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Best Big Board??


What are the best free-to-access big boards out there? In my first ever attempt to create a mock draft (for my own curiosity, not for publication -- like we really need another one) I was using the 95% rule. Pick a big board, then only make selections that are 95% or higher than the pick number. I.e. at pick 100, you can pick any player ranked 95 or higher (on listening to some insiders on SiriusXM NFL Radio who used such a formula, the theory is that some NFL team will have significantly different ratings on a guy, and will appear to reach compared to the big board). Playing by such a rule, and using Drafttek as the big board, I saw that the Chiefs could choose Calvin Pryor at #23 (ranked 30), and Kelvin Benjamin at #87 (ranked 84). Of course, this seems to be way too good to be true for the Chiefs. Nevertheless, the rules and the big board lead there. This leads me to my question: What is the most realistic free big board out there? Thanks!


NFL's post-season passer rating leader

Did you know Alex Smith is the NFL's active leader in post-season passer rating?

Sean Smith


He's had three excellent games. Why isn't ANYBODY ANYWHERE talking about it?

Alex Smith best NFL Offseason Acquisition


I completely agree. I know a lot of AP readers are skeptics, but I'm confident they won't be by October 1, 2013.


Data for Juvatbull, Mindless, and anyone else who knows what to do with it

I'm no pro at uploading files for public view. hopefully this is enough: Google Doc here It's three years of NFL data in eighteen categories, correlated to regular season wins. If you see...


Draft Poll (of a different flavor)

Who WILL the Chiefs take at #1 if they still have that pick? No team cares who the Chiefs should take. The question that every team is asking is "who will the Chiefs take?" And in my opinion,...


Present Value vs. Future Value

What's the consensus discount rate for future value vs. present value on draft picks? I'm interested because I'd like to do a comparison of the league values for each of the QBs who changed...


Alex Smith Versus 6 Superbowl MVPs - A Statistical Comparison

This spreadsheet compares Alex Smith's last four seasons' efficiency stats with those of the six Superbowl MVP QBs who are still playing. Notice, however, that it compares each of those QBs as...

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