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FSU Revamps Locker Room, adds College Gameday set


FSU Updates Locker Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Coaches' Offices, and adds replica College Gameday set

Florida State Spring Football Questions: Tight End


After surviving transfer and injury induced depth issues in 2013, can the cast behind star tight end Nick O'Leary make an impact?


Film review: Miami 3rd quarter

A comprehensive review of Florida State football against Miami in the 3rd quarter.


Film review: N.C. State 3rd quarter

Florida State football film review: 3rd quarter against N.C. State


Florida State football film review: Clemson 3Q

Full film breakdown of the third quarter of Florida State's win over Clemson.


Film review: Maryland 3rd quarter

Florida State football film review: Maryland 3rd quarter

Film review: Boston College 3rd Quarter

Florida State football film review: Boston College 3rd Quarter


Film review: Nevada 3Q

Florida State film review of the first quarter against Nevada.

FSU Football Updates Doak Bag Policy


New bag policy at Doak Campbell stadium mirror NFL bag size limits.

FSU-Pitt film review: 3rd quarter

Florida State's defense took over in the third quarter.

Demonte McAllister Player Preview

5th-year senior Demonte McAllister is primed to make an impact for the FSU defenseive line.

Ryan Green can provide a home run threat


Running back Ryan Green will bring the speed to FSU's run game.

Rebooting Chris Casher

Chris Casher was once a five-star defensive end. But he hasn't played a season of football since 2010. What will Florida State get from him in 2013?

FSU lands DT Torres


FSU lands 3 star defensive tackle on Monday evening.

P.J. Williams battling for job in loaded secondary

Cornerback P.J. Williams has undeniable NFL talent, but in a secondary that could eventually see as many as 10 players drafted, can he earn major playing time in 2013?

FSU lands four-star defensive line recruit

Florida State landed a four-star defensive line recruit Monday evening.

Can James Wilder Jr. put it all together?

James Wilder Jr. made a number of highlight runs in 2012. Is he ready to carry the load for Florida State and take the pressure off red-shirt freshman QB Jameis Winston?

2013 football preview: Cason Beatty

Cason Beatty will need to improve a lot on his punting in 2013.

Season preview: Chad Abram, fullback

Previewing the 2013 Florida State Seminoles with a look at fullback Chad Abram.

2013 season preview: Roberto Aguayo

Roberto Aguayo has a big ask him replacing Dustin Hopkins, but he has the physical talent to do so.

Virginia Tech loses DJ Coles for 2012 season


DJ Coles, VT's top returning receiver by receptions, busted his knee and will miss the rest of the 2012 season. Virginia Tech is now down to only returning 16.5% of catches from a low 31.3%, and just 19.5% of yards, down from 34.6%. Add this to an OL that lost a lot of starts, a 1st round RB, and the comparisons of Logan Thomas to Cam Newton are unlikely to be fulfilled this year.

Doyel - Florida State was supposed to save ACC, but instead it's killing it


Doyel uses the typical national-sportswriter-beat-wake-first nonsense to slam FSU for potentially leaving the ACC for the B12. But then he veers from the standard fact-devoid column into uncharted waters: - TCU (TCU!!) is one of the reasons FSU would remain in "relative mediocrity" if we go to the B12 - He seems to believe Swofford has the acumen to do something about this: "He's sneaky, he's ruthless, and he has no conscience. In other words, he's "a consensus builder." Wouldn't stun me if Swofford manages to save the ACC, break free from the BCS and join OPEC. Swofford is that good. Or bad. Both." -FSU is "coming back slowly" under CJF. Same guy who took the offense from mid-60s to top 10. Same program that has improved from 25th in 2009 (with #1 O and #99 D) to 15th in 2010 to 8th in 2011. And has as many wins as all but 12 BCS programs in last 2 years. He is, of course, correct that FSU and Clemson leaving will kill the ACC.

Orlando Sentinel early projections for 2012-13 bowls


FSU to Orange Bowl vs Louisville UF vs Clemson in the Chick Fil A Bowl Miami vs Marshall in Military Bowl (will be great for UM, they recruit against Marshall often) USC-LSU for all the marbles

Updated 2012 Roster for Spring Ball


The roster on seminoles.com has been updated. Some interesting notes: - Terrance Smith did get a medical redshirt - 11 scholarship players from 2011 class redshirted, including 2 DT, 2 OL, 2 DB - Glauser is listed as a senior. Apparently there were issues at his previous school, and he will only have 1 year of eligibility. - Only 2 of 7 OL from 2011 class were able to redshirt, which speaks to level of injuries/depth problems going into 2011 - We have 4 SR DT's. Behind them are Jernigan, Mitchell, and NLS. Goldman and Shanks make 5 scholarship DT's for 2013

It's official: Kickoffs from 35, touchbacks to 25, 5yd running start for coverage team


"The Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) during its conference call on Tuesday approved moving the kickoff and touchback lines beginning with the 2012 football season. Next fall, teams will kick off at the 35-yard line instead of the 30. Also, players on the kicking team can’t line up for the play behind the 30-yard line, which is intended to limit the running start kicking teams used to have during the play. Also, touchbacks on free kicks will be moved to the 25-yard line instead of the 20 to encourage more touchbacks. Touchbacks on other plays (for example, punts that go into the end zone, or fumbles that go out of the end zone) will remain at the 20-yard line." - from NCAA website What I really didn't like was the no-running-start rule for coverage teams. The 35/25 would make elite kickers even more valuable, giving a major field position advantage for a team who can kick it sky high with good coverage. Coverage rule may negate that effect if you can't get down there quick enough.

If Cristobal goes to Rutgers, will recommend FSU OC James Coley for FIU HC job


As reported by @coachingsearch - who, notably, also threw out the name Eddie Gran UPDATED: hours later, multiple twitter reports make me look like an idiot. Cristobal will stay at FIU. Sorry Trooper Taylor, you'll have to find fodder for negative recruiting elsewhere.


Using F/+ & Returning Starters to predict FSU 2012 statistical performance

Final '11 F/+ Ranking Team Unit F/+ 2010 Rk. F/+ % RS F/+ 2011 Rk. F/+% Improvement 1 Bama T 3 29% 17 1 35.80% 6.80% D 15 10 1 14 O 5 7 7 -2 2 LSU T 13 1...

Some choice quotes from Dabo's press conference about Steele today. Notably, he had ACC Champ...


Some choice quotes from Dabo's press conference about Steele today. Notably, he had ACC Champ trophy at table, yet no oranges. On Steele "Can't let a terrible night lose sight of some special things we accomplished this year" - like giving up 27+ points to 9 teams, including an FCS team and a 2-10 team. "Clemson football is back, and we ain't going nowhere" "I have no doubt we can become the dominant team that the ACC has needed. "Right now we are the best team in this league" - 3rd in ACC in F/+ "we've got a chance over the next 4-6 years to make a run that Clemson hasn't seen in a long time." I hope we're accumulating bulletin board material here.

twitter.com/aimclemson Dabo just gave out bulletin board material for Jimbo in his post-Steele PC

Dabo wins Coach of theYear


Dabo wins COTY over Gundy, Saban and Les Miles. Bobby Dodd reportedly rolls over in his grave.


2008-10 OL Recruiting - what got us to this current OL?

Since I'm seeing a lot of stuff on the boards about how we should fire Coach Trickett, I decided to put together a post evaluating the 08-10 classes he was involved in recruiting and developing. W...

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