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Moneyball and Medicine


I saw this today and thought it might be worth sharing, only because it is more proof to me about how strong baseball effects us and makes us think. Not too revelatory but if you have a few minutes to spare, check it out. I enjoyed it.

Progressive Field Sports New Wind Turbine


I spotted this curious structure at opening day but couldn't figure out its purpose. Alas, it has one: designed by a mechanical engineering professor at Cleveland State University, the wind turbine gives the Tribe the first stadium with wind-tech. Pretty neat.

Casey "The Gamer" Blake


A Wall Street Journal feel-good on Casey Blake's clubhouse unification powers. (un)intentionally hilarious lines: [On Blake's nicknames] "Mr. Blake's Cleveland teammates dubbed him 'the Chin' for his chiseled, Jay Leno-like jawline. His fellow Dodgers call him 'the Gamer,' a moniker he brought on himself in an interview earlier this year while discussing playing with a bad hamstring." [Blake on using Spanish to mock English speaking teammates] "'I'll joke around and say 'Hey, speak English,' says Mr. Blake, adding that American players should learn to speak more Spanish, too." [Wichita State coach Gene Stephenson on Blake] 'He was not particularly fast and not particularly strong, but really, really played the game unselfishly,' says Mr. Stephenson. 'Frankly, that's become rarer and rarer.'" [Twins "spokesperson" Mike Herman on letting Blake go] "'When he took off the next year we were all kind of like, 'Oops!'" In all seriousness, what a guy.

Yankees Prez Subpoenaed


Just caught this over at ESPN. Predictably, Bloomberg is annoyed over the subpoena. Interesting snippets from the article: [Assemblyman] Brodsky has accused city and team officials of secret negotiations that altered property assessments to make the deal legal and to provide a free luxury suite for city officials. Brodsky says the project won't create enough permanent jobs to justify the public funding. The Yankees are asking for another $259 million in tax-exempt bonds and $111 million in taxable bonds, on top of $940 million in tax-exempt bonds and $25 million in taxable bonds already granted for the $1.3 billion Bronx stadium. Gotta love the Yankees for building a prohibitively expensive stadium that alienates and exploits their fans.

Beckett Getting Chummy With Dr. Doom


Ok, this one is pure shadenfreude. Dr. Andrews, here Josh comes.


A Trip Back to the Park

  Recent talks about the state of League Park inspired me to take the drive down to E. 66th and Lexington to get a taste for what we're talking about.  I'll try to keep my comments brief and let...

Slate Piece About Defense, Jeter-hating, Sabermetrics, etc.


Talks about the "Jeter-still-plays-bad-D" phenomenon and the state of defensive statistics and how they will be used in the future. It's pretty intelligent, worth a read.

10 Cent Beer Night


A whimsical Page 2 piece about Cleveland violence.

Wedge Re: Marte


Some quick quotes: "We want to give him a chance to play two days in a row," Wedge said. "I felt he had some decent swings [on Tuesday] night." Also: "His swings have been better," Wedge said of Marte. "This kid does a great job in [batting practice]. It's just a matter of that translating more consistently in the game. That's tough to do when you only play once a week or once every 10 days."


possible LGT spotting?

I was biking home from class today (go to school in northside Chicago) and I saw, parked on the side of a street, a crossover "mid-size" SUV with Tennessee plates, Rutgers alum stickers, and a...

Why are so many baseball players born in August?


Slate.com piece about age distribution in the majors - explains the disproportionate amount of august birthdays from american players.


wrigley 04/03/08

Its that time of the year for me to skip class and go to a cubs game. I'll be in the bleachers - I like wrigley, I just wish the indians and the red sox were playing there instead. Come say hi to...

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