news on these visits is scattered all over the internet, and its hard to find a place that is...

Expectations for a First Round Draft Pick in 2011


Before you read this article, put yourselves in AJ's shoes...*ahem*...AJ's flip-flops, and first answer this question: What do you expect of a first round draft pick? I believe we would all have...


Post-Combine: Breaking down 3-4 OLB's and DE's

Post-Combine: Breaking down 3-4 OLB's and DE's...who is the best prospect?


Wish List: Take your pick...a pre-combine draft look

So every year for the last few years before the draft I have been making a list of sorts of the players that I would be happy with the Chargers taking with their draft pick...and the length of the...


Winning the turnover battle

John's post on the need for a defensive playmaker ties in really nicely with a post I have been working on and now seems to be the time to post it. I am a firm believer that winning in the NFL,...

Straight from the owner's mouth: Norv and AJ 's future with the Bolts


Spanos goes on the record to say that he is confident with AJ and Norv at the helm and they will both remain on board.


Walking in AJ's shoes: UFA's

A silver fox article in the paper this morning got me started on thinking about all of the personnel that may potentially be unrestricted this upcoming offseason if there is a new CBA by that...


Trip-ups in the running game

At the risk of having an emotional fanpost here following a tough loss, I'm going to pose some questions that need to be answered.  The questions revolve mostly around the RB situation and the...


(Not so) Special Teams...What Gives?

So by now everyone has noticed one of the glaring weaknesses in the 2010 Chargers through 3 games: Special Teams.  Many ideas are being thrown around to solve the problem, some realistic, some not:...


Talent management - Offensive Line

For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to review this article by Acee regarding the OT position, it is a pretty interesting read.  As I was reading through it, a thought occurred in my...


Lessons from the first preseason game...after sleeping on it.

We can't draw a whole lot of firm conclusions from the first preseason game since it is merely the first impressions from the 2010 Chargers roster. However, we can begin to notice some trends in...

AJ plays another card


AJ sent a letter to each Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson that notifies them of the team's intention to place them on the Roster Exempt list. Basically, this means that they have to sit out 3 games when/if they actually do sign their tender before being eligible to play in a game. Doesn't really change the situation much if they are going to sit out all season.


Questions for the 1st Preseason Game...

  First off, this preseason game will be the first time that the 2010 Chargers took the field to face anyone other than themselves.  Manage your expectations.  Don’t expect the offense to go out...


"Hard Knocks:" First impressions

As much as I am ashamed to say it, I tuned in to watch HBO's "Hard Knocks" Season premier last night.  What I can I say?  I love me some football, even if it is the J-E-T-S.Some things I noticed...

Chargers sign S Quenton Teal


Interesting given the competition already at the SS position in camp. Maybe Stuckey's injury is more serious than we thought...Is there another injury that we don't know about? With the depth at the safety position, it is hard to imagine that this is just a signing to add bodies for the preseason game. Interesting, indeed...


Merriman's respect campaign

So it's been a couple weeks and Merriman is in fact still holding out of camp.  What are the opinions out there on his "respect campaign"?  My opinions on it have fluctuated from thinking it was...


League Trend - Offensive Versatility

So I started thinking about trends in the league the other day and how the Chargers either blazed the trail, followed a trend started by other teams, or steered away from the popular trend in this...


Merriman’s chances of being a Charger in 2011…

  Before I get started, does anyone know if Vegas has any odds established on this one yet?   So I’m sure most of you now know about the “respect campaign” that Merriman is on now, threatening...


"One of these teams is not like the others..." and other myths

The San Diego Chargers are not alone in having disgruntled Restricted Free Agents that are unwilling to sign their tender offers. We take a look at a few other teams in the NFL who are having...

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