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Wall and Beal cut because Team USA to play Zone Defense. What? The best athletes in the world and we are going to play zone?

How far has America's confidence in their abilities in the basketball world fallen? I just heard an interview with Brian Windhorst that Team USA is going to play zone defense. Are you kidding me?...


Kevin Durant setting up to be the Most Loved or the Most Hated person in the DC Area

Poor Kevin Durant. What a decision! Come home two years from now and be the toast of the town. Washington DC will no longer be the vacation place he can come to and relax anymore. No more looking...


Long Term Outlook: Chicago Making Sure Cleveland Trades Wiggins. Wiz should hope the same.

The best thing for Cleveland right now is to trade for Kevin Love. The best thing for Cleveland in the long run is to keep Andrew Wiggins. His potential is superstar status. A Jordan-Pippen rebirth...


Deja vu! It's the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan all over again.

Here we go again Wizards fans. Playing for second place in the Eastern Conference. The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking like the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls. They have a young...


Superbowl Wizards Weekend: Otto Porter to Prove that He is The MAN in Las Vegas.

The time has come folks. Put up or shut up. This is OTTO PORTER TIME. The 3rd pick in the entire 2013 NBA Draft has had a whole year to prepare for this moment. The Small Forward is going to prove...


If you want Kevin Durant to be a Wizard in 2016 you have 8 hours to have Ted and EG rescind the Gortat Deal!

If you want Kevin Durant in 2016 raise your hand. Raise it high. At the start of the 2016 season Marcin Gortat will be 33 years old. He will have 3 years and $36million left on his contract. His...


Is Kyrie and Wiggins better for Lebron than Wall and Beal? Or are there other factors keeping LBJ away from even contemplating DC

Let's get straight to the point. Ted Leonsis is not building an NBA Championship Team. He said he wants to build a "perennial playoff team." Yay! We want Second Place in the East! (maybe we can...


Ernie Grunfield Legacy: Paranoia Reigns as GM Consistently Bids against himself and "Mystery Team"

Marcin Gortat is the latest player the Wizards have outbid themselves. Can anyone name what other team was willing to pay Gortat that much money? Dallas was going to be the biggest foe but already...


Wizards Goof: Grunfeld Sends in the Wrong Paperwork- Mistakenly Qualilfies Seraphin instead of Booker

Let me get this straight, Trevor Booker has interests from at least 8 teams. Kevin Seraphin has interest from one team, the Washington Wizards. Let me go back to last seasons playoffs. They both...


Final Poll Numbers: 77% of Fans Not Confident of Wizards Ownership. Only 10% is Confident.

Is it shocking when the Team's Front Office sells a 2nd round pick, their only pick in the entire draft, for $1.8million that we fans are shaking our heads in disgust? What benefit did the Wizards...


Poll: After Selling the Wizards Only Draft Pick, How Confident are you in Ted Leonsis and Monumental Sports Ownership of the Team? (so far after 74 votes: Less than 1 Fan out of 10 have Confidence in Ownership)

Let's be honest. We have owners in the NBA that have proven that they are willing to spend money to try to produce a winner: New Jersey, Dallas and New York come to the top of the list. We have...


Ernie Grunfield's Wizards History has shown he is at his best drafting Late in the 2nd round

As one of the biggest bashers of the Ernie Grunfield regime with the Washington Wizards, I have to give him props for his late choices in the 2nd round. As we all should know anyone picked in the...


We should support changing the name when the Red Mesa High School Redskins change their name

Almost everyone has spoken for the Native Americans. They want the name Redskins removed from the Washington Redskins. They say it is offensive to Native Americans. In their Trademark case they...


Congratulations to the leaders of the Redskins name change: The Washington Post, 106.7 (especially Chad Dukes) and MSNBC's Mike Florio of Profootballtalk. YOU DID IT!

If you want to congratulate the winners in the name change please send your letters of congratulations to the Washington Post (their entire sports staff), 106.7 the fan with the leaders at the...


If Jan Vesely fell to #15 and San Antonio took him, would Jan Vesely be the NBA Finals MVP right now?

