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"Smith confidently shoots a turnaround jumper off the top of the backboard"


Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie giving Josh Smith some love for his high percentage shot selection.

Bynum pays bills for struggling women's shelters


"WEST ENGLEWOOD — After he pays the electric bills Tuesday for two women's shelters, Detroit Pistons point guard and Chicago native Will Bynum will host a Thanksgiving dinner for the shelters' residents." - DNAinfo Chicago

Whirled Class Writing


Check out one of my favorite writers Alex Belth on SB Longform. His blog Bronx Banter is tops on my list of bookmarks during baseball season, just like DBB is #1 when it is time to ball.

Hey! Joe Dumars is back.


Hey! Joe Dumars is back.

Lakers/Bulls/Pistons Pau Gasol Ménage à trois


I made a crazy trade between the Pistons, Bulls, and Lakers where the Lakers get Boozer and Stuckey, the Bulls get Pau Gasol, and the Pistons get Josh McRoberts, Jimmy Butler, Omar Asik, and the 1st round picks from LA and CHI (not shown). What do you think?

"I just don’t deserve the treatment that I’ve continually gotten," Billups said. "Historically,...


"I just don’t deserve the treatment that I’ve continually gotten," Billups said. "Historically, these things never happen to the supposed great players and good guys. They continually happen to me, and it gets old. Listen, I feel I’ve been blessed in the game, and I’ve been given back, but these things start to wear on you. But there’s not another guy in history who keeps dealing with this, getting thrown into these things to make the money right. I really believe it’s because people take my kindness and professionalism for weakness. They think I’ll be OK with this. I won’t be OK with this. I’ve saved my money. I may just retire if I don’t get my freedom here. - Chauncey Billups

Jordan Melo M8 ad is uglier than Ben Gordon's contract.


Jordan Melo M8 ad is uglier than Ben Gordon's contract.

The Shame of College Sports


Pulitzer prize winner Taylor Branch, author of a 3-volume history of America in the King years 1954-1968, collaborator with Bill Russell on his autobiography Second Wind, absolutely destroys the NCAA as a moral institution in a lengthy magazine piece in The Atlantic. ""Why," asked Bryce Jordan, the president emeritus of Penn State, "should a university be an advertising medium for your industry?" Vaccaro did not blink. "They shouldn’t, sir," he replied. "You sold your souls, and you’re going to continue selling them. You can be very moral and righteous in asking me that question, sir," Vaccaro added with irrepressible good cheer, "but there’s not one of you in this room that’s going to turn down any of our money. You’re going to take it. I can only offer it."

Why does Bilbao Basket have a better PG than the Pistons?


Bilbao Basket isn't something you find in the Shire, it's a finalist in the Spanish basketball league. Aaron Jackson is their PG and he looks like he could start for half the NBA in this video. The other team's PG is Ricky Rubio. Unlike Rubio, Jackson is a FA.


Build your own '12 Pistons: Fill 4 roster spots with $16M

The Pistons have 9 players under contract next year and 2 draft picks that should make the roster for 11 players. How would you spend a budget of $16M (subtract FAs, add draft salaries) to fill...

Calves sweep Lake People


"The Lakers are 湖人, literally "lake persons," and the Mavs are 小牛, "calves" or even more literally "little cows."" - James Fallows at The Atlantic talks about how the Lakers and Mavericks translate in Chinese.

Rodney Stuckey compared to recent G signings


A look at the value of restricted FA Rodney Stuckey compared to recent signings JJ Redick, Wes Matthews, Mike Conley, and Kyle Lowry. Stuckey is last in WS/48 but 1st in PER. My wild arsed guess at Stuckey's fair market value is 3 yrs / $20M which is what Redick got last year. What do you think?

The end (and inspiration) of Free Darko


Via TrueHoop, the blog Free Darko is ending it's run. Here's the post that inspired it all. May 18, 2004 - ""Larry! Get the f#ck off me! Let me live! You got Tayshaun Prince out there like you think he's Bernard King. Don't let the mop top fool you, that's just something I do for the lovely Svetlana's in the Auburn Hills (hey, boo!). I will shoot at these actors like movie directors. AND THIS AIN'T A MOVIE, DOG! Free T.I. in 2004 and Free Darko right now!"

Attention must be paid

"He's not the finest character that ever lived. But he's a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid. He's not to be allowed to fall in his grave like an old dog. Attention, attention must finally be paid to such a person." - Death of a Salesman Prince, Rip, Ben Wallace, T-Mac and Wilcox all no shows at practice today. Old dogs are tired of the kennel.

Joe Dumars plays Blackjack


Dealer: Five. JoD: I'll stay.


Free agents you want to keep, free agents you don't

Detroit has some free agents on it's current roster that can be flipped for future assets. The decision about whether to pursue resigning them has to happen before the trade deadline, otherwise...


Poll: Bynum vs. Stuckey

I was curious how DBB readers felt about the place of Bynum vs. Stuckey on the Pistons. There are a lot of variables at play here, is Stuckey a combo guard, who has more value as a trade asset,...

PF Richard Hendrix named Spanish League Rookie of Year


"Richard Hendrix was voted the 2010 Jugador Revelacion of the ACB league, which roughly translates to the Rookie or Newcomer of the Year award for the Spanish Basketball League. While on team CB Granada this year, he led the team in points and rebounds all season. He finished the year averaging 13.1 points per game, 6.9 rebounds, 1.4 steals and blocked shots, and held a 66 percent field goal percentage." This guy is an international free agent who was drafted out of Alabama then cut by Golden State in the 2nd in '08. Seems like a good fit for the Pistons for front court depth.

Would Josh Childress be a good fit for the Pistons in 2010? He's a restricted FA after playing 2...


Would Josh Childress be a good fit for the Pistons in 2010? He's a restricted FA after playing 2 years for Olympiakos in Greece. Detroit needs to improve their FG% and ball movement and Childress would help with both.

It’s rare to see Tony Parker and Pop yelling at each other but that took place early in the s...


It’s rare to see Tony Parker and Pop yelling at each other but that took place early in the second quarter against the Pistons. Here was the scenario: Parker didn’t close all the way out on Rodney Stuckey when Stuckey was in the corner behind the three-point line. Instead, Parker closed out to within about five feet to protect against the drive. Stuckey proceeded to rise up and knock down the three-pointer after a slight hesitation. Pop, as is usually the case when an opposing player gets an open three-pointer, wasn’t too happy. On the next stoppage, he yelled at Parker for not closing out. He then took Parker out of the game and the two exchanged more heated words. Why was Parker angry? He felt he was following the scouting report. Coming into the game, Stuckey was 14.7% on three-pointers. Even worse than that, he had missed his last ten from downtown and was just one for his last 19.

SpursTalk via 48 Minutes Of Hell
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