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University of Maryland Class of Y2K

Okay, I get it, S-M-O-T-R-Y-C-Z is pronounced "Stretch 4"

Maryland is not one of the states that Tommy Callahan drove through to save the family auto parts business.
Therefore it can't be a part of the Big Count-Past-Ten Conference.

The guy didn't win the 2002 NCAA title at a church raffle, you know. ~ Rick Reilly

Every time you use "-ould of", another UVa grad gets a job offer.

That’s unacceptable.

Mark Turgeon must have closed his eyes
and said "There’s no place like home" while clicking his Ruby Red Under Armor sneakers.

Too bad he didn’t find the rest of the crew some heart, courage and brains…

I am far from a Turgeon supporter. I realized early this year that he was the wrong person for the job, and said so before most TT readers. While I absolutely think that he will fail this year, and doesn’t deserve to keep his job now, there are other factors involved:

1) as previously mentioned, the recruiting class – we have a better chance of retaining them after 1 year than before they arrive;
2) the perception of the move by potential coaching replacements – we need to show that he got an honest chance to prove himself;
3) the cost – we are currently strapped for cash, and paying him and another coach millions per year for an extra year is significant;
4) the timing – the coaching carousel has stopped for the year. Most of the hot names have been snatched up. Our pool of candidates is very shallow if we move now; and
5) the person making the decision – Kevin Anderson is still our Athletic Director…until he is replaced by someone who has the ability to recognize coaching talent AND fight for their choice (I don’t care which of the two was his failure the last time), we are doomed to another mediocre hire.

by Colorblind79 on May 1, 2014 | 1:09 PM

You're referring to the Four-Letter-Ass-Clown-College-In-Durham?

I’m thinking that’s a mouthful. What do you guys say to abbreviating it as F.L.A.C.C.I.D?

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