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Angel fan since 1972 - I went to bat night vs. the Milwaukee Brewers and remember some guy, #30, striking out a LOT of guys. I was hooked on Nolan Ryan and the Angels ever since. Former high school football coach for 12 years.

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Burlington Bullpen Blows 17-1 Lead


They lose 20-17 in extras. I'm not sure if even the major league bullpen could pull that off.

Plattenburg flips from UCLA to $UC


Mora told him he was still going to continue to come after him hard.


Pitchers With Similar WAR to Howie Kendrick

As I did in my last post, I'm presenting to you pitchers throughout MLB that have similar WAR to our trade chips. Today we are looking at Howie Kendrick. One thing to note: Howie is pretty darn...


Pitchers With Similar WAR to Mark Trumbo

A few pitchers match up well with the WAR accrued by Mark Trumbo...


Angels Abound on 2013 Best/Worst WPA

I hate to bring out the lyrics, again, but it just seemed so appropriate: "Why do you build me up? (Crowd singing: Positive WPA) Just to let me down? (Crowd singing: Negative WPA)" Arte's...

As expected, Badet chooses Kentucky


He was a latecomer to the party here, anyway. I don't think this impacts Woulard's decision, either.

Angels sign Burnett


Solid pickup

Mets buy out Jason Bay's contract


Hmmm...I KNOW you're thinking what I'm thinking...

"What If? A Loving Tribute to the Cleveland Indians Ad Campaign." Makes me appreciate our owner...


"What If? A Loving Tribute to the Cleveland Indians Ad Campaign." Makes me appreciate our owner even more.

Mathis pitches a shutout 8th inning vs Texas


No word on if he accidentally threw to 1st base at any time.

Trout scores from 1st on Amarista single


Fans in Utah won't see him very much longer.

Angels Scout For 27 Years Let Go


And the purge continues. I know nothing of the guy - he's a scout, the most under appreciated part of a major league team. It's just interesting the depth of the organizational turnover at this point.

ESPN says: Free Hank Conger


OK, we've gone over this before. the comments. There are actual Halo fans that believe Mathis makes a difference and that installing Conger would make them worse.

Fangraphs: Can the Angels catch the Rangers?


Nothing really new here, other than making that point that even if the Angels make improvements, the Rangers probably will too, keeping the Halos at arms length the rest of the way.

Trumbo on historic list of low OBP with OPS+ of 110


Trumbo is on a list of the last 25 players who have had an OBP of .310 or less, yet have an OPS+ of 110. Interesting list.

Angels 28th best-paying team in the entire world!


The Angels, according to this source, are the 28th best-paying team in the world, barely edging out the Kolkata Knight Riders. I'm not sure if this before or after assuming the Unmovable Contract. The Knight Riders are, apparently, a cricket team and are on the verge of the IPL playoffs. Is the IPL the next stop for Vernon Wells? Remember, the bat is flat. I had to click this link to figure it out what the IPL and the Knight Riders were, to be honest:

LSB Poll: Most Hated AL West Team


Guess which team is leading the poll? Guess who their least favorite blogger is?

Arte STILL has more money than Rev


New updated Forbes list has Arte hanging tough at $1BB.

Dave Cameron: Forget stats, Mike Napoli can't catch (ESPN Insider)


Dave Cameron has bashed the Wells trade since it was first announced. After days to ponder, though, it looks like he came to terms with the same thing many of us have: other MLB teams simply do not want Napoli to be their catcher. As frustrated as I was by the trade, this was the only plausible explanation I could come up with, too. One snippet from Cameron's article: "We do have one strong piece of data that suggests that Napoli's work in this area might be so deficient that the Angels decision to move him wasn't totally absurd -- the fact that no other in baseball seemingly wanted him as their catcher either."


Do Angels Hitters Successfully Advance to the Majors?

  Suboptimal’s post got me thinking.  My curiosity goes beyond just the hitting coach, though:  It seemed to me that the Angels, as opposed to other organizations, had difficulty developing...


Historical 29 Game Starts Under Scioscia

An Historical Survey: Is the Angels tough start unprecedented in the Mike Scioscia era or are bumps in the road to be expected and no cause for Halo Fans to panic?

Morgan Ensberg's Blog - Great Stuff


Rob Neyer had a link to this today, and I couldn't stop reading. Ensberg pulls no punches and give his thoughts, regardless of who he might offend. Very interesting read.

Angels early strength of schedule - off the charts


I was noticing that the Indians were the first team we're scheduled to play with a losing record. Playing on a hunch, I decided to look up our YTD strength of schedule. The result was more than I expected. Our strength of schedule is 40 points higher than the next team. We are truly being tested early. So far, we are hanging in there.

Posnanski nails it: Yankees are playing a different game


When Casey's Kiss of Death wrote his "congratulatory" post last week, several Yankee fans berated him. Joe's SI piece, however, covers it in a way none of us can...and he's right.

Rick Reed working part time as an NFL official


How else can you explain these things happening in Boston...again?

Rangers fans officially give up


I probably need therapy. But I enjoy reading this stuff.


Hank Conger: The Korean God of Walks?

OK, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Kevin Youkilis’ nickname, but for now, it’ll do. Has anyone else noticed how Hank Conger, our prized young catcher, has turned into a veritable...

Bullpen hope from a Mariners fan


Dave Cameron comes up with something I was going to write about: our bullpen has been a little unlucky in the early going. It WILL eventually get better, kids....

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