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I love the Rays. Smartest FO in baseball. As the Yankees and Red Sox keep throwing millions at players, we will just be busy winning the division.

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Evan is finally back!


Batman to AAA and Evan has finally returned. Anyone with a brain knows he can get hurt again but for now, it looks like sternfan will be wrong about Crawford playing more games than Evan!


The reaction, you know the immediate one

Well, I haven't been up at this time since I slept for 3 days and woke up around this time. Looks we fell into the old trap of extra innings, trying for a HR every AB and eventually ran out of...

Longoria to start rehab during Indian series, continue during break


Now, if we say he doesn't get hurt AGAIN. Do you think we actually have our 3B back when the 2nd half starts or will they milk it either way? Fuld will also be rehabbing.


I'm done with rosterbation

Now, I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts in one thread. I see a good amount of moves coming in Friedman's favorite month, January. An extension or 2, a trade or 2, a signing or 2 and so on. T...


Rosterbation - my final draft

After this post, I will let Friedman take over. I am doing this because we have a better idea of potential targets and he already got us a C and MR. Here goes. And yes, I know, I will be insulted...

Friedman's offseason goals


Really making it sound like he wants to go for it in 2012 and 2013, not in 2015 and 2016 or something that more prospects would get us. I really like how he said if he did trade a SP, it would be for a major leaguer in 2012, not a prospect. What I personally would like to see him do. - Trade Neimann or Davis for Yonder/LoMo or maybe, im not that sold but maybe Smoak - Resign Damon - If your going for it, then go for it, have Moore start the season in the rotation - No more pen arms needed, they get paid too much and I think we have an awesome pen potentially in place if we go with Farnsworth, Peralta, Gomes, McGee, Lueke, Torres and Bush. - And yes, please keep Upton

Potential huge FA news


No, not the rumor of a tax if you don't spend enough, but that helps too. Teams that sign a Type A free agent will not give up a draft pick.

Rays interested in Votto?


Doubtful and one of the few trades where we would have to trade more than Shields but hey, who knows.


Kurt Suzuki, anyone?

He's no Brian McCCann but I gotta think hes better than anyone on the FA market, I wont complain about Ramon Hernendez either. I love Gio Gonzalez but we don't need a SP. The Oakland Athletics are...


Who else would start the rosterbation?

LineupLF Desmond JenningsCF B.J Upton3B Evan Longoria1B Carlos Pena2B Ben ZobristRF Matt JoyceDH Jason KubelSS Sean RodriguezC Robinson Chirinos/John Jaso....ouch defenseBenchC Chirinos/Jaso, Sam...


Following the 2011 draft

  1 24 Taylor Guerrieri 1 31 Mikie Mahtook 1 32 Jake Hager 1s 38 Brandon Martin 1s 41 Tyler Goeddel 1s 42 Jeff Ames 1s 52 Blake Snell 1s 56 Kes Carter 1s 5...

Cobb called up!

EDIT: To be clear, there's been no official confirmation yet. This news still looks a little bit fishy to me. And that should make a rotation of Price Shields Hellickson Davis Cobb Win.

Moore strikes out 11 more


This monster is trying for 3 straight years as this performmance puts him 2nd in all of the minors in K's, 1 back of 1st. He isn't being challenged at all, think he is Durham bound anytime soon? Would be nice to see him in AAA for about half the year, fighting for a rotation spot in the majors next Spring. I didn't forget Price, the born again Shields or very possibly incredible Hellickson but this man might be our ace one day.

Rays claim Buente from Marlins, DFA Delaney


Well we beat him but I guess the FO liked what they saw in him.

If only we didn't sign such a long lease


Or if only Foster wasn't so determined to keep the Rays around. I'd play there, I think the cat walks have run their course, give me a retractable roof please.


Sit down for this one, todays lineup

So Damon is hurt, ok, we figured he wouldn't play, now can someone tell me why Felipe continues to clean up? Why would you bench Upton when you already are without Damon? Why isn't Rodriguez at 2B...


The chain on Joyce will loosen but wont be removed for now

I guess Maddon doesn't even care how he handles lefties in Spring, his mind is made up and Joyce will still sit against tough lefties BUT they will finally let him play against weaker lefties and...

Leslie Anderson DFA'd, Manny and Damon added


And there you have it, our 40 man is set til AF gets that reliever and I believe he will.

Should we add Branyan


I don't know, on a minor league, sure why not but our competition would be 3 lefty 1B. If they want a lefty at 1B so bad, put Damon there and release the Jennings. This guy doesn't notice how patient Johnson is and well some of this is cut off unless you have Insider

Vlad gets his 8 million


And his agent isn't Scott Boras, no one was competing with them so why, Baltimore Yankees? At 8 million, Mr. Guerrero is making more than Damon and Manny combined and he makes Luke Scott play the field, he also makes Pie and Reilmond not matter. It seems a lot of it is deferred but they still backed down to a guy with no leverage.

Latest minor league signee is RP Juan Cruz


High upside here, lets see how he does in the Spring. Meanwhile, we are building one hell of a AAA team.

Welcome to Tampa


Dude is looking good and at least acting nice, it is still hard to believe that he is a Ray, well actually he STILL isn't, make it official already!

Joey Votto signed for his all his arbitration years


Now, while Vottos bank account going up 13 mil a season has nothing to do with us directly, I think this raises a couple of questions. 1) Can we do the same thing with Price and maybe get a FA year or 2? 2) Do they really believe Alonso will play OF, are they willing to put him on the bench or do we have a better chance at the young 1B now?


2011 Draft order almost completley set

And we are all over it, thanks to BA and Imperalism for this data. Thanks to BA for most of this. I've filled in the rest to the best of my knowledge First Round 1. Pirates 2. Mariners 3. D...

Rays, Yanks competiting for Jones or Damon


I guess we are going for someone who can at least play defense somewhat which isn't good news for Jennings. I'd much rather have Manny. Oh and also Topkin is acting like Balfour is about to sign but as far as I know that's still nothing more than Olney speculating.

Soriano could come back? A chance but still not a great one


Soriano has already declined the Rays' aribtration offer, but he could always re-sign with them. However, Tampa Bay appears interested in signing Brian Fuentes to a contract at similar terms to the ones signed by Benoit, Downs and Guerrier. That may not be enough to retain Soriano. Of course, Soriano could always sign a one-year deal and try his hand in free agency again in 2011-12, but that is an especially risky strategy for relievers, given the tendency for their year-to-year performances to fluctuate.

Rays very interested in Fuentes


Well Jenks decided saves weren't that important, lets hope Fuentes doesn't think the same.


Nats want Garza/Greinke a lot

However, the Rays want Ian Desmond and/or Jordan Zimmerman and that is unlikely according to reports. Honestly Zimmerman takes away the spot Hellickson would of just gotten and Reid Brignac/Sean...


Last rosterbation post I will make, I promise

This will not involve any FA's like Kiko or Escobar nor will it include a possible Burrell or Navi trade. This is more of a who would you have as your current 25 roster post. C Kelly Shoppach or D...


Our current 25 man, your goals still?

As of today, December 10th, 2009 C Kelly Shopach1B Carlos Pena2B Ben ZobristSS Jason Bartlett3B Evan LongoriaLF Carl CrawfordCF B.J UptonRF Matt JoyceDH Pat BurrellBench: Willy Aybar, Gabe Kapler,S...

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