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Saints Fan from western Natchitoches parish Louisiana......


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The Saints come in at #6 on PFT's preseason rankings...


The Saints come in at #6 on PFT's preseason rankings...

Why not any higher??

This is what they claim for defense.. "The only problem is, the Saints still might not have sufficient personnel on that side of the ball, so regression is a real possibility."

and then this....

"But the Saints have problems local and national.

They play in perhaps the league’s deepest division, with the Falcons healthy and re-tooled and the Buccaneers on the upswing with Lovie Smith along with the defensively stout Panthers.

Then comes the matter of whether they can stand toe-to-toe with the Seahawks and 49ers to make a push for another title."

And the usual we can't win outside the Superdome... Etc..

What do you guys think??

U.S. Patent and Trademark office cancels protection of Washington Redskins


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the registration, calling the name "disparaging to Native Americans."

Why is our government becoming involved in Football???

Vilma to the Falcons????


Guess he gonna pull the Joe Horn treatment on the Saints

Workers comp bill opposed by NFLPA pulled by sponsor


Workers comp bill in Louisiana opposed by NFLPA pulled by sponsor apperently Hours before Saints Players were to be in Baton Rouge to voice their thoughts about it

Aaron Brooks & John Carney to be inducted into Saints HOF this year


Saints announce new hall of fame inductees BROOKS??? Really???

The NFLPA has filed its franchise tag grievance against the Saints for Jimmy Graham


Here we Go..........

Report: NFL weighing conducting the draft "a week or two later" in 2015


Oh dear God.... Please say this aint true!!!!!!!!!!

Report: NFL weighing holding the draft "a week or two later" next year

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) May 7, 2014

Luke McCown Back for another year


Luke McCown Signs 1 year contract

Twitter accounts of Saints Players


I just saw this on my tweetdeck and thought it would be good to show it here as well for all of us on CSC that are also on twitter... It is a list of every player's account that is legit and is followed by the Saints....


How much would ___ Save us in the cap????

According to LINK.. I have sorted the cap savings over every player that is under a contract with the Saints from the most to the least... Im Not saying that we cut any one player...

Mickey Loomis must have a crack pipe!!!!!!!!!


Who else is gonna get cut???????

Steve Gleason being his normal self!!!!!!!!


Going big 4 lent. Giving up walking, talking, eating (by mouth), wiping my butt, washing balls, biting nails & masturbation! #keepitreal -SG

— steve gleason (@TeamGleason) March 6, 2014

New Bucs Unis


Thank Goodness we dont have to worry about anything like this!!!!!!!!!!!

New Network for Thursday Night Football???????


Fox, CBS and ESPN have submitted bids and NBC is expected to do so tomorrow..... According to the article, there is a possibility of the Thursday Night games being broadcast on Both the winning bid Network and NFL Network.... at least for 8 games next year.... we shall see.......... More likely that this just Roger just trying to shove TNF down our thoughts even more then he does now


Here's to the 2013 Saints Season

via (AP Photo/Bill Haber) First off... THAT SUCKED.... Of all the ways to end the 2013 Saints season, this ranked up there with the worst. But Who Dats, it...

Saints Fans vs Seattle Fans on Facebook


Surprisingly the Saints have more fans over the Country than Seattle... Surprised at 2 Parishes in Louisiana, West Carroll and Catahoula... are colored in (They are 2 rural areas though)


Saints Radio Network and how to sync it to the game

Yesterday we learned what FOX crew calling the Saints game this weekend... FOX's broadcast crew for Saints-Seahawks: @KevinBurkhardt, John Lynch & @ErinAndrews #NOvsSEA — New Orleans Saints...

f*** da eagles heather


Anybody remember her?? From a few years back (I had this bookmarked and just found it from a few years ago)

From the S*** just won't die file


Brooks won his appeal on the hit to Brees neck.... PLAYER SAFETY MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 16 Viewing Maps


The Saints and Panthers get most of the south, ALL of Louisiana (Thanks Shreveport) and Also Southern California a chunk of Nevada and Also Green Bay and Louisville, KY.. (Hey Hans, aint that your neck of the woods??)


Sunday Night Football Flex Scheduling and how it could affect the Saints

Back when NBC got the rights to Sunday Night Football back in 2006, The NFL added flexible scheduling... What it means is that if a scheduled game looks to either be a blowout or non-competitive,...

Northwest Louisiana Saints Fans


Shreveport FOX is at it again, I dont know how many of yall live up this way, (Im just west of Natchitoches), but some weeks of the season, the things we have to do because the local FOX station for some reason caters to the girls..... you may remember in the past, they held votes and the Saints always won 75%-25% avg.. Now they claim that FOX has told them what games to air... If you believe that, you might be a cowboys fan Please Join me in flooding the station with calls, let show them the Who Dat Nation is strong up here and if they want to show the cowboys game, go to a bar, hopefully in Texas where they belong anyway KMSS FOX SHREVEPORT - 318-631-5677 here is a facebook post they made today: Post by KMSS Fox 33.

Joe Morgan arrested


oh no.. not good from Larry Holders twitter account is where I found this

Carmichael Leaving???


Started to wonder.. Then saw as reported by Adam Schefter Nothing I guess to see here other than somebody trying to start s&$%

The hits just keep coming


WOW.... They just wont let S*&T Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saints Defense Cap #s and etc


From the T/P on cap numbers, free agents etc.......



At least when we won our SB, nothing like this ever thought to come out of New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!

Seen on Facebook... had to share here....


Seen on Facebook... had to share here....

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