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Comparing under 30 win teams NOW since John Wall was Drafted (It's not pretty)

Here is the standing the year before the Wizards won the lottery and selected John Wall. New Jersey 12-70. New York 29-53. LA Clippers 29-53. Golden State 26-56. Washington 26-56. Where are they...


Signing Martell Webster means Otto Porter was taken to make the fans happy

If you take a Small Forward with the 3rd pick in the draft, he should start from DAY 1. Otto Porter is not the 15th player in the draft or even the 10th player taken. HE IS THE 3RD PLAYER TAKEN. As...


ESPN Inside Draft Experts Mock have Wizards taking Bennet. Porter falling to #6 to New Orleans.

Now that we are creeping closer to the draft, this is the first mock where I have seen Porter drop all the way down to 6. Cleveland takes Noel at number 1. McLemore goes to Orlando at 2. The W...


Truth About It compares Victor Oladipo to Michael Jordan. Wizards may regret passing on him.

What an excellent article One of my most enjoyable articles to read in a long long time. The John Feinstein drinking comments to Pat Riley wre excellent. Otto Porter supporters should definitely...


Poll: How Confident are you that the Wizards Front Office will take the best player this coming draft?

The Wizards have had a very mixed bag of drafts the last several years. I would say looking into the future that they hit the jackpot last year with Bradley Beal. I would also give them props for...


ESPN Insider: Jordan Crawford 5th best Trade Chip in the NBA

Direct from ESPN:......................... 5. Jordan Crawford (16.58 PER)| Washington Wizards.............. CrawfordThe 24-year-old leads the Wizards in scoring, is playing the best ball of...


How much will Kirk Cousins be worth on Draft Night 2013?

Almost everybody needs a starting quarterback: Jets, Cardinals, Jaguars, Browns, Bills, Raiders, Chiefs....... There are only 2 projected 1st Round quarterbacks in the draft. Geno Smith and Matt...


It is simple: Ernie has to go and so does Coach Wittman after comments

A Coach publicly saying he does not know what to do and he does not know who to play says it all. A Great or good Coach never, ever makes statements in public that bad about his players. He just...


The Next Starting Lineup Will Show If the Wizards had Learned from the Past

Is it the same 'ol same 'ol, or is it play the best? Are we going to worry about players FEELINGS or kick their butt because they suck right now? The next games starting lineup and minutes...


We needed the Replacement Ref's Yesterday. The Real Ones SUCKED bad!

The leg whip call was atrocious. We were driving. Poor 74 fell down and the defender ran into his leg. That call changed the game. Driving at the 15 with the 10 car. With a little more than a...


It's time to let RGIII loose with the 2 minute Drill on Offense before the Half

3 of the first 4 games the Redskins played it Safe (and gave up momentum) with less than 2 minutes left before the half when they had the ball on Offense (the Bengals didn't count because they...


Comparing how NBA and NFL Referees call fouls and penalties

Wouldn't it be nice to play a game and know that if your opponent breaks a rule that the Referee will call him out on it and then administer the penalty accordingly? The NFL knows that their...


Where is Tackle Willie Smith who the Skins released on Cut Down Day?

Remember Willie Smith, the Rookie Free Agent Tackle last year who started the last part of the season when Trent Williams was suspended? Willie did an excellent job. On cutdown day to get to 53...


Regular Ref's want more than $50,000 a year raise to come back to a part time job

First of all, to be an NFL Official you have to be pretty much financially set for life with perfect credit (so the Las Vegas bookies cannot get to you so easily). Second of all they are part time...


As Redskins Fans "Why you want the Judge to rule for Vilma and Smith on Friday"

As a Redskins fan I want Judge Berrigan to put an injunction for relief for Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith on Friday. This will immediately put the Saints in a very bad predicament. They have two...


