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Todd Haley and his delusions of grandeur continue


He will declare himself King of the World soon enough...he won 10 games once!

A Statistical (and subjective) Comparison of Geno Smith and Matt Barkley

These guys are generally considered the top two QBs in the '13 draft, so I decided to put together a statistical comparison with a little help from stats. Now, I've come down firmly into...


So next week

Chiefs vs. Saints / Chargers vs. Falcons / Broncos vs. Texans / Raiders vs. Steelers


Romeo is genuinely thrilled with getting Poe


Makes some good points about Poe playing every down & having to play several different positions for Memphis. Hope he works out for us (obviously).


Can anyone take the Jets in the AP Mock Draft?

I was selected to be on a Jury today and the trial is expected to go for 3-4 days...thus I have almost no time for this. If not I'll make the pick, but unfortunately there won't be much of an...


Thoughts on possibly drafting Morris Claiborne?

Now that we have two legit elite QBs in the division, what do y'all think about trading up a few spots and going after Claiborne in the first? Walterfootball has him dropping to #9 overall, and...

Peter King has some sense


"I am surprised he views Denver clearly better than the Chiefs, which apparently he does. Kansas City has better backs, if Jamaal Charles returns whole this year, and comparable if not better receivers. The Chiefs had a better defense last year, by three points and 24 yards allowed per game."

According to the Denver Post, Manning was asked to visit KC, but he declined


Take it with a grain of salt. But if it's really the case, may god have mercy on his soul.


My turn to play GM

Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't I? 1. Sign Peyton (duh). Go with Peyton, Cassel & Stanzi next season. Cassel is insurance against Peyton's arm not returning close enough to form...As...


I'm not usually one to complain about advertising on a free resource like AP

But the Delocated ads are getting out of hand today.


KC will be picking at #11 or #12

Not a bad spot. Here's to a tie between Seattle & Arizona so we're at 11 in every round...

Weigman is retiring


I hadn't seen this posted here...looks like Weigman has already (unsurprisingly) decided that he's hanging it up on Sunday.


Cassel vs Orton (and Schaub)- 2009-2011

In the spirit of another Cassel vs. Orton post here, I decided to see how the two compare in terms of QB efficiency. The way I understand it, the knock on Orton has always been that he's wildly...

Can we see some more of this please?


Yeah I know it's preaseason against scrubs & no pass rush, but Stanzi's mechanics are just beautiful. I hope he gets some good playing time over the next three weeks.

Food for Thought


I do realize that these are only highlights, but Stanzi looks so much more poised than Cassel. I'd rather lose with Stanzi learning and improving than with Cassel doing what he always does.

Peyton Manning may end up being released this offseason


He's due a $28 million dollar option in February...could he be released if Indy is drafting #1? More importantly, if he's released & still able to play, wouldn't he make KC an instant Super Bowl favorite? I don't think there's another team in the league with better offensive talent in place for him to make a few more Super Bowl runs. Would Pioli & Haley be interested? I hope so!


RIP Steve Jobs

The world will miss the ideas that time wouldn't allow you to share.


So, who gets hurt this week?

It's definitely going to be an offensive player, since we like to alternate like that....Moeaki, Berry, Jamaal, and now Flowers. Since only 'impact' players seem to get injured, the list has to be...

ESPN Total QBR - Cassel still hanging in there at #30


Not sure what to think of this as a useful stat, but in any case I don't think anyone needs stats to tell that Cassel hasn't been too hot coming out of the gates this year.


I haven't been this pissed off about a football game in six years

I've been a huge supporter of Haley but a few more performances like this in '11 and I'm going to want a coaching change. Not to mention Cassel, who suddenly can't throw anything more than a...

Football Outsiders doesn't like the Chiefs too much this year


They are projecting 5-6 wins for this year based on their statistical analysis...ouch. This is interesting because they were about the only media outlet predicting that KC would win the division in '10. Let's hope they aren't so accurate this time around.


Suggestion for AP Mobile this ad a tribute to Chris' "stash"?

69662d34f04dba0e456cdc82e27bf054 this ad a tribute to Chris' "stash"?

Tamba Hali isn't one of the 15 best pass rushers in the NFL


So says Pat Kirwan. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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