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J-E-T-S went from Super Bowl contenders to M-E-S-S


I think this is a devastating article for the Jets image and confirms what a number of us have been saying that some don't seem to believe. In light of this article, Mike Pettine's refusal to sign a contract extension and other things, I think Woody will be forced to make major changes following the season whether he wants to or not.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Let me be one of the first to wish all my fellow Jets fans a Happy Thanksgiving. Even among the bleak economic times, and the frustrations that we are having with the Jets' season, we have SO much...

RB Tanny is scouting to solve our RB problems


Sources revealed that Mike Tannenbaum, General Manager of the NY Jets, has been seen recently at several games of Sam Gordon, an up and coming RB that has breakaway speed that he claims could solve the Jets' troubles at RB.


Six Predictions for the Rest of the Year and Offseason

1. The Jets will lose ALL the rest of their games with the exception of the very last one vs the Bills, which will mean the Jets will miss out on the QB that Tanny covets. The scores won't even...


The Case Against Rex

jet_veteran and others make some valid points in his "The Case for Rex." I had high hopes for Rex when he was hired for a number of reasons. One, was his prowress as a defensive mind. Two, was...

Great NY Times Article


This article presents some nice hard facts pointing out what a lousy job Tannenbaum has done, but I'm sure his defenders will find some way to dismiss the facts.

THE NEW SITE FORMAT IS AWESOME!!! Very sharp and classy. Thanks! Somethings are still a little...


THE NEW SITE FORMAT IS AWESOME!!! Very sharp and classy. Thanks! Somethings are still a little confusing or hard to find (such as writing a new post), but I love the look of the site. Very sharp and classy! Bravo to all involved. Thanks for all you do. I haven't seen a thread for this, so am doing a fan shot. There also still needs to be a 6th option for fanshots. None oft he present 5 really work for a fanshot like this where nothing is being quoted, there's no picture, video or list, just a short post that should have a subject line. Thanks.


Excellent Article About Ryand Clady, Left Tackles and Their Worth

This article was linked from the 7-25-2012 Flight Connections. I'm making a fan shot to highlight it. Most would acknowledge that of all the OL positions LT is the most important, and many of you...


Interesting 2nd Round Mock from CBS Sports By Pat Kirwan

Follow after the jump for his draft and my comments. I know that technically, this is supposed to be a Fan Shot, but can't find the right format for this as a Fan Shot.


Interesting Facts from the 1969 SB Champ Jets While We're Waiting for the Draft

During my recent hiatus from the board, I did some research and reading on the Jets. I came across some very very interesting facts that somewhat surprised me, especially in light of how the...


The Jets are Dead to me

Well, I think this may finally be the straw that broke the camel's back and ended my addition to the NY Jets. This has to go down as one of the stupidest moves in all of sports history. There is...

Cimini Article Comparing Nelson and Landry on ESPN


According to this article, Nelson is better in coverage, Landry better vs the run. Just as I thought. It also says that Landry is willing to sign a one-year deal this year to prove himself healthy, then sign long-term for more money next year. The stats are eye opening. Neither is really that good, but if the Jets really do think that Landry is a better fit than Nelson, then they ARE morons, and still don't acknowledge their need for a safety who can cover. More and more, I think both Rex, Tanny, Cohen and the whole FO and scouting dept. need to be fired.



I come back from dinner hopeful of seeing that the Jets had signed Reggie Nelson, and ...NOTHING! Come on, Tanny. Just because you signed Stanton and Schillens today doesn't mean you can take...


Someone Wake Me Up

When all the Manning Mania BS is over with. I'll come back to the site then. Enough with the hundreds, if not thousands of posts. It's been hashed and re-hashed again and again. Please, give it...

I found the following at another Jets' site and thought you might find it interesting. Based on...