Great Sign of things to come: Redskins 3rd highest value franchise despite losing seasons

The Giants won the Superbowl. They are New York's Team! So what? How could the Defending Superbowl Champions New York Giants be worth less than the Redskins? Check out Forbes New List Here. After...


DRAFT TONIGHT at 9:30: Fantasy Football: HogsHaven FFL2 From Last Year: Players needed.

* I need a few Hogs Haven Redskins Fans for my Yahoo Fantasy Football League: Draft TONIGHT AT 9:30 League ID: 198483Password: Riggins44 12 Team League- 6 Playoff Teamsh...


Memory Lane: Future First Ballot Hall of Famer Champ Bailey and a 2nd round pick traded for Clinton Portis

7 of the last 8 years Champ Bailey has made the Pro Bowl. 3 of those years he was First Team All Pro. Clinton Portis only made the Pro Bowl one year in 2008 since coming to Washington. Champ...


RGIII worth more than Flacco in ESPN Quarterback Fantasy Rankings

Haha. Joe Flacco, Baltimore's so-called Franchise QB, is going for 2 bucks in the ESPN Quarterback Fantasy Rankings. RGIII who has not even played one game is going for $3. At least Flacco is...


Richard Crawford making Brandon Banks expendable

New Kickoff rules have made a great kick off returner almost useless. Richard Crawford's excellent night playing cornerback and especially returning punts has put Brandon Banks on the cutting...


The Curse ends at 5pm Today with the Amnestying of Andray Blatche

"THEY'RE TRULY ONE OF THE TEAMS OF THE FUTURE." said Bulls guard Michael Jordan Do you remember that? His Airness was talking about the Future great Washington Bullets to be Wizards team. The...


Wizard's Starting Power Forward battle "could be" FEROCIOUS!

I am looking forward to the Big Guard battle between Bradley Beal and Jordan Crawford. In the end, Bradley Beal is going to be just too good and too much for Crawford. Opening night Bradley Beal's...


If the Wizards end up Trading down because Beal is gone then Ernie needs to GO or we need new Ownership

Did Ernie Grunfield telegraph that he likes Bradley Beal to be the Wizrds pick two weeks before the draft? I am just finding it hard to believe that a GM would be so stupid. Of course, this is...


Grunfield's Smokescreen Pre-Draft Trade: To Get Thomas Robinson

The only trade or draft pick I have ever remembered that the world knew Ernie Grunfield, as GM of the Washington Wizards, was going to make was when he traded Gilbert Arenas for Rashard Lewis. That...


Trade nixes MKG and moves Beal and Barnes to the top of Wizards Draft Plans

Acquiring 2 Defensive Specialists has left me with one conclusion: MKG is out, and Bradley Beal or Harrison Barnes will be the Wizards pick at #3. Picking MKG will leave the Wizards with...


Remembering Kwame Brown as the "Next" Kevin Garnett and avoiding lazy players

This could be the hardest thing in sports. Determining if a person is playing basketball to get paid or playing basketball because he loves it AND wants to get paid. Coming out of High School...


If Wizards lose #1 lottery pick, will/can Chris Bosh fill that void?

There will no longer be a big 3 in Miami next year. Miami's owner pretty much conceded after the new CBA was agreed upon that it will be almost impossible to keep all 3 and have a GREAT team. I...


Flopping: Technical Foul in High School; NBA should follow their rule

How bad is flopping in the NBA? It has it's own wikipedia page. The Los Angeles Clippers, finally a title contender, could be the premier flopping team: Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and Reggie Evans....


Why would JaVale turn out any different than Andray Blatche in DC?

The Media is slamming the Washington Wizards organization. JaVale is balling in Denver right now. He sent a series that should have been over back to the Mile High city. I am a diehard Wizards fan....


Haha: Ravens Coach Harbaugh needs to grow a pair

In less than 24 hours John Harbaugh went from saying that the Patriots Championships are Tainted, to it is public perception, and not his opinion, that the Patriots championships were tained from...

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