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As a Third Base Coach, if you never get a base runner thrown out at home, you're not doing your job.

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User Blog

A history of the St. Louis Browns, who we all know moved to Baltimore in 1954 to become the...

A history of the St. Louis Browns, who we all know moved to Baltimore in 1954 to become the Orioles. Didn't know George Sisler and Satchel Paige played for the Browns.


Should Aaron Kampman Receive a Super Bowl Ring?

Hello Jaguars Fans, I'm a Packers fan that comments over at Acme Packing Company. I have an ethical dilemma that I think you guys could answer. The Packers are given 150 Super Bowl Rings to...


Bye Week Topic: NFL Realignment Nine Years In

I so rarely make fanposts, but this is something I was thinking about recently and since it's our bye, why not bring it up. Back in the 2002 season, when the NFL added the Houston Texans and...

Crazy Postgame Indians Rant

One of us should go on O's Xtra after a loss and pull this schtick.

Conan to Host Late Night Show on TBS

You know it would be totally appropriate for Aaron Rodgers to be a guest on the show the first week of airing, just like Favre was on Leno's first week back at 'The Tonight Show'.


What to make of this team

I'm sure most of you have read what Cullen Jenkins had to say after Sunday's game in which the defense gave up four passing touchdowns to Brett Favre and the Vikings. And I'm sure some of you have...


Looking back on a Season: 2001

Looking back at the 2001 Green Bay Packers.


2002 Browns: How, Why?

Hello everybody. I'm a Packers fan and post regularly over at Acme Packing Company. This may sound like a strange request but this is a question that has been vexing my football-centric mind for...


I'm going to be in an Orioles Commercial

Just letting everyone at Camdenchat know that we not only have the fifty millionth fan, we're also having one of our own star in an Orioles commercial. At least I think it's going to be an Orioles...

The 3-4 will create some advantages for the Packers. They haven't been very good up front in the...

The 3-4 will create some advantages for the Packers. They haven't been very good up front in the 4-3 lately because of injuries to linemen such as Justin Harrell. This should help minimize how much they count on him. Also, no other NFC North team runs the 3-4, and that should help create an advantage for Green Bay.

Reggie Jr.

If I'm not mistaken, we do lead the NFL in cap room. To me he's the best player in the game, and obvioulsy the best defensive tackle, where we just happen to have a weak spot. Takers, anyone?


The All NFC North Team

Not the most talented division in football, but easily my favorite one to follow. I'll write comments under positional races that are close. Offense QB: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers FB:...


Off Topic: Why I love Wisconsin part 1 of ?

I'm obviously a Packer fan, but I'm not a Wisconsinite. I'm from the DC suburbs of Maryland. But the Packers aren't the only thing I love from Wisconsin, though. Heres a growing list of people,...


A Washington Capitals blog-PLEASE!

Us Washington Capital's fans desperately need a blog on the SB Nation. We have plenty of good bloggers in the blogosphere, so it won't be much trouble finding a good one. What about Japer's Rink?...


A look at the Falcon's youth movement

It's pretty obvious at this point the Atlanta Falcons are going through a major youth movement. They drafted a couple of pretty good rookies this year that will get plenty of time to play this year...


Thoughts on Final Cuts

I was happy to see KGB was not ultimately cut because that means the coaches think he could be healthy enough to play this season. Also glad to see Charlie Peprah was not cut, because I wouldn't be...


4 Linebacker package this year?

Did anybody else read about the four linebacker look with Nick Barnett, AJ Hawk, Brady Poppinga and Brandon Chillar they were experimenting with in mini camp. I'm pretty excited to see if this goes...

Brian Matusz pitching breakdown

Pretty thorough breakdown of our first round draft pick, Brian Matusz from Now lets just hope we can sign him to a contract before August 15th.


Willie Randolph gets fired I guess the Mets just fired Willie Randolph. What is sort of head scratching is not why he... This is my cousin's comedy group, and they did a sketch on Cal Ripken thats kind of cute. My cousin is the one in the Indiana shirt.

Default This is my cousin's comedy group, and they did a sketch on Cal Ripken thats kind of cute. My cousin is the one in the Indiana shirt.


AJ article on

Its pretty hard not to get excited about Adam after reading this. I won't give away too much here, because it was such a damn pleasure to read and everyone should take a look. My only gripe is that...


OT: The Wire Finale (Spoiler Alert)

I just figured we needed something to talk about the series finale of the best show of all time. If you haven't seen the finale, gotten to season five, or even started watching the show but plan on...


And that will win us more games, how?

How can this possibly be a bad thing to have some guys grow some facial hair, Trembley? Does eveyone on the team feel unified because they can look over and see the guy next to him is clean shaven...


Orioles youtube links

This first video just follows around Wild Bill Hagy as he goes from his job to Memorial Stadium. This one is hilarious. This is a feature about the Bugler...


Who is the best sports studio host?

My choice for the best sports studio host is either Karl Ravech or Ron Maclean of Hockey Night in Canada. It's too bad Karl Ravech was barely on BBTN last season and we had to watch assholes like...


Who wins the NL West?

I really like the Dodgers this year. Their starting rotation is neck and neck with the Padres and slightly worse than the Diamondbacks, all provided they stay healthy, but the back end of their...


Off topic: What is the best live album?

For my money, the best live album is probably the Talking Heads' "Stop Making Sense" with a close second to the Who with 'Live at Leeds'. 'Stop Making Sense' has been in my car for the last two...


Who is the NL equivalent of the Orioles?

I have always wondered who the National League equivalent of the Orioles would be. My conclusion: The Cinncinati Reds. Both play in cities with a ton of Baseball history; Cinncinati being home to...


Who saw the Wire?

It's already incredible through the first episode. Season four was the best television I had ever seen, as was season three before that, season two before that, and season one before that. Slim...

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