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Just a Wazzu alum living down in sunny New Mexico.

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Did any of us ever imagine Aron Baynes doing this?


I know some of us like to keep tabs on former Cougs in the NBA. Obviously Klay Thompson is lighting up the Bay Area, but Baynes is finding some regular minutes as a role player for the Spurs. Check out this unbelievable move he made the other night. Fakes a handoff at the top of the key, burns his defender on a drive to the hoop, and finishes with a powerful dunk over the help defender. Unbelievable! HT

A fan guide to the New Mexico Bowl

Have questions about New Mexico and the bowl WSU is headed to? Johnnycougar is here to help.

Conference Realignment history since 1965


The NY Times ran this graphic to accompany the piece highlighted the other day on construction projects in the Pac-12. It's a cool graphical description of how the major conferences have shifted and colleges realigned over time. You can also highlight a particular school to easily track their history. I'd suggest TCU!


The delusion we tell ourselves

I've read numerous posts and comments from Cougar fans the last few weeks, and really over the last six years, about how we as Cougar fans just have to wait out the bad times. That it will all be...

Death Cab for Cutie's Ichiro Tribute


A nice tribute song from Death Cab for Cutie. It's a little cheesy, but also a little catchy. Go go go go Ichiro! We'll miss you!

Death Cab for Cutie's Ichiro Tribute


It's a little cheesy, but it's also a little catchy. Go go go go Ichiro! We'll miss you!


Realistic (?) View of Title Chance

A break down of the title-chase run-in for Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur

Karstetter named Pac-12 Student-Athlete of the Year!


Congratulations and thank you Jared for all you've given this program and for doing things the right way!

Karstetter a national finalist for the Campbell trophy


I know our focus is on the head coach search but we should acknowledge and honor Jared for all he has done for WSU both on and off the field. As a finalist for this award, he receives an $18K scholarship for post-graduate study, which would increase to $25K if he wins. Candidates are judged on a mixture of football success, academic achievement, and community leadership. IT CAN ONLY BE JARED!

Karstetter, McCartney 1st Team Pac-12 Academics


Jared Karstetter and Kyle McCartney make the Pac-12 All-Academic 1st Team, while Andrei Lintz makes the 2nd team. Several Cougs were honorable mentions as well. Congrats to these true student athletes!

Brilliant New Play Calling Idea: C.H.P.M.W.


Saw this on EDSBS regarding the unfathomably low level of sophistication Ole Miss used last week for calling plays. The post is both hilarious and embarrassing but the real gold is in the comments section. Bonus points if you can guess the play call in the title of this fan shot!

Cougar Basketball to kick off ESPN hoops marathon


So THIS is why we start our schedule with Gonzaga. Looks like the pressure is on... H/T Grippi

Kyle Weaver leads team to Belgian League Title


Weaver put up a familiar sort of stat line: 14 pts, 7 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal, and 2 blocks. He led the team in scoring and as a bonus put up 22 IDX. I don't know what IDX is, but it seems to be good.

Pac-12 to play games on FX this season


Looks like Fox has decided to shuffle some college football games to FX. Interesting! H/T JazzyUte over at BlockU


NIT Finances Explained

EDIT NUSS: Bumped because it's interesting. Money is always at the forefront of conversations with WSU. At least, it is when pot busts aren't. Hi all, Someone (hollyweirdcoug?) asked about the...


Quick guide on "who to root against"

I'm a little too obsessed with Bubble Watches and bracket projections. I can't help it - as long as the Cougs have a shot I'll keep reading every opinion by Joe Schmoe (or Lunardi). I thought I'd...

Really excellent Pac-10 baseball preview (CGB)


Our good friends at Cal Golden Blogs have put together a great preview of the upcoming season. It is pretty comprehensive, and I recommend taking a look.

Aden interview and story by Fox Sports


I know we've heard most of this stuff but this is a nice story on Aden by Fox Sports. There were some quotes by him I hadn't seen before too.

Now THIS is the way to distract free throw shooters


Now THIS is the way to distract free throw shooters


Pac-10 First Half Summary and Outlook (w/Poll)

With the first half of conference play concluded, I wanted to take a look around the league and start looking seriously at prospective outcomes, including but not limited to NCAA appearances....


What if we lose to UW?

I'm going to come right out and say the world isn't ending. We will still have a decent shot at the tournament even if we lose this weekend. Why? We have two things working in our favor. 1) Our...


Quick basketball update: State Of The Cougs

My fellow Cougars, this was an excellent week for the state of Washington. But for a moment, let's focus on Cougar Basketball (because I'm avoiding making a presentation for school).  A somewhat...

Abdul Gaddy done for the year


Even though he's a Husky, I never like to see a season-ending injury. I'd also rather beat UW at full strength. H/T Berkowitz at UW Dawg Pound


'Twas The Night Before Christmas

A Christmas poem with a WSU-centric twist.

Breaking: Sidney suspended for WSU game


Mississippi State's Renardo Sidney will be suspended for one game. Looks like Casto's job just got easier.

"With the way he played on both ends, that was an All-American level, not just an All-Pac-10...


"With the way he played on both ends, that was an All-American level, not just an All-Pac-10 level." (also check out who's first in this dude's power rankings)

Marques Johnson on Klay Thompson after the Gonzaga game

We can win the Pac-10

Guys, the Pac-10 is ours to lose. Washington can't even beat a mediocre team like Texas A&M on the road? Arizona gets their face slapped by BYU in Utah? I think our home advantage in Pullman is at...


Pac-10 non-con BBall sked updated

We're halfway through the non-conference portion of most teams' schedules, so let's take a quick look around at the State of the Conference. My original post is here, and please note the excellent...

Bowl Schedules Out


Pac-10 gets two BCS bids in the first time since, well, forever. 2003 maybe? WSU and USC that year I think. Anyways, good matchups this year: Rose Bowl: TCU vs. Wisconsin (great O, great D) Fiesta: UConn vs. Oklahoma (I'll probably skip this one) Sugar: Ohio State vs. Arkansas (should be fun & high scoring) Orange: VaTech vs. Stanford (like Stanford to run away with this one) Championship: Wait, I forget...

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