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Christmas Songs OT

Today is my last day at work until after Christmas, as you can tell, I am hard at work. Use this thread to discuss the merits of Egg Nog as an alcoholic beverage (and getting drunk off of it), what...


Homecoming game

Alright, so who all is going to be up in the Valley of Happiness this weekend? I have two tickets, I'm leaning towards keeping them, if this week plays out the way it's currently shaping up, I'm...

BSD to get new logo


SBNation is undergoing a dramatic and radical update/redesign. With it, each site is getting a new design. Most are similar to the ones they currently have. BSD, not so much. And it's pretty lame, IMO.

Jamil Pollard to Rutgers


I'm kind of surprised that he has opted to go to Rutgers. After all he did to get accepted here, I didn't think he'd leave.


An interesting case study: PSU and Mid-Majors, doing more with less

So the NCAA made themselves and every other moralizer feel good about themselves with their unprecedented actions. What Mr. Emmert doesn’t realize is that, along with solidifying the team and...

Stewart Mandel Goes Derp


A guy writes in and asks about the NCAA removing wins from Joe Paterno. I'll put Stewart's most ridiculous statements here: "If, as expected, the forthcoming Freeh report shows that Paterno used his influence to squash reporting Sandusky.." Awesome brah, way to like, you know, dive head first into the speculation pool. I can appreciate a guy who doesn't peter around waiting for facts. "...but it would eliminate the blight of a coach who helped facilitate one of the most disturbing scandals in recent history" I swear, I really think people believe that Paterno held the kids down while Sandusky diddled them.


Weekend OT: Beer thirty

So it's Thursday, somewhere around 2:30ish. I'm out of the office tomorrow and I only have about an hour or so left in my day. Not really feeling like getting into anything to in depth and all the...

Sandusky fondled man in Wisconsin


And also, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were seen doing shots of Jack at the Corner Room. The spelling mistakes really set it off. Stay away from the bath salts kids. "I told him to leave me alone because I was peeing, and Sandusky said to me 'let me touch it' and reached in the urinal and grabbed my penis....let me make your sexual fantisy's come trlje"

Sandusky abuse victim interview


So this guy said he was abused by Sandusky, yet isn't one of the eight that testified? Man, will this tragicomedy ever end?

Fun with Dan Snyder


It's a deadspin link but it is penned by Drew Magary who is quite humorous. Big Daddy Drew takes apart Dan's bio page on the team website. So in summary, dear Dan Snyder, please keep on being Dan Snyder.

Freeh Investigation Update


According to this, the BoT will no longer get an advance look at the Freeh report. Apparently somebody must have finally realized how awful that would look.

Yay Drew!


Drew Astorino is getting a try-out with the Eagles. Good luck Drew!

Paul Jones' road to redemption


"The crossroads came last June, when Jones and his mother sat down for a meeting with then-quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno and academic adviser Todd Kulka. They laid out his options: Either go to a junior college to get his grades up, or work his way out of trouble at Penn State. Either way, they told him, we’re not going to let you fail out of school." Following up from some comments yesterday, does this sound like "giving up" on a player by the former staff?

Urban Meyer: Program Savior...Program Destroyer?


Quite the damning article by the Sporting News. If half of the stuff in this is true, it makes me feel dirty for even wishing that he would take over after Joe.

Freeh Investigation update


I swear I almost threw my computer at the wall "Two people who have been interviewed said they were asked about compliance with NCAA rules and about leadership dynamics — for instance, how Spanier interacted with the athletic department, and how Paterno interacted with the university administration." Awesome. Let's throw some more dirt on the dead man.

Poke one more hole into the state's case


I'm not sure if this has been covered at any point but this is the first time that I've seen it. Just one more example of a bunch of information that is murky at best or contradicts other things at worst.


OT thread: Simpsons' quotes

So a subthread in one of the other posts got me thinking, what is everyone's favorite Simpsons quote? Or are there just so many that it's unpossible to pick one? Without further ado...

This is more about the university and The Second Mile..


I'm not going to hold my breath, but maybe...just maybe, some people might be finally starting to ask the "right" questions. As said in the article, right now there is no proof, just a theory. Hopefully this can either prove or disprove a coverup.

JayPa for trustee..Not so fast my friend


...the bylaws prevent former employees from serving for a period of three years after leaving the university.

Bill O'Brien 4th worst new hire in FBS


According to CBSSports, BOB was a worse hire than illuminaries such as Garrick McGee, Charlie Weis, and Todd Graham. Reasons for him being a bad hire include, following a legend, the JS scandal, really hard hitting reasons if you ask me.

Wow. This could be big


Another part of the story that is finally getting some attention. Some fishy/shady things here. To me and my non-legal mind, it sure seems like Baldwin is trying to revise history.

What's next? Burning down the stadium?


Just when I thought I had seen all the mind numbingly stupid articles out there, I stumble upon this one. While we're at it, we should raze State College and just start over. That way all the buildings that enabled a pedophile would be punished too!

Why Petersen may come to Penn State


Of course, this is pure snark/speculation on my part, but come on. The Broncos finished 7th in the final BCS standings and are playing in the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl. Even with all the crap PSU has gone through in the last month, and we still get a better bowl then they do. If I were Petersen, I'd at least be willing to listen, to be given the opportunity for rewards to my success.

Paterno clashed with Administration


In other news, water is wet. Sky is blue. Story at 11. Anyways, this sure looks like a classic example of one email taken out of context and then getting a quote from somebody who has an axe to grind. Hooray for journalism.

McQueary "changes" his story?


We do not know what his GJ testimony was. We have a summary of it. To suggest otherwise is disingenious. Looks like Sara Ganim's editor is looking for page views.

Mens Health on the PSU scandal


Just a great piece. Helps shed a little light on why Mike, Joe, etc may have acted the way they did. Just reiterates to me why we shouldn't judge Mike for what he did or didn't do in that position. Read it.


A random thought while driving this morning

Note: Mods, feel free to remove if you think this is unnecessary or just more piling on. I just had this thought while I was driving to work this morning and wanted to try and get them down,...

Bahaha. Oh Big East


A list of the schools rumored to be getting invites. It really will be the Big LEast. Central Florida, SMU, Houston, Navy, Air Force, and Boise. Wow, a real murderers row.



I hope he chokes on his condescension. I read two paragraphs and wanted to fight him. I stopped to avoid raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

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