I know it sounds wack, but there are a whole lotta folks who believe that it only matters what team drafts a player is the difference between that player succeeding or failing to develop in the...


Why did Grunfield pick Jan Vesely over Kawhi Leonard???

Lets get this out of the way. You or me or the thousands of Wizards fans do not get PAID to make our draft picks. No matter what we say or think the only thing that matters is who the teams General...


Evaluating Ernie Grunfield's Drafting of Foreign Players. It's a Crying Shame.

Out of the 6 foreign players that Ernie Grunfield has drafted for the Wizards, not one of them has made even a small contribution to the Wizards, unless their rights were traded. And yet, the team...


POLL: After watching this season, Who would you take with the 3rd pick of the draft now for the Wizards? (*Noel at 32%, Giannis 27%, Porter 4th place with 12%) 193 Votes!

They say hindsight is 20-20, but I say let them play the games to show who are the better players. Everyone does there own scouting to see who we think deserve to be drafted by our favorite team....


It's Time for Martell Webster to EARN HIS MONEY!

Going into the 2012-2013 contract year season Martell Webster said all the right words while beating out Trevor Ariza for the starting Small Forward position. Even though he had a serious back...


How Drafting Otto Porter instead of Nerls Noel will affect the Wizards for years to come

Lets say for arguments sake that whether the Wizards drafted Otto Porter or Nerls Noel that they would have eventually traded for Marcin Gortat anyways. It seems reasonable because the Wizards...


The Time to Trade Nene is NOW!

He's finally healthy. He has 2 years left on his contract ($28million ish). You could not ask a better time for Nene to be playing at pretty much full strength. It is trade deadline time. I am...


Wizards Fans getting False FUTURE Hope through the Eastern Conference Standings

Imagine for a second that the Wizards played in the Western Conference. Transfer their record and you would see that they would be in 10th place and out of the playoffs. In fact, I would say they...


Everything Wrong from the Wizards Owner to the GM to the Coach to the Players to the future Players

This just sucks. 3 games in and we are already almost throwing in the towel. The bad part is that even if we throw in the towel, the same GM may pick the next Jan Vesely or Otto Porter instead of a...


Let's Go Wizards! Time to be a fan and support our team, roster and organization

At 7:30 tonight I become the biggest Wizards fan in the world. I will no longer worry about what happened between the start of the off season through last weeks trade. My favorite players in the...


Passing on Drafting a Center in 2013 has already started to bring Nightmares to DC (and may continue for years to come)

When the Washington Wizards selected a Small Forward with the 3rd pick in the draft 3 Centers flew off the board at numbers 4-5-6. Charlotte, Phoenix and Philadelphia have secured their Center...


106.7 The Fan Leading the Charge against our beloved Washington Redskins Name!

Have you wondered to yourself who is keeping up the subject of the Redskins name being changed. Folks, it is 106.7 The Fan. Every chance their DJ's get a chance to keep it alive in the media they...


PFT says Mike from Breaking Bad wants the Redskins to change the name. (Is that the best actor they can come up with?)

In the effort to get Dan Snyder to change the Redskins name had on it's headlines that a D rated actor by the name of Mike from the show Breaking Bad wants the Redskins to...

Report: Porter backs out of Vegas Skills camp


Otto Porter was supposed to go to Tim Grgurich's camp in Las Vegas, but backed out. He's not hurt. Why would he back out of this highly sought-out skills training? Very interesting development.


The Greatest Franchise Altering NON-TRADE in the history of the Washington Wizards and Bullets

Just imagine Shaquille O'Neal being traded to the Washington Bullets back in 2004, or the Washington Wizards going into this season as the 2 Time NBA Champions. It very well could have...


How will Final Year of Contracts for Coach Wittman and Trevor Ariza Affect the Wizards

CONTRACT YEAR! It is nervous time for NBA Players and for all players in every sport. This is ME time. Brendan Haywood went from 7.3 Rebounds a game to 10.3 his contract year (He then went back to...

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