I found the following at another Jets' site and thought you might find it interesting. Based on historical combine results compiled with success at the NFL level I believe the best measurement to predict success is the 3-cone drill. Its not the only measure of success (Stanford Keglar) as other factors like size and instincts come to play before it. But all else being equal I propose that the 3-cone drill will give an indication of potential success in the NFL. Historical 3-Cone #s for OLBs: D.Ware 6.85 C.Mathews 6.9 B.Cushing 6.84 M.Lawson 6.9 M.Anderson 6.96 R.Ninkovich 6.96 (4.91 40) V.Miller 6.7 J.Houston 6.95 S.Acho 6.69 V.Gholston 7.12 2012 Prospects: Ingram 6.83 Upshaw N/A Mercilus 7.17 Irvin 6.7 Bequette 6.9 Curry 6.9 (4.98 40....DE only) McClellin 7.07 So based on that the best chance of success at OLB appears to be Ingram. Mercilus and Curry seem better suited to DE than OLB. The wildcards are Irvin and Bequette, both who can be had in later rounds (3rd and later). Nick Perry ran a 7.25 3-cone drill. He is a freak of nature but probably best suited for DE in a 4-3. He screams "Gholston!" to me. imo.


Interesting Insights Into Tom Moore's Offensive System/Philosophy

I found some interesting information supposedly from Tom Moore's own lips on GangGreen.com that another poster made regarding Tom Moore's offensive system . I tried to make a FanShot out of this,...


Potential FA Safeties

As stated in my Potential FA OTs post, I scanned the list of free agents on every team to try to find possible safety upgrades for the Jets. Again, since I don't follow other teams, I don't...


Analysis of Mike Tannenbaum as the Jets' GM - Finale Pt. 1

I had planned for this to be my last post of the series, but there's no way to condense it all, so it will take a few more posts. In them I will try to show that Tanny has some basic flaws in his...


Other Teams' Needs in the Draft and FA

The info on this list of needs is taken from an article at NBCSports.MSNBC.com http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/46332637/ns/sports-nfl/ I am condensing it to just the team and their needs without all...


Potential FA OTs

I scanned every team's roster last night to find out who their UFAs are. I focused solely on the OT, S and QB positions. I came up with quite a few names, so I will break this down into a couple...


Draft By Draft Analysis of Mike Tannenbaum - Pt. 6, 2011

This is the next-to-last in the series of draft and offseason analyses of the moves that Mike Tannenbaum has made or didn't make. I will again look at this draft and offseason, try to show how it...


Draft By Draft Analysis of Mike Tannenbaum - Pt. 5, 2010

Would trader Mike decide that 2010 was the year to recoup some draft picks to make up for 1 three-player draft in 2009, six-player draft in 2008 and a four-player draft in 2007? No. They had nine...


Draft By Draft Analysis of Mike Tannenbaum - Pt. 4, 2009

2008 was the turning point for the Jets franchise and Tanny. Would that trend of going "all in" to "win now" continue in 2009, or would Tanny attempt to trade back and recoup some draft picks to...


Draft By Draft Analysis of Mike Tannenbaum - Pt. 3, 2008

Actually, I guess the title should read something like, "Off Season By Off season Analysis of Mike Tannenbaum" since I'm also including FA and trades. I can see by reactions so far that I've...


Draft By Draft Analysis of Mike Tannenbaum - Pt. 2 2007

In this series, my intent is to try to get to the truth. I am going to try to be fair, and point out good moves as well as those I think are questionable. I'm going to try to point out when he...


Draft By Draft Analysis of Mike Tannenbaum - Pt. 1 2006

Many, if not most, Jets fans think that Mike Tannenbaum is a great GM. Several say that he's the best GM the Jets have ever had. I'll admit that he's one of the best, but before you say "You're...


Roster Turnover: 14 New Players

I think most of you know that I am NO fan of Rich Cimini.  He has a list on ESPN.com of all the new Jets on the roster.  He makes the comment that that is a 26% turnover and concludes by saying...


What's Going on With the Jets' FO?

We all know how close the Jets have come the last two years to reaching the SB.  All we fans know what the weaknesses were with the Jets prior to the lockout (rushing the QB and covering TEs and...


FA Options What Would You Do?

We all know that the Jets didn't add an OLB via the draft.  Some are still upset about it.  Others don't think we need an upgrade at OLB.  Still others are somewhere in between the two extremes....


Found On Another Jets' Site

With the way things have fallen for the Jets in the draft so far, it would seem that a couple of conclusions could be made.  Well, I found a post at another Jets site that contains the comments of...